Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Threatening
Chapter 898 - Threatening

Were here to take part in the trial. Sima Kong calmly said.

The trial was used to determine how the Shadow Pagoda would treat the cultivators. Those who passed the trial would be able to acquire the intel they asked for at a lower price, a better accuracy, and with better efficiency.

The cultivators currently on the first-floor could only wait patiently as they had failed the trial.

I see.

The disciple of the Shadow Pagoda said in a polite tone, Our trial takes place once every three days, and each trial only consists of twenty participants. You have chosen the right day, there are already thirteen cultivators waiting there. I believe it wont take long for the spots to be taken.

Mm, please bring us there.

Sima Kong nodded while casually showing the purple badge hanging on his waist as he spoke, Its our first time taking part in the trial. Can you explain the rules to us?

To their surprise, the disciple of the Shadow Pagoda ignored its presence. He elaborated along the way, The rules are simple. Among the twenty participants, only one who meets our requirements would be given the special badge.

Only one?

Qin Nan raised his eyebrows.

The trial was only held once every three days, and among the twenty participants, only one was given the badge. This showed how precious the badge was.

On second thought, there were too many cultivators in the Middle Continent. If the Shadow Pagoda were to give out the badges too easily, it would result in a mess.

Under the guidance of the disciple, the duo arrived at a different hall on the first-floor.

Despite the fact that there were thirteen cultivators inside, it was deathly quiet, with only the faint sound of breathing.

It felt like the atmosphere was being pinched tightly.

As the duo entered, thirteen gazes like sharp swords scanned their figures rapidly, as if they were trying to peek through them. Following this, the thirteen cultivators were startled.

They could not peek through the auras of the newcomers.

Impressive, disciples of the Bodhi Temple, Chaos Sect, Skyfeather Palace Qin Nans eyes flickered with astonishment.

Among the thirteen disciples, apart from one of them, the others were all disciples of Two-Starred Factions.

Furthermore, four of them possessed third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits, while the remaining were second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits. In terms of cultivation, one had reached the seventh-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, while the rest were at the third-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.

The formation alone was quite impressive.

Please wait here. Once the rest have arrived, the inspector will be here. The disciple of the Shadow Pagoda bowed politely before leaving the place.

Damn it, are these guys psychos, why are they staring at me like that Sima Kong murmured unpleasantly as the gazes made him feel uncomfortable.

Qin Nan rolled his eyes, before he began to meditate to prepare himself for the trial.

He was clueless as to the details of the trial. If it turned out to be a battle, he would be at a disadvantage, as there were many trump cards that he could not use for the time being. As such, he was no match against the seventh-layer Martial Progenitor.

Therefore, he had to prepare himself for the worst.

Three other cultivators arrived after them, who were disciples of Two-Starred Factions as

well, each with a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit.

Following this, the pressure in the hall intensified, as if it would explode at anytime soon.

Meanwhile, a voice could be heard approaching, HAHAHA, Brother Duan Ren, it seems like weve made it, as there are two spots left for us. It seems fate has brought us here to the Shadow Pagoda!

Indeed, Brother Ren.

Two figures appeared before the crowd. Qin Nan raised his head curiously and glanced forward.

The one leading the way was a handsome young man wearing a purple-golden dragon crown and a crimson-golden robe emitting a mystical glow with a faint monarch aura. Although his cultivation was not too impressive, his appearance alone indicated his formidable background.

Behind him stood a white-robed man carrying an ancient saber on his back. His eyes were icy, resulting in a great pressure.

Disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect? Fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit? Fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm? Tsk tsk, this guy must have quite an outstanding rank on the Monarch Ranking Qin Nan mumbled.

As for the other participants in the hall, they straightened their faces while clenching their fists.

It went without saying that they had sensed how powerful the white-robed man was, and treated him as their priority target.

Please wait for a while, the inspector will be here soon.

The disciple of the Shadow Pagoda at the entrance blurted out and left. To their surprise, the handsome young man suddenly stomped forward and stood in front of the crowd.

The crowd frowned.

What did he want?

Everyone, Ill keep this straightforward. Allow me to introduce myself, Im the son of the fourth elder of the Shadow Pagoda, Ren Fei!

The words astounded the crowd.

This young man was the son of the fourth elder of the Shadow Pagoda?

His identity might not be considered the most formidable in the Middle Continent, but it was not to be underestimated here at the Shadow Pagoda.


What did this Ren Fei want?

Ren Fei observed the reactions from the crowd as he spoke in a proud tone, The person beside me is my Brother Duan Ren, a disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect whos ranked eight hundred and ninety-seventh on the Monarch Rankinga genius with a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit. Theres no way you guys have any chance competing against him! However, just in case, Im asking everyone to forfeit the trial when it begins later!

If youre willing to do so, once the trial ends, I will surely reward you! Otherwise, Im quite a vengeful person. Be careful when youre still here in Shadow City!

He stared with his eyes open wide as he spoke, resulting in an intimidating appearance.

The crowd immediately came to a realization upon hearing this.

This Ren Fei threatened them so he could blackmail them to guarantee that Duan Ren would come first in the trial!

HAHA, Brother Ren is making fun of me.

The disciple named Duan Ren let out a calm smile glancing at the crowd and said, However, Im here due to something urgent. To avoid any unwanted trouble, I hope everyone would show me some respect. Well still be friends in the future.

Duan Ren paused before asking, Sowhat do you think?

Saying this, the ancient saber on his back began to vibrate vigorously, as a faint saber intent was unleashed.

Ren Fei had threatened them with his authority.

And now, Duan Ren had threatened their safety with his strength.

With the two combined, a huge pressure devoured the crowd.