Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 93

Chapter 93 the dumbfounded elders
Chapter 93 - The Dumbfounded Elders

The five elders and all the inner disciples looked at Huang Long. They all wanted to know why Huang Long killed Ling Zixiao.

Huang Long was the only one among the new disciples capable of defeating Ling Zixiao.

Under Mo Lis questioning, Huang Long did not appear intimidated; he let out a smile, without answering the question.

Apart from that, the over three hundred new disciples who all collected their thoughts now wore strange expressions on their faces after hearing Mo Lis question.

After being ignored by Huang Long, Mo Li was further engulfed by flames of anger, as he emitted a murderous intent.

At that moment, Gong Yang began to speak in a calm tone, Junior Brother Mo Li, dont be mad. Its normal for geniuses to die in the Trial of Versatility, and its acceptable according to the rules too. Besides that, our bet is the first priority for now. We should see if Qin Nan has acquired a top-five spot in this trial.

The five elders and the other inner disciples all nodded their heads in agreement. The result of the bet was indeed their main concern for now.

After hearing Gong Yangs words, the new disciples were stunned. Bet? Has Qin Nan acquired a spot in the top five?

Mo Li was extremely furious, but he did not lose his mind. Even if Huang Long did slay Ling Zixiao, now was not the time for this, which was why he was incredibly mad. He then responded Gong Yangs words with a sinister laugh, Whats the point of the bet? Trash like Qin Nan getting into the top five in the trial? What an absolute joke!

The five elders and the other inner disciples began to feel excited.

Even though Ling Zixiao being killed was definitely out of their expectation, how could they not be happy as they were about to win a fortune of Martial Emperor Pills?

As for Xiao Qingxue, she did not anticipate Qin Nan would achieve a position in the top five. When she saw Qin Nan returned in one piece, with his cultivation improved to the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm, she was extremely satisfied. Even if she ended up losing four thousand Martial Emperor Pills, it was no longer her concern.

The white-haired elder who tried to hold his excitement back turned to the crowd and yelled, Xu Qian, come up here at once and declare the top ten participants of the trial.

After hearing the words, Xu Qian instantly came forward to the front, and said with a hesitating tone, Elder, the Trial of Versatility this time

What about it? The five elders were annoyed, as they rolled their eyes at Xu Qian and said, Xu Qian, since when did you have a habit of dawdling? Hurry up and tell us the results!

At that instant, Mo Li who was engulfed by his fury blurted out, Xu Qian, just tell us if Qin Nan has acquired a spot in the top five. Just a while ago, Senior Brother Gong Yang bet seventy-five thousand Martial Emperor Pills with us on this trashy Qin Nan achieving one of the top five in the trial!


Xu Qian was astounded. Seventy-five thousand Martial Emperor Pills?

Apart from him, the whole crowd of disciples was astonished. A total of seventy-five thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

At that instant, the white-haired elder let out a pleasant smile and said, Thats right. Us elders, and some of the disciples bet a total of seventy-five thousand Martial Emperor Pills on Qin Nan not achieving the top five in the trial, so just tell us the result. Im afraid we will be winning the bet against Junior Brother Gong Yang this time.

After hearing this, Xu Qian immediately recovered from his astonishment, with a strange expression appearing on his face.

At the same time, all the disciples also began to wear strange expressions on their faces.

After inhaling deeply, Xu Qian held the bursting thoughts in his mind, and let out a cough before saying, Elder, I have to say, there were only four people acquiring the Blue Dragon Badges in the Trial of Versatility.

Oh? The white-haired elder raised his eyebrows, although he did not seem to be surprised as he said, Its ordinary for only four people acquiring the Blue Dragon Badges. This happened in previous trials too. If thats the case, same with how we dealt with it previously, the prizes of the remaining six spots, will be given to those four winners.

Among the crowd of new disciples, many of them felt like bursting out laughing, but they did not dare to do so, to an extent that some of their faces went red instantly.

After sensing the strange atmosphere of the crowd, Gong Yang began to speak, Xu Qian, tell us the result now.

Alright. Xu Qian could not help but glance at the five elders and Mo Li, before reading the result out loud, I was sent by the sect to the Island of Versatility to conduct the test for the new disciples. In the period of a month, Xiao Leng acquired one Blue Dragon Badge, placing him at the fourth rank. Chu Yun acquired two Blue Dragon Badges, placing her at the third rank. Huang Long acquired three Blue Dragon Badges, placing him at the second rank. As for the first place of this Trial of Versatility, it is

Upon saying this, Xu Qian hesitated for a brief moment.

At that instant, the words had fully caught the attention of the five elders, Mo Li, and the other disciples.

Even Huang Long was only placed second, who could the first place be?

Meanwhile, the white-haired elder felt a sudden uneasy feeling rising within him, as he blurted out, Whos first? Whos first? Goddamnit, just tell us!

A helpless expression was seen in Xu Qians eyes, as he slowly said, The first rank is Qin Nan, who acquired twenty-two Blue Dragon Badges!

After hearing this, the five elders, Mo Li, and the other disciples were all dumbfounded.

One of the elders even asked with an unbelieving tone, What? What did you just say? Xu Qian, are you sure?

I am definitely sure. Xu Qian said with a confident manner, The first place of the Trial of Versatility is Qin Nan!

After hearing Xu Qians announcement one more time, the five elders, Mo Li, and the other disciples felt a sudden explosion in their minds, causing them to be dumbfounded!