Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Crushing The Participants
Chapter 842 - Crushing the Participants

The huge dojo became icy as if winter had come.

Qin Nan!

Among the crowd, Mu Mu, Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the disciple that had come with Mu Mufour peak Martial Sacred Realm expertslocked their gazes onto Qin Nan while directing their auras in his direction.


Without hesitation, they dashed forward and executed killing blows aimed at Qin Nan.

Obviously, they did not care if this meant they were joining forces with one another, as long as they were able to teach Qin Nan a lesson!

However, the crowd was excited seeing this.

Its our chance!

They are all targeting Qin Nan! Now is the chance to grab the badges!

HAHA, who dares oppose me!

Elder Hua standing in the air wore a cold grin. He had received Hua Jians message, and was planning to abuse his authority to pick on Qin Nan.

That being said, the main reason he was willing to do so was his interest in getting Qin Nans Monarch Crystals and whatever he found at the Human Peak.

However, he decided not to carry out his plan now as he was aware that Mu Mu and the others were targeting Qin Nan too. Therefore, he would observe the situation for now, and once Mu Mu and the others had taught him a lesson, he would show his benevolence and let Qin Nan feel grateful toward him.

As I thought, this Elder Hua is trying to do something to me.

Qin Nan had been focusing on Elder Huas expression for quite a while, and came to a realization upon seeing the cold grin on his face. He raised his head and switched his focus onto Mu Mu and the others, as his lips curled upward.

Their cultivations were at most at the Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm.

Meanwhile, he had already achieved the Divine Battle Martial Sacred Realm, granting him an extraordinary strength.

Even if they had eight people challenging him at once, it was like eight ants challenging a giant, let alone four people.

I never had the chance to display my strength, today might be the day

The thought flashed across Qin Nans mind, causing his aura to change tremendously.


If Qin Nan was considered unremarkable among the crowd, it now felt like he was being possessed by the soul of the Divine God of Battle, granting him a terrifying and overwhelming burst of battle intent.


The eyes of Elder Hua and the crowd of disciples widened. Even Mu Mu and the others who were in the midst of executing their attacks were stunned, but it was too late for them to withdraw their actions.

Fist of the Divine God of Battle!

Qin Nan uttered a blasting roar as his left eye emitted a purple glow, observing the paths of his opponents. His figure turned into a shadow with a flicker, before appearing before his opponents and threw a powerful punch forward, like the eruption of a volcano.

The attacks were instantly nullified, while the remaining force of the fist swept toward his opponents.


Mu Mu and the others were dumbfounded.

Mu Mu immediately unleashed the power of the Heartless Supreme Art, while Bai Xingyang, Xuan Yue, and the disciple transformed into their primary forms to resist the impact.


Their figures were knocked backward following a series of explosions.

How powerful! His cultivation, has he achieved a unique Martial Sacred Realm?

Elder Hua and the crowd were shocked. It was obvious that only the geniuses with extraordinary talents were able to achieve unique Martial Sacred Realms. Even Hua Jian who was ranked three hundred and twenty-first on the Monarch Ranking was unable to achieve his unique Martial Sacred Realm.

Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the disciple were filled with disbelief too.

They had never had the chance to witness Qin Nans true strength, thus it was a complete surprise to them that he had achieved his unique Martial Sacred Realm. Didnt he only have a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit? How did he do that?

As expected of you

Mu Mu wore a complicated expression once again.

She had already expected this outcome before she had made her move.

Magnificent Four-Sided Seal, suppress!

Qin Nan flipped his hand and unleashed the ten thousand streams of sacred force and three streams of the force of the Divine God of Battle from his body, which formed three golden seals that crushed downward onto the figures of Mu Mu, Bai Xingyang, and the disciple.

The trio immediately executed Monarch Arts to defend against the attack.

However, it was as if the golden seals knew the weak points of their moves. They immediately destroyed their Monarch Arts and descended upon their figures without mercy, restraining their movements.

The prediction from the left eye of the Divine God of Battle!

The suppression of the mysterious seal!

What are you looking at? Have a taste of this too!

Qin Nan kicked at the ground and unleashed two streams of force of the Divine God of Battle from his feet, before he landed right above Xuan Yue, causing the enormous wolf to lie flat on the ground.

Elder Hua and the crowd stared with their eyes open wide.

In just two rounds, the three beasts and one human were defeated!

Even a unique Martial Sacred Realm shouldnt be that terrifying, right?

Was this...

Was this Qin Nans real strength?

Qin Nan! You dare step on my head! I swear Ill kill you! Xuan Yues eyes became bloodshot instantly as he uttered a furious roar, emitting a crimson glow as the force of his bloodline was unleashed.


Qin Nan snapped as he unleashed the remaining force from his body.


A terrifying force burst out from his body like a surging ocean.

Xuan Yues furious gaze was replaced by a blank expression. He felt like a raft on an ocean, which was about to be devoured by a rumbling wave. Even the force of his bloodline was nothing against it.

His figure was suppressed, preventing him from moving.

Are you convinced now? Qin Nan glanced at the giant wolf head and said in a cold tone, Youve been quite disrespectful to me, but I didnt have time to deal with you before. Now let me ask you, are you convinced now?

Qin Nan, you

Xuan Yues hair stood on end, as flames of fury were ignited in his eyes.

This asshole!

Still humiliated him after defeating him!

However, he suddenly fell silent in the midst of his speech, as he saw Qin Nan slowly raising his right arm.

For some reason, the moment Qin Nan raised his right arm, his heart was filled with chills, as if death was within meters before his eyes.

Be gone!

Qin Nan floated in the air and kicked the giant wolf onto the dojo, resulting in a loud crash.

You three, behave yourselves.

Qin Nan glanced at the trio as he withdrew the force of the Divine God of Battle, before he turned around and walked toward the two badges.

At that instant, the entire place was completely quiet.

The disciples surrounding the badges immediately collected their thoughts when they saw Qin Nan walking toward them. Following a shiver, they backed off and opened a path.

Qin Nan unconstrainedly stepped forward and took one of the badges.

The battle was finished just like that.

He had easily earned himself a top-tier spot!