Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 91

Chapter 91 the crazy bet
Chapter 91 - The Crazy Bet

The positions of Xiao Qingxue and Gong Yang were completely different.

Gong Yang was ranked in the top ten among the inner disciples, a super genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. His position in the sect was only slightly lower than the core disciples of the sect. If he ended up having a lucky encounter, he might even have the chance to become a core disciple.

The five elders might not be afraid of Xiao Qingxue, but they could not treat Gong Yang the same way.

Mo Lis expression stiffened; he did not expect Gong Yang to be here too. He took a deep breath and said with a forced smile on his face, Senior Brother Gong Yang, Im afraid youre mistaken. Were just discussing the facts.

The white-haired elder smilingly said, Junior Brother Gong Yang, dont be angry. Although our words were kind of harsh, you have to know that its extremely difficult for Qin Nan to survive considering the situation he got himself into.

The other four elders nodded their heads in agreement, with pleasant smiles on their faces.

But deep within them, the five elders were feeling gloomy; they never expected Qin Nan, a mere fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, would turn out to be close with Gong Yang.

After seeing this, Xiao Qingxues expression became calm, although a cold tone could still be sensed from her words, Senior Brother Gong Yang, if anything were to happen to Qin Nan, it would be Mo Lis fault.

Upon hearing this, Mo Li was extremely terrified and instantly glimpsed at Gong Yang. He let out a sigh of relief after seeing Gong Yangs calm expression.

If what happened to Qin Nan really caused Gong Yang to be angry toward him, that would be a disaster for him.

I already know what happened at the White Jade Dojo. Gong Yang nodded his head and said, Dont you worry, I dont believe Junior Brother Qin Nan would die so easily.

His confident tone caused everyone at the scene to be slightly startled.

Even Xiao Qingxue was quite surprised; she could not understand why Gong Yang was so confident in Qin Nan, even though he only had a brief contact with him which lasted less than a day.

After hearing this, Mo Li and the five elders felt the urge to laugh out, but they did not display this due to Gong Yangs presence.

Despite their intention to remain silent, it was Gong Yang who turned to them and calmly said, I heard that you all were discussing a bet just then. Thats quite interesting. Can I join too?

The five elders and Mo Li wore shocked expressions after hearing the words.

The white-haired elder hesitated for a moment, before he smilingly said, Junior Brother Gong Yang, maybe we should skip the bet this time? Our words were indeed stepping over the boundary, as Qin Nan does have a chance to survive on the Island of Versatility.

Although the elders did assume Qin Nan would surely die in the trial;, firstly, they were not fond of him, and secondly, it served as a way to mock Xiao Qingxue indirectly.

However, since the destination of the transportation portal was randomized, after knowing he was being targeted by Ling Zixiaos two hundred and twenty disciples, Qin Nan could instead find a place to hide for a month, which would guarantee his safety.

Not to mention that, the five elders would not want to offend Gong Yang, thus rejecting the offer for the bet.

Gong Yang appeared to have read their thoughts, as he said, Its still possible to have a bet, but not on Qin Nans life, as he is sure to survive. Lets bet if Qin Nan is able to achieve the top five places in the trial!

Everyone was incredibly shocked by the words.

Qin Nan achieving the top five spots?

Achieving the top five spots after offending Ling ZIxiao and the two hundred and twenty disciples?

Is Gong Yang out of his mind?

Senior Brother Gong Yang

Xiao Qingxue blurted out. Even she could not believe Qin Nan would be ranked in the top five; even top ten would be impossible, not to mention top five.

She would be satisfied if Qin Nan were able to survive from the Trial of Versatility.

Its ok; I know what Im doing. Gong Yang interrupted Xiao Qingxue, and stared directly at the five elders and Mo Li with a sharp gaze, and continued to apply pressure, So? I thought you guys look down on him; if thats the case, why are you guys so afraid to accept my bet? If you guys chose not to participate, then you all have to apologize for your previous words!

At that instant, Gong Yang completely displayed the aura and prestige as a top ten inner disciple.

The five elders and Mo Lis faces turned cold at the same time.

They had no intention to go against Gong Yang, but they did not think that Gong Yang would be so disrespectful, asking them to apologize to Qin Nan.


No f**king way!

The white-haired elder let out a hollow laugh and said, If Senior Brother Gong Yang insists so, lets bet then. I bet that Qin Nan would not be able to acquire a top-five spot, and my stake will be ten thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

Mo Li laughed sinisterly, before saying, Im not that rich, Ill bet five thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

The other elders, all voiced out respectively.

If thats the case, Ill bet ten thousand Martial Emperor Pills too!

Ten thousand for me too, HAH.

Xiao Qingxue and the other disciples were dumbfounded by the scene before them.

Martial Emperor Pills, were equivalent to the Body Tempering Pills and the Xiantian Pills. They were specifically used by Martial Emperor cultivators to help with their cultivation.

The total stake of the five elders and Mo Li was sixty-five thousand Martial Emperor Pills, a crazy amount of fortune. It was equivalent to six and a half million Xiantian Pills, completely terrifying!

Gong Yangs expression remained unchanged, as he glanced at Xiao Qingxue and said with a gentle tone, Junior Sister Qingxue, would you like to participate? It is rare to have such a good chance to earn some Martial Emperor Pills.

After hearing this, the five elders and Mo Li all laughed hollowly; Earn Martial Emperor Pills? Prepare to lose all your bets!

Xiao Qingxue clenched her teeth and said, I believe in him, Ill bet four thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

Four thousand Martial Emperor Pills was all of her possessions.

Meanwhile, the inner disciples who were standing to the side were excited to see such a grand bet, as their heartbeats raced and their blood started to boil; one of them could not help but ask, Senior Brother Gong Yang, can we join too?

Sure thing. Gong Yang smiled and said, Youre all welcome to join.

After hearing this, the disciples all placed their bets hurriedly.

I bet a thousand Martial Emperor Pills that Qin Nan cant acquire a top five spot.

Ill bet two thousand Martial Emperor Pills that Qin Nan will fail too.

Two thousand Martial Emperor Pills for me.

Damn it, I did not bring much when I came out. I can only bet five hundred. This is such a good chance to earn some fortune.

In a short moment, the total stake betting that Qin Nan could not acquire a top-five spot, had reached a sum of seventy-five thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

What was worth mentioning was that a Martial Emperor who had just become an inner disciple mistakenly placed five hundred Martial Emperor Pills, betting that Qin Nan would acquire a top-five spot. Although he regretted it instantly, it was impossible to switch his bet in front of the crowd now.

So theres a total of four thousand five hundred Martial Emperor Pills on this side. Gong Yang said with a calm expression, Since Im the one who initiated the bet, I will then add seventy thousand, five hundred Martial Emperor Pills on this side.

No one could remain calm after hearing this.

For most of the inner disciples, it was already quite a fortune for them to have one or two thousand Martial Emperor Pills. Even the five elders each possessed at most ten thousand plus Martial Emperor Pills.

In contrast, Gong Yang was able to bet over seventy thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

However, at that moment, a blinding light flickered from the White Jade Dojo. An enormous golden formation could be seen appearing in the middle.

Everyones focus was instantly gathered on it.