Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 92

Chapter 92 the astonished elders
Chapter 92 - The Astonished Elders

The enormous formation began to solidify, and a tremendous force was emitted from it.

Upon seeing this, Mo Li could not help but laugh, Senior Brother Gong Yang, I never thought you would be so confident in Qin Nan; it seems like I will be earning an extra five thousand Martial Emperor Pills with ease. Well, thank you for Senior Brother Gong Yangs generosity.

After hearing Mo Lis words, the five elders spoke one after another with pleasant smiles on their faces.

Yeah, Gong Yang. It seems like we have the upper hand this time.

Hehe, ten thousand Martial Emperor Pills is all my possession, makes my heartbeat races when I think of it.

Tsk tsk, If Qin Nan did achieve one of the top five spots, I wont feel anguished over my loss at all.

The five elders and Mo Li were obscurely mocking Gong Yang.

Although they had no idea why on earth Gong Yang was confident enough to bet over seventy thousand Martial Emperor Pills on Qin Nan acquiring one of the top five spots, they still found it impossible for Qin Nanmere trash with a fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivationto be ranked in the top five after offending Ling Zixiao and the two hundred and twenty disciples.

Even though Qin Nan could be considered as one of the top talents with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, it would be impressive enough for him to survive in this Trial of Versatility.

The other inner disciples began to chat among themselves after hearing these words.

What is Senior Brother Gong Yang thinking this time, to establish such a bet after knowing he would lose for sure.

Who cares, its a good chance to earn some Martial Emperor Pills.

Damn it, I just bet five hundred Martial Emperor Pills on Qin Nan.

HAHAHA, youre certainly mad, betting Qin Nan to acquire a top-five spot under such circumstances? Im afraid your five hundred Martial Emperor Pills are gone this time.

Gong Yang shrugged his shoulders after hearing these words, and let out a smile.

In everyones opinion, Gong Yang might be out of his mind to set up such a bet, but the truth was otherwise.

Previously, when Gong Yang heard that Ling Zixiao had assembled over two hundred disciples to hunt Qin Nan down, he was completely shocked too, and utterly furious. However, Gong Yang knew that Qin Nan had the Great Elders badge on him.

Following this, Gong Yang began to investigate Qin Nans background, and knew that he had come from Lingshui City. There was nothing special about his journey here; hence it was impossible for him to have had any contact with the Great Elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Therefore, the question was; why would Qin Nan have the Great Elders badge when he only possessed an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and his cultivation base was only at the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm?

The only explanation was that there was some secret which remained hidden to the crowd about Qin Nan, which the Great Elder was fond of.

Therefore, together with Gong Yangs understanding of Qin Nan, he was confident in him.

At last, in that instant, an inner disciple said with a low tone, Theyre out

On the White Jade Dojo, in the midst of the formation, a continuous stream of invisible fluctuations could be felt, as over a hundred figures began to slowly come into view.

After the figures appeared, the enormous foundation then vanished, returning the place to its calm state.

At that instant, the five elders, Gong Yang, Xiao Qingxue, and Mo Li went forward without hesitation and their eyes scanned the crowd of disciples.

They normally would not be so impatient, but as such a grand bet was involved this time that caused their hearts to race, they could not wait to find out the result.

Qin Nan!

After a quick glance over the crowd, Xiao Qingxue soon detected Qin Nans figure at the back. Her beautiful face turned excited immediately, as her attractive figure began to sway from her heavy breathing.

The other Martial Emperor disciples were jealous after seeing this; how lucky can this Qin Nan beto regarded as a brother by Gong Yang, and treated so preciously by Xiao Qingxue.

The five elders and Mo Li were startled after hearing this.

They did not expect Qin Nan to still be alive.

Following it, they all let out a cold humph, so what if Qin Nan survived, he still cant achieve one of the top ten spots.


Mo Li frowned his eyebrows as he did not find Ling Zixiaos figure after scanning the crowd.

The five elders frowned their eyebrows too, why is Ling Zixiao not among the three hundred disciples?

This caused Mo Li and the five elders hearts to sink, as an uneasy feeling rose within them.

Mo Li took a deep breath, and his gaze quickly found Xiao Yunhe and his crew. He knew who Xiao Yunhe was, as he was the first person he and Ling Zixiao approached when they planned to recruit people to hunt down Qin Nan.

Mo Li did not hesitate further, as he took a step forward and yelled, Xiao Yunhe, what happened, where is Ling Zixiao? Why is he not here?

The over three hundred disciples who had just arrived at the Mystic Spirit Sect failed to react, as they all stared blankly around.

As for Xiao Yunhe, after being questioned by Mo Li all of a sudden, his face went blank before he collected his thoughts after a moment. He moved his lips slightly, but not a single word came out.

Mo Lis expression was twisted, as his words were now accompanied with an imperious and interrogating tone, Speak! What actually happened? Where is Ling Zixiao?

The five elders started to panic; Ling Zixiao was a super genius with a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, whom the sect would focus on training. If anything happened to him, they were the ones that would take the responsibility.

Xiao Yunhes eyelids jumped as he took a deep breath, and said with a miserable tone, Senior Brother Ling Zixiao He Hes dead.


After hearing this, Mo Li and the five elders had their faces contort completely, as if they were just struck by thunder.

Not only them, the other inner disciples, including Gong Yang and Xiao Qingxue, were utterly stunned.

Ling Zixiao is dead?

How did Ling Zixiao die?

When Ling Zixiao entered the Island of Versatility, his cultivation had already reached the ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm, which was sure to improve during the Trial of Versatility. Together with his ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, anyone among the new disciples would have a hard time trying to kill him.

Mo Li and the five elders soon recovered from the shock, as their faces turned cold instantly, while emitting powerful auras.

Mo Li, in particular, was extremely furious, as Ling Zixiao was the talent discovered by him, the subordinate he trained. Why would he not be angry now that he was killed?

With this thought, Mo Li could not hold it back any longer, as his Martial Emperor aura burst out together with his gaze toward Huang Long. He said in a cold tone, Huang Long, why did you kill Ling Zixiao? It was only a trial between the disciples. Ling Zixiao had a great future ahead of him as a super genius. Why did you kill him?