Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 851

Chapter 851 The Astonished Dragon Emperor Clan
Chapter 851 The Astonished Dragon Emperor Clan

The enormous Dao Origin Crystal flew above the Cultivation Peak. Its purple glow encapsulated the peak and the crowd, as if they were each wearing a purple robe.


For once, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast wore an astounded look and fell speechless.

As for Elder Ao, Elder Hua, Xuan Yue, and the others, their minds went blank and they failed to respond to the sight.

HAHA, Sister Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, Ive done it. Im bringing it back to the Human Peak!

Qin Nan burst out laughing and sprang into the sky. He reached out his hands and carried the Dao Origin Crystal on his shoulder, before heading to the Human Peak.

This kid!

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast was lost for words after collecting her thoughts. However, her eyes were glittering with excitement.

She was able to sense the mysterious golden seal in the Dao Origin Crystal. In other words, Qin Nan already knew that he was able to control the Dao Origin Crystal.

He had already planned it from the start.

Since a fifth of the Dao Origin Crystal had been depleted, there was no way the Dragon Emperor Clan would allow Qin Nan to continue cultivating in the Dao Origin Chamber. As such, Qin Nan had decided to mention something about moving the crystal somewhere.

Since it was too bizarre, no one would take it seriously.

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast also thought it was too ridiculous, thus she went along with it as she was keen to see what Qin Nan would do, making it a bet.

She had fallen to Qin Nans trap.

Therefore, Qin Nan had an excuse now to bring the Dao Origin Crystal back to the Human Peak and used it as he wished.

After all, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast was one of the top three authorities of the Dragon Emperor Clan. She had to keep her promise.

This kid is pretty cunning...but I like it!

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast speculated at the truth and wore a grin. She kicked at the ground and immediately followed behind Qin Nan.

Lets go and take a look too!

Damn! He really moved the crystal!

How is this even possible!

The elders and disciples collected their thoughts and immediately followed Qin Nan.

Elder Ao, Elder Hua, and Xuan Yue were dumbfounded too. Their minds had gone completely blank while they subconsciously followed the crowd.

It was as if they were all keen to witness a miracle!

...Meanwhile, at the Dragon Emperor Clan...

There were eight mountains along the way from the Cultivation Peak to the Human Peak, including the Trading Peak, Trial Peak, Quest Peak, Martial Skill Peak, Training Peak, etc., where countless disciples and elders were.

However, at this moment, the people on the eight mountains were left with blank expressions.


Whats that!

Isnt he Qin Nan? Why is he carrying the Dao Origin Crystal!

Monarch Beast! The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast is behind him! Elder Ao and Elder Hua are following them too!

My heavens, what exactly is going on!

The eight mountains were instantly filled with uproars.

They could only see Qin Nan carrying a giant purple crystal flying in the air with a formidable aura, followed by the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, Elder Ao, Elder Hua, and the others. How could they not lose their ground upon seeing this?

...Meanwhile, at the Blue-Glow Unicorn Peak...

Hua Jian and Hua Dichen were enjoying tea while discussing the state of affairs. Basically, it was Hua Dichen speaking and Hua Jian listening while nodding his head occasionally.

This was Hua Dichens habit.

He liked to drink tea while expressing his opinions about the state of affairs at the highest level in the Middle Continent, as if he were an emperor.

Hua Jian was completely clueless about what he was saying. As a matter of fact, he did not necessarily have to know it, as Hua Dichen only needed someone to listen to his speech.

Humph, oh Qin Nan, you must be having a great time at the Dao Origin Chamber, right? Hua Jian who was lost in his thoughts suddenly remembered Qin Nan and let out a harrumph in his heart. A mere Qin Nan dared to challenge him? What an idiot.

Suddenly, Hua Dichen frowned and took out a badge to check its contents. Following a glimpse, his eyes widened with a great shock.

Brother, what happened? Hua Jian was surprised seeing Hua Dichens reaction.

He had never seen Hua Dichen wear an expression like that.

However, as Hua Dichen told him about the message, Hua Jian was stunned as if he had been struck by lightning.


How was this possible?

Apart from Hua Dichen, the news about the incident that had taken place on the Cultivation Peak swept the entire Dragon Emperor Clan like a tornado. Everyone from the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Peak to the servants was dumbfounded.

The entire Dragon Emperor Clan, apart from the Ten Thousand Beast Garden, was lit up.

Are you serious! Qin Nan has taken the Dao Origin Crystal!

Thats something that even a Martial Monarch cant do!

Come! Lets go and take a look!

Gasp, look at the scene that this human has created!

At that instant, countless elders, inner disciples, outer disciples, and servants made their ways to the Human Peak from all directions, as if the Dragon Emperor Clan was holding a grand feast!

...Meanwhile, at the Human Peak

Not long after, Qin Nan who was carrying the Dao Origin Crystal and leading a huge crowd arrived above the Human Peak!

Senior, we have some guests here!

Qin Nan uttered a roar that echoed in the Human Peak.

The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein immediately awakened with a furious expression as it snapped, Asshole, what are you doing, I was at a crucial moment in my cultivation, but you dare interrupt me, Ill surely teach you

The good-tempered Six-Spirited Dragon Vein was infuriated.

However, in the midst of its speech, its eyes widened upon seeing the crowd in the air.

What the f**k?

What was happening here?

Wasnt that the Dao Origin Crystal, why was Qin Nan carrying it here?

And behind him were the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast and the elders. Why were they here?

Dao Origin Crystal, mark my word. From today onward, you will be residing here at the Human Peak!

Qin Nans body unleashed a terrifying aura.

He waved his hand, causing endless runes to spread on the surface of the crystal like giant snakes, which dragged it and hurled it onto the Human Peak.


The Dao Origin Crystal landed on the peak of the Human Peak. Following this, countless purple glows were emitted from the crystal, encapsulating and devouring the mountain.


The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein that was the spiritual form of the Human Peak flew into the sky and danced around the Dao Origin Crystal while uttering blasting roars.


The place began to vibrate vigorously.

The Dao Origin Crystal and the Human Peak merged into one.

Following this, the entire Human Peak experienced a tremendous change.