Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 829

Chapter 829 Handing Out The Rewards
Chapter 829 - Handing out the Rewards

Here is my badge. Shi Qingfan took out a purple badge and gave Qin Nan a thoughtful look, Lets meet up again when we have the chance.

On the badge was written Misty Immortal Sect.

Shi Qingfan was the top core disciple of the Two-Starred Faction, Misty Immortal Sect!

Here is my badge. I hope you will keep it too.

Chen Zilai took out a badge, which turned out to be a badge of the Two-Starred Faction, Bodhi Temple.

Qin Nan, do come and find me. If nothumphIll be very sad. Sorceress Qian Qian took out a badge too while waving her tiny fist around, giving her a cute appearance.

Thanks! Qin Nan received the badges and replied after a slight ponder, I dont really have a badge that represents my identity, but Im the inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clans Human Peak.


The trio exchanged glances with one another and chatted for a while before saying goodbye and leaving the place.

Obviously, they had accomplished what they were there for.

Since they knew Qin Nans identity, they had plenty of opportunities to challenge one another as rivals!

Qin Nan was aware of this too.

It was definitely a good thing for him to have the top three geniuses as his rivals here in the Middle Continent!

However, the series of actions completely caused the crowds minds to go blank.

Did that really happen?

The badges of the top three geniuses!

The top three geniuses had given Qin Nan their badges, which meant that they had a high anticipation of Qin Nans talents!

Even the top fifty geniuses on the Monarch Ranking would have difficulty trying to get the badges of the top three geniuses!

This guy, the same as usual.

The mysterious black-robed cultivator collected her thoughts and murmured with a grin.

As expected from the man she admired, still causing a stir despite trying to be low-key.

As for Mu Mu, her eyes emitted a sparkling glow.

The man who had once stirred a great chaos in the Eastern Continent continued to shine brightly here in the Middle Continent. Even without an outstanding ranking, he still managed to remain in the limelight.


She clenched her fists tightly. Either way, she would not forget that Qin Nan was the murderer of his father.

Qin Nan, you you you

Xuan Yue glanced at Qin Nan and stuttered in astonishment.

Its not what you think. Qin Nan calmly said, I once grabbed the attention of a senior, which allowed me to join the Dragon Emperor Clan as an exception. Luckily, the senior is quite close with the top three geniuses, thus they were here purposely just to give me their badges.

Hearing this, Xuan Yue and the rest of the crowd immediately collected their thoughts.

That was right!

Now that made sense!

After all, Qin Nan only had a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, who was ranked two thousand and first.

Therefore, the Dragon Emperor Clan and the top three geniuses would only do so because of the senior. Otherwise, this wouldnt happen.

Phew! Thats why!

Damn, Im so jealous. Hes able to befriend the top three geniuses so easily.

Theres nothing we can do about that, as we dont have a senior like he does.


The crowd finally felt better, despite still feeling slightly sour.

They all wanted a senior like that!

Only Cui Lixu wore a dark expression as he blurted out, Youre just abusing your relationship. Qin Nan, with your talents, you wouldnt even be able to become a servant at the Dragon Emperor Clan, let alone grabbing the attention of the top three geniuses!

Cui Lixus heart was devoured by flames of anger.

He had been utterly confident in his achievements, and had mistakenly thought the top three geniuses were there for him. He had even introduced himself, but was ignored by Sorceress Qian Qian, who went up to Qin Nan instead. How humiliating was that?

If he could...

He would want to teach Qin Nan a lesson right now!

In addition to Cui Lixu, Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the others were depressed too.

Not enough talents?

Not strong enough?

So what, Qin Nan still managed to surprise them!

As for the surrounding crowd, they all glanced at each other in silence upon seeing this.

Qin Nan glanced at Cui Lixu without saying anything.

Lets wait and see. Once the Divine Battle Spirit grew stronger, everyone would then see if he was talented enough or not!

Alright, the top three geniuses have left. Back to the rewards. The Monarch Envoy glanced at Cui Lixu before it spoke, Those who will be rewarded are Cui Lixu, Mu Mu, the Death Cultivator, Xuan Yue, Qin Nan

Hearing the Monarch Envoys words, Cui Lixu, Xuan Yue, and the others gathered their thoughts.

Too bad, no matter how jealous they were, it was Qin Nans personal relationships. They should instead focus on the rewards!

Humph, Ill show you what I get with my five hundredth rank! So what if you will be rewarded too? Its probably only a few Monarch Crystals! Cui Lixu mumbled to himself and gazed at Qin Nan coldly.

Normally, those who came in the top five hundred would be rewarded greatly by the Monarch Ranking!

The Death Cultivator?

As for Qin Nan, he instantly ignored Cui Lixu and the rewards, but fixed his gaze onto the mysterious black-robed cultivator.

He was now assured that this person must be Jiang Bilan!

What a surprise, she came to take part in the Trial of Monarch Ranking too!

And it seemed like she had altered her destiny?

Should I go talk to her? Qin Nan hesitated, before shaking his head. Be it Jiang Bilan, or Tang Qingshan and the others, they were all new to the Middle Continent. Therefore, it would be better for them to reunite once they all grew stronger.

For now, they should focus on improving themselves!

Here are the rewards for the trial, catch!

The Monarch Envoy in the air waved its hand and fired beams of light into the hands of Cui Lixu, Mu Mu, Jiang Bilan, Xuan Yue, and Qin Nan. Each of them was handed a storage bag.

However, it appeared that the storage bag in Cui Lixus hand was emitting a brighter glow.

The crowd was surprised when they saw this too.

Im not sure what rewards Cui Lixu is going to get!

If its a map with a chance to alter ones destiny, that would be incredible!

Even a manual or a Monarch Art will be good enough!

Damn it, how depressing

The crowd whispered with one another.

For once, Cui Lixu was excited, and could not wait to take a look at his rewards.

However, little did he know, the rewards would almost cause his Martial Heart to collapse.