Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Hua Chendis Conspiracy
Chapter 894 Hua Chendis Conspiracy

Whats going on? Why is the Human Peak showing such a remarkable difference?

An endless stream of energy, its even stronger than the Four-Seasons Dragon Vein of our mountain!

What did Qin Nan do?

This is incredible! How did the Human Peak develop at such a rapid rate in just a months time?

The elders of the other mountains were startled, who immediately unleashed their Divine Senses to encapsulate the Human Peak.

Some of them had come straight to the Human Peak and inspected it with their eye-techniques as they floated above in the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the Human Peak had once again entered the limelight.

Most of the elders exclaimed in astonishment in their hearts, whose opinions toward Qin Nan had somehow changed. It seemed like there was a reason why the Dragon Emperor Clan had broken the rules just to recruit him after all.

Meanwhile, a few of the elders seemed to be troubled, for example the elders of the Skyhowl Wolves and the Hua Clan.

Their reactions were entirely within Qin Nans expectations.

The Cultivation Hall of the Human Peak had become a craze once again.

The disciples who were asked to leave previously were extremely excited, while the elders whose cultivations were relatively weak immediately registered themselves at the Cultivation Hall.

One of the elders even paid three thousand Monarch Crystals just so he could cultivate in seclusion there for three months.

On top of that, the disciples who had heard the news about the change had continuously arrived, trying to cultivate at the Human Peak. However, as the Cultivation Hall was fully occupied, they were asked to leave by Xuan Yue.

Those who mocked Xuan Yue before could not help but feel envy towards him when they saw him entering the luxurious Cultivation Hall.

It seemed like being Qin Nans mount was not a bad idea at all.

Meanwhile, at the peak

HAHAHA, our Human Peak is definitely the winner today! The Six-Spirited Dragon Veins face flushed as it spoke, In just two hours, the rooms were fully booked out, giving us thirteen thousand Monarch Crystals. Furthermore, some of the elders even paid in advance to book the rooms, which resulted in a total of thirty thousand Monarch Crystals!

Thirty thousand? Qin Nans heart shuddered.

That was an incredible amount. He hadnt even earned this many when he was selling the Monarch Arts.

What a perfect plan he had come up with.

This prompted Qin Nan to think about if he were to fully unleash the potential of the Mountain-Suppressing Godly Orb, robbing the other mountains all their Qi to make the Human Peak the best cultivation ground in the Dragon Emperor Clan, how much Monarch Crystals would he be able to make?

I should be satisfied with what I have now. The progress Ive made now is impressive enough. Qin Nan shook his head to get rid of the thought.

If he actually did it, he would be going against the entire Dragon Emperor Clan, even the Dragon Emperor would be unwilling to protect him.

Senior, Ive decided to head to the Shadow Pagoda to begin my training. Qin Nan received the Monarch Crystals, Ill leave the Human Peak to you while Im away.

Qin Nan clearly understood that since the Human Peak was showing such a great potential earning him a fortune, he would definitely attract the attention of those hiding in the dark. Even though they would not strike on the surface, they might be planning some conspiracy behind the scenes.

Sure, leave it to me. The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein nodded.

Without hesitation, Qin Nan returned to the Dao Origin Crystal and took out the Monarch Crystals.

Time to rank up!

Qin Nan murmured as his eyes sparkled.

If the Divine Battle Spirit were able to rank up to the third-grade Tian rank, he could easily deal with those who possessed a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit.

This was mainly due to the Divine Battle Spirits trait of suppressing every Martial Spirit with the same rank or below.

Without the support from their Martial Spirits, the strength of most cultivators would be reduced by half.

Qin Nan took out the Monarch Crystals and began to devour them swiftly.

One thousand!

Five thousand!

Ten thousand!

As the count reached twenty-eight thousand, together with the energy that he had accumulated until now, his body had given birth to another twelve streams of Vital Qi, as the Divine Battle Spirit behind him uttered a buzz together with the emission of the third crimson ray, followed by a shocking pressure.

Even the Dao Origin Crystal began to tremble.

Phew, third-grade Tian ranked at last. At this rate, the amount I need to rank up to the fourth-grade or fifth-grade is unimaginable.

Qin Nan frowned slightly.

It was a surprise that he was able to make thirty thousand Monarch Crystals this time. However, it was not an easy income either, as most of them were from the elders pre-booking the rooms in advance. In other words, the Human Peak would not be earning much for a period of time.

He would have to rely on himself.

Now that my Martial Spirit has ranked up and so has my cultivation, its time to move out. However, before I depart for the Shadow Pagoda, maybe I can take a look at the available quests and see if there are any quests close to the Shadow Pagoda to earn myself some Monarch Crystals. Qin Nan made up his mind and flew into the distance.

Little did he know that as he left, the initially hollow eyes of one of the skeletons cultivating in the Dao Origin Crystal had two red flames burning in it.

Meanwhile, at an ancient residence on the fourth mountain of the Dragon Emperor Clan

Hehe, interesting, reshaping the Human Peak? Thats not something one can achieve easily. Hua Dichen squinted and said, He managed to move the Dao Origin Crystal last time, and now the change, it seems like this Qin Nan has some interesting treasure on him

His speculation was quite reasonable, as even he would not be able to achieve what Qin Nan had done.

Young Master, shall we A black-robed elder standing behind Hua Dichen spoke as his body unleashed an icy aura.

That wont be necessary.

Hua Dichen rose from his seat and glanced into the sky, Qin Nan is looked after by the chief, and is somehow related to the top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking. This is an indication of his formidable background. If we sent assassins after him, we might attract the chiefs attention, and that wouldnt be ideal for us

Just let him be for now. In a months time, the trial among the inner disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan will take place. Even though its not compulsory to attend it, as the Peak Leader of the Human Peak, he has to be there. Theres no control over life and death in the trial, thus we should come up with a plan to murder him. Even the chief wouldnt be able to do anything.

He had already planned a vicious conspiracy according to the situation.

Sounds good! The old mans eyes flickered, As expected of Young Master.

Come, its time to go to the Ten Thousand Beast Garden. Hua Dichen let out a sigh as his eyes burned passionately, My own strength is the most important to me. I have to improve my cultivation, so I can become the best in the Dragon Emperor Clan!

That was his ultimate goal.

He was only treating Qin Nan as a stepping stone.