Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Nine Tailed World
Chapter 927 Nine-Tailed World

Two men and one woman descended from the sky and proceeded to three different areas on the dojo, floating in the air.

The woman was wearing a red light muslin dress, which added a hint of tenderness to her attractive face. Her bright and intelligent eyes had a charming glow, which felt like a whirlpool, tugging at the soul of anyone looking at them.

Mu Mu positioned herself behind the female.

As for the other two males, one of them was covered in a black robe with only a pair of icy eyes being revealed, which felt like a deep abyss.

The other in a green robe had sharp eyebrows and carried a long sword on his back with a jasper hanging on his waist. His presence was enchanted with the pride flowing out from his bones, causing the disciples within two zhang to take a few steps backward instinctively, not daring to remain close to him.

Su Qingqing! Its Su Qingqing! She is the strongest genius from the second-generation of the Nine-Tailed Skyfox! I never thought that she would be here!

Su Qingqing is so gorgeous!

Thats An Lin, the second genius from the Demonic Qilin tribe!

Damn! Even Ao Dongfang is here?


A few voices filled with astonishment were blurted out.

The trio that had just arrived consisted of the geniuses from the tribes of the Nine-Tailed Skyfox, the Demonic Qilin, and the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon!

These tribes were considered the strongest in the entire Dragon Emperor Clan!

Their tribesmen possessed extraordinary bloodlines since they were born, which were unrivaled by the ordinary beasts!

Su Qingqing, An Lin, Ao Dongfang! The top three beast tribes are indeed impressive. Their cultivations have reached the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, not to mention their outstanding bloodlines. This Ao Dongfang in particular also has a mysterious force inside his body Qin Nan wore a solemn expression as he took a closer look.

Even though their cultivations were relatively weak compared to the peak Martial Progenitor Realm beasts on the dojo, their bloodlines had granted them the possibility of challenging those with higher cultivations!

Besides, they also had extraordinary capabilities.

Even Qin Nan could not afford to underestimate them.

That being said, if Qin Nan were to rely on the Beast-Hitting Stick, the outcome was as clear as the sky.

It did not matter how talented they were, as long as their cultivations had yet to reach the Martial Monarch Realm, they stood no chance against it!

You guys are early.

A calm voice echoed as a young man with two scars on his forehead slowly stepped out from the rift. Behind him stood three young men in black robes with expressionless faces.

Su Qingqing, An Lin, and Ao Dongfang glimpsed at him without saying anything. It appeared that they were communicating with their Divine Sense.

Hua Jiwudao is here!

Tsk tsk, it is said that this Hua Jiwudao has altered his destiny, granting him a stronger strength than the three geniuses.

Indeed, I remember his bloodline was equivalent to a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

The crowd mumbled among themselves.

After all, the Blue-Glow Unicorn was considered the strongest tribe apart from the top three tribes.

This Hua Jiwudao has a cultivation of the sixth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, and some other unique forces too. His aura does indicate that he has altered his destiny, but the three young men behind him

Qin Nans eyes flickered.

The three black-robed young men had used some method to conceal their auras, but it did not stop Qin Nan from observing their cultivations.

They were peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts!

Furthermore, they had practiced the same Martial Arts, along with having a strong murderous aura, a sign that they were experienced in killing.

Even geniuses like Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, and An Lin had come alone without bringing any people from their tribes. Why would this Hua Jiwudao bring three experts with him?

Youre Qin Nan, right?

On the noisy dojo, Hua Jiwudao glanced in Qin Nans direction and transmitted his voice.

The crowd was unaware of it.

Hua Jiwudao? If Im not mistaken, I believe Hua Dichen has asked you to kill me in the inner disciple trial, right?

No, youre wrong.

Hua Jiwudao smirked as he replied, If you were to hand over your possessions and submit to our Blue-Glow Unicorn tribe, your life would be spared. Thats all I have to say.

Saying this, he turned around and ignored Qin Nans presence.

At that instant, Qin Nans eyes turned cold.

The trial was really getting interesting. He had already been threatened twice before it started!

And the threats had come out of nowhere!

It seemed like he had been too low-key in the past.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A few piercing sounds could be heard as the Peak Leaders arrived, floating above the dojo.

It felt like fifty-six mountains were floating above the crowd!

The noisy dojo immediately fell silent.

Fellow disciples. Hua Lie approached the dojo from the distance with a formidable aura, Before the trial takes place, allow me to explain the rules!

His eyes quickly scanned the crowd without giving them any time to react.

There are no limitations in the trial, thus you can utilize all of your strength. Of course, everyone here is considered the hope of the Dragon Emperor Clan, thus do show some mercy toward one another.

The trial will be taking place in the Nine-Tailed World, filled with countless treasures and chances to alter your destiny. It all depends on your luck.

Everyone will be given a badge before the trial starts. Smashing the badge will teleport you back here, but it also means that youre disqualified. Meanwhile, youre allowed to rob the badges from other participants, and the one with the highest number of badges will be crowned the winner.

Hua Lie paused for a moment.

Most of the inner disciples had taken part in the inner disciple trial before, thus none of them were confused.

Only a few among them frowned.

Interesting, no wonder Hua Jiwudao and Xuan Ya would come and threaten me. It seems like death is unavoidable in this inner disciple trial. Therefore, they wouldnt worry too much if they accidentally killed me in the trial

Qin Nan raised his eyebrows.

It was a very obvious conspiracy, and Hua Dichen was the one planning it without a doubt.

The prize for the trial is simple. Hua Lie raised his tone as he declared, The one with the most badges will be promoted to a core disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan, with the permission to cultivate in the Ten Thousand Beast Garden!

The words served as a great explosion.

The geniuses were completely dumbfounded.

The prize

Had entirely surpassed their imagination!