Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 911

Chapter 911 The Duel In Advance
Chapter 911 The Duel in Advance

Master, whos coming? The old man beside City Lord Zhou blurted out.

Have you heard of Cui Lixu? One of the most talented geniuses of the Heaven-Saber Sect. City Lord Zhou wore a solemn look as he tapped his finger on the wooden chair rhythmically as he was immersed in his thoughts.

Isntthat good news?

The old man was confused.

Wasnt it a pleasure for the Magical Thunder City to be visited by someone like Cui Lixu?

Hes coming with a disciplehis brother to be exactwho has a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit and has achieved the Undefeatable Martial Sacred Realm. He wants him to take part in the battle. City Lord Zhou uttered a sigh.

The elder was dumbfounded.

Normally, only two cultivators with the same Martial Spirit grades and cultivations were allowed to compete with one another in the battle, to ensure a fair bet.

Currently, the strongest duel they had had in the past was only between second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits and cultivations of the Undefeatable Martial Sacred Realm. How could anyone match Cui Lixus brothers talents?

Most importantly, it was unwise for them to reject Cui Lixus request!

It would bring great consequences to the Magical Thunder City!

City Lord Zhous eyes flickered as he came up with the perfect plan, causing him to blurt out in joy, HAHA, it isnt as bad as I thought, spread the word

City Lord Zhou immediately arranged his plan.

He had entirely forgotten about Qin Nans existence.

Meanwhile, in a huge residence in the Magical Thunder City

Two hounds were currently flipping through ancient scrolls diligently. After being scolded by the Heavenly Fortune Mouse a few days ago, they had realized how useless they were, and had decided to live a better life! As such, they had decided to learn some Monarch Arts!

There werent any Monarch Arts invented for hounds?

They would invent their own Monarch Arts!

Seal of the Emperor of Thieves, hear my command

Sima Kong sat with his legs crossed as he uttered ancient chants with a stern expression. The Seal of the Emperor of Thieves emitted a faint golden glow on his forehead.

Reveal the links!

Sima Kong uttered a roar as he tapped the air before him.


A magical light barrier was summoned, which revealed a pitch-black wall covered in the glows of forbidding auras.

This is what the Ancient Royal Bugs have seen as they ventured deep into the Magical Thunder City! Sima Kong explained.

Qin Nan nodded as his eyes were fixed onto the screen.

The scene changed rapidly. After passing the first walls, several walls could be seen, each guarded by forbidding auras and two peak Martial Sacred Realm disciples.

The defense is quite rigid deep inside the Magical Thunder City.

Qin Nan mumbled.

Following this, the walls were replaced by a small palace.

The palace was a half-Monarch Weapon, located at the deepest area inside the Magical Thunder City, surrounded by powerful formations and a formidable presence of a monarch aura. However, none of them were able to stop the Ancient Royal Bugs. Soon, the inside of the palace was revealed on the screen.


Qin Nans eyes widened.

Inside the palace stood a strange altar, where a giant purple crystal was emitting a shocking force of the Heavens and Earth. Above the crystal floated a strange mysterious crystal case.

Wasnt this crystal case one of the treasures left by the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch?

Tsk tsk, so its the Heaven Mystic Crystal! This crystal contains a powerful and pure force of the Heavens and Earth. It could easily suppress the strength of any Tribulation! No wonder the Magical Thunder City is able to suppress the strength of the Tribulations!

Sima Kong exclaimed, I also realized why you werent able to peek through it with your left eye. First the forbidding auras, second the altar, and thirdwhich is the most important factorthe mysterious crystal case. Its capable of hindering any eye-technique. I wonder where it came from

As the successor of the Emperor of Thieves, he quickly assessed the situation.

Meanwhile, Qin Nans eyes sparkled with excitement as his breathing intensified.

The mysterious crystal case was one of the two remaining treasures left by the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch!

The Heaven Mystic Crystal contained a great supply of the force of the Heavens and Earth, thus he could absorb it with the golden seal. Even though it would not be able to fill the golden seal, it was enough to summon a strong Tribulation, allowing his cultivation to improve to the next level!

As such, they were both useful to Qin Nan!

Mm, Qin Nan, whats wrong? Sima Kong raised his eyebrows. It was rare to see Qin Nan reacting like this.

Sima Kong! Qin Nan took a deep breath and asked in a serious tone, How difficult is it to bypass the defense of the Magical Thunder City? Are you able to sneak inside and claim the treasures?

Arent you kidding me?

Sima Kong rolled his eyes and said in a prideful tone, The defense of the Magical Thunder City is so genericstacking up the formations into layers while using the half-Monarch Weapon as the final layer! Its nothing like Shadow City. Its too easy for me!

However, Sima Kong paused before he chuckled, That being said, theres still a problem. Before I make my move, we have to somehow distract those who possess a cultivation of the third-layer Martial Progenitor Realm and above. Otherwise, we would only have ten breaths time to run for our lives

Ten breaths time?

Qin Nan frowned.

In other words, if they were not able to distract the experts, it was impossible for them to escape in one piece.

There was no way they could run away in ten breaths time facing the experts of the entire Magical Thunder City!

What if Im able to distract the experts? Qin Nans eyes flickered.

Then we would have the period it takes an incense to burn to escape! Sima Kong said, It would be enough time for us to head to the Middle Sector City and teleport away using the formations. They would have a hard time tracking us down too

The period it takes an incense to burn?

Qin Nans eyes squinted.

A thought crossed his mind.

It was very simple to attract the attention of the experts. He could make use of the duel between the Tribulations of two geniuses to make something happen!

However, his idea was extremely dangerous. If something went wrong, Qin Nan would lose his chance to escape the Magical Thunder City safely.

Lets wait then. Well carry out the plan in five days Qin Nan whispered.

However, the VIP badge that Qin Nan was given suddenly emitted a glow.

Qin Nan was startled, before he checked its contents.

There was a message from the Magical Thunder City.

Tomorrow afternoon, a genius of the Heaven-Saber Sect with a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the Undefeatable Martial Sacred Realm will be facing off against three Undefeatable Martial Sacred Realm geniuses with second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits! It will be the greatest duel ever! Everyone is welcome to join us!


As Qin Nan received the message, the cultivators who had once taken part in the battles in the past received a message from their badges. With a glimpse, they were all dumbfounded.

It was as if a shocking storm had arrived.