Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 866

Chapter 866 The Three Experts
Chapter 866 - The Three Experts

Qin Nan, you

Lin Miaoke turned around in disbelief. She did not expect Qin Nan would volunteer himself. However, when she saw Qin Nans gaze, she fell silent.

Yang Song, Xia Hao, Ding Buhui, and their crew grinned upon seeing this.

This Qin Nan was not as smart as they thought, placing himself in trouble after being provoked.

However, little did they know, the magical Hundred Barrier Mist was similar to a decoration in Qin Nans eyes.

His left eye of the Divine God of Battle could easily see through it.

Lets go!

Qin Nan was too lazy to explain himself. In his opinion, whoever led the way was never his concern. However, did they really think he was someone to be bullied easily? Just wait and see how Ill get my revenge in the Skycloud Mountain Range.

The crowd immediately followed Qin Nan into the Skycloud Mountain Range.

Time gradually passed. Not long after, they proceeded deep into the Skycloud Mountain Range. At this moment, the grin on the faces of Yang Song, Xia Hao, Ding Buhui, and their crew were replaced with solemn looks. Meanwhile, their gazes toward Qin Nan were no longer as calm as usual.

The reason being that they had yet to encounter any beast along their journey there!

It was reasonable if the beasts did not dare to approach them due to Xuan Yues presence, but they had yet to encounter any danger either. After all, in a place like this, the beasts were not the scariest. The traps in the dark and the strange plants were the ones that posed the greatest threat to them.

In other words, this indicated that Qin Nans eye-technique was able to see through the Hundred Barrier Mist!

Incoming beasts! Three third-layer Martial Progenitor Realm beasts!

Qin Nan suddenly halted his movement and alerted his crew.

Spread out!

Yang Song straightened his face and unleashed his saber intent to encapsulate his body.

Xia Hao, Ding Buhui, and the others braced themselves and sharpened their eyes for the engagement.

Even though three third-layer Martial Progenitor Realm beasts were not a threat to them, if they made too much noise battling them, it would easily attract the attention of the cultivators and powerful beasts nearby.

Meanwhile, Lin Miaoke and the Third Prince wore strange expressions on their faces.

A few breaths later, Yang Song, Xia Hao and their crew noticed something fishy as well. They immediately glanced toward Qin Nan.

I saw that no one was in the mood to talk along the journey, so I decided to lighten up the atmosphere with a joke. Qin Nan said with a cold grin.


Yang Song, Xia Hao, and the others inhaled with unpleasant looks.

A joke?

He was making fun of them!

Cultivator Qin Nan, lets avoid making a joke like that. After all, in such a desolate place, even the elders of the Dragon Emperor Clan would not make it in time. Yang Song took a deep breath and snapped. It was clear what he was implying.

Xuan Yue growled unpleasantly upon hearing this.

Lets go.

Qin Nan squinted and shrugged his shoulder before leading the way.

Although he hated being threatened, now was not the time to reveal his strength. After all, Lin Miaoke was here too. It was unwise to show her his secrets of the six Martial Progenitor Trees.

The crew proceeded forward.

A moment later, Qin Nan squinted and yelled with a thunderous voice, The beasts are really coming this time! Two fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm beasts!

Yang Song, Xia Hao, Ding Buhui, and their crew were startled.

Two fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm beasts!

This was quite tricky to deal with!

However, when they saw Qin Nans scornful look, they immediately came to a realization. They had been tricked by him once again!

Qin Nan, you

Yang Song and his crew were infuriated. Their murderous intent was completely unleashed.

Everyone, we have yet to find the place yet. Are we seriously going to fight against each other here? Lin Miaoke stepped forward beside Qin Nan. Her eyes were filled with satisfaction.

This was what you get for asking Qin Nan to lead the way.

So what if he was making fun of you?

Too bad you cant see through the Hundred Barrier Mist!

Why are you so mad for? Its not a big deal for cultivators to joke with one another. Normally, I wouldnt repeat the same joke more than three times. Qin Nan calmly said.

Three times?

Yang Song and his crew inhaled deeply as green veins surface on their foreheads.

Are you implying that youre going to do the same thing again?

Very well, as expected of the disciple of the Human Peak. Ive underestimated you before. Yang Song took a deep breath as his expression coldened. According to the map, they were not far away from their destination.

It wouldnt hurt to let Qin Nan enjoy himself for now.

That being said, with Lin Miaoke here, it would be extremely difficult to kill them all. If they failed to do so, those who survived would spread the news around and attract the attention of the experts nearby.

They had no choice but to stick to the plan for now. Once they found the treasure, even if Lin Miaoke and her crew escaped, they still had enough time to retrieve the treasure.

Lets go.

Qin Nan smiled and continued to lead the way.

For the next period it took two incense sticks to burn, Qin Nan slowed down his pace and remained silent, which gave Yang Song and his crew some relief. If Qin Nan were to repeat the same joke, they would surely go berserk and teach him a lesson.

Qin Nans eyes widened slightly.

Someone is coming! Its a peak Martial Progenitor Realm expert! Conceal your presence at once!

With a flicker, Qin Nan went up to a tree and withdrew his aura.

Lin Miaoke immediately executed a Monarch Art and concealed the Third Prince and herself, disguising them as a lifeless rock.

Hehe, Qin Nan, trying to trick us again? Very well, even Sect Leader Lin is trying to trick us Yang Song, Xia Hao, and the others chuckled.

Did Qin Nan seriously think they were stupid?

Why would they fall for the same trick again after falling twice in a row?

Besides, even though the Skycloud Mountain Range was one of the famous forbidden areas, it was rare that a peak Martial Progenitor Realm expert would show himself here. Even sixth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm cultivators would rarely come to a place like this, let alone peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts.

Experts of that level would spend their time at places like the Top Ten Forbidden Areas, the Nine Oceans, or the Three Rivers.


A few shocking explosions took place.

Three peak Martial Progenitor Realm cultivators unleashed their auras completely as they dashed across the sky like surging tornadoes. The impact from their movement caused the beasts in the woods to growl and flee for their lives.

Whats going on?

Yang Song, Xia Hao, and their crew were stunned.

Peak Martial Progenitor Realm!

It was really the peak Martial Progenitor Realm!

And there were three of them!

Following this, they quickly unleashed their Monarch Arts to conceal their auras.