Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 821

Chapter 821 The Shock Of The Spirit
Chapter 821 - The Shock of the Spirit

The Longhu Mountain Range? Why did you bring me here?

Qin Nan blurted out.

Each participant on the Touring Dojoor at least most of themwould have had some sort of fortunate encounters in their life. The trial of destiny will be inspecting how outstanding these fortunate encounters are. The old white-haired man looked into Qin Nans eyes and said, Your fortunate encounter took place when you were around ten years old, here at the Longhu Mountain Range.

Hearing this, Qin Nans eyes were filled with disbelief.

How did the Monarch Ranking know this?

Besides, did that mean that the Monarch Ranking knew all fortunate encounters that every participant stumbled into?

How powerful!

The old white-haired man chuckled and shook his head as if he were aware of Qin Nans thoughts, Its not as powerful as you think. For example, I wouldnt be able to know your exact age or the details of the fortunate encounter.

A brief while later, he continued, Qin Nan, tell me, at what age did you find the fortunate encounter?


Qin Nan replied after a slight hesitation.

The power of the Monarch Ranking had exceeded his imagination, thus it was impossible for him to hide the secret of the Divine Battle Spirit. On the other hand, it would be helpful if the Monarch Ranking knew the background of the Divine God of Battle.

Fourteen, huh? Lets see what happened when you were fourteen.

The old white-haired man flicked his finger.


The scenery in their surroundings instantly changed.

There was nothing worth noticing with a rough glance, but Qin Nan keenly sensed that the woods around him were younger, as if they had gone back in time.

What exactly is he planning to do?

Qin Nan murmured curiously.

He only remembered that he was struck by a ray of lightning when he was fourteen, before he lost his consciousness and somehow acquired the Divine Battle Spirit. However, he was totally clueless as to what had exactly happened, or how he was struck by the lightning.

Suddenly, the sound of rattling bushes could be heard.

A young man with a determined look dashed swiftly among the woods while mumbling, The saber art that Ive invented before is still too weak. I have to practice it further, and find a way to improve its power

Qin Nans heart experienced a great explosion upon seeing this.

What was going on?

Wasnt this young man him when he was fourteen?

Did the Monarch Ranking bring him back to when he was fourteen?

Qin Nan, dont overthink it, I dont have the power to travel back in time. I only used some trick to replay the scene that took place here at the Longhu Mountain Range when you were fourteen. The old white-haired man said, Have a try, its just like an illusion.

An illusion?

Qin Nan was startled, before he gathered his thoughts and stood in front of the young man.

However, the young man continued to dash forward as if he did not see Qin Nan.

Even if its only replaying the scene that happened, a mere illusion, its still very shocking. Qin Nan took a deep breath as a sudden thought crossed his mind. Did that mean the Monarch Ranking was aware of everything that had happened in the Canglan Continent?

Or maybe...

While Qin Nan was immersed in his thoughts...

The sky suddenly darkened, as stormy clouds covered the entire Longhu Mountain Range with flickers of lightning, as if the apocalypse was approaching.

Its about to rain. The young man halted in his tracks and raised his head staring at the sky, Maybe I should go back to the clan. Otherwise, father will be worried about my safety.

He turned around and left.

Its coming. The old white-haired man whispered.

Qin Nan raised his head and gazed into the sky.

He could only sense a mysterious pressure descend upon the place from the endless rift. Following this, a crimson-purple lightning ray came downward at a shocking speed and struck the young man on his head.


The entire Longhu Mountain Range shook violently.

The young mans body was scorched as he lost his consciousness.


Qin Nan stared at the scene blankly. Was this what had happened when he found the Divine Battle Spirit?

This guy is definitely something special!

The old white-haired man was lost in thought upon seeing this. He clearly knew that the crimson-purple lightning ray did not belong to the Canglan Continent. It was from above the Nine Heavens! Besides, even as the spirit of the Monarch Ranking, he was unable to peek through its mysterious aura!

Qin Nan, this is the greatest fortunate encounter in your life. The old white-haired man calmed his thoughts and said with a thoughtful look, Furthermore, your second fortunate encounter is the copper mirror and golden seal in your body. However, the fortunate encounter linked to the copper mirror and golden seal is nothing compared to your Martial Spirit.

Senior, do you have any idea what this Divine Battle Spirit is?

Upon hearing this, Qin Nan became energetic and asked.

So its name is the Divine Battle Spirit? Pardon me, I was unable to see through it, but it is indeed marvelous, something that surpasses the control of the Canglan Continent. The old white-haired man shook his head and said.

His attention was initially attracted when he sensed the copper mirrors aura from Qin Nans body and another aura that did not belong to the Canglan Continent.

As such, the Monarch Ranking Trial was taking place in advance.

He was eager to see what Qin Nan had.

I see

Qin Nans eyes flickered with disappointment, before quickly becoming calm.

Even the powerful Monarch Ranking was unable to explain the secrets of the Divine Battle Spirit. It seemed like he could only wait until he had the chance to discover them in the future.

Qin Nan, let me take a look at your Divine Battle Spirit. The old white-haired man said.


Without hesitation, following a crimson glow, the bulky Divine Battle Spirit emerged and stood in the air.

First-grade Tian rank, huh? It seems like it can still grow. The old white-haired man did not show any disdain seeing its rank, but he instantly speculated upon its capabilities.

Mm? Thats not right

The old mans figure shuddered.

He had realized that the left eye and the arms of the Divine Battle Spirit were emitting a different glow than the other parts.

Meanwhile, Qin Nans left eye and arms had different auras too.

Qin Nan, your left eye and arms, are they

Suddenly, the old white-haired mans breathing intensified.


Qin Nan was astounded. This Monarch Ranking was able to detect the difference of his left eye and arms too?

So thats the case, thats why!

The old white-haired man instantly came to a realization seeing Qin Nans reaction, as his gaze was filled with a blank expression.

Even after learning that Qin Nan had obtained the Divine Battle Spirit from the Nine Heavens, and was related to the senior through the copper mirror and the golden seal, he was never shocked like this.

But now...

It seemed like the thing that was related to Qin Nan had entirely surpassed his imagination!