Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Challenging The Entire Crowd
Chapter 931 - Challenging the Entire Crowd

Qin Nan mumbled in his heart a distance away.

The glow emitted by the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit materialized into an ancient talisman, causing the fruit to appear transparent, with the illusionary figure of a nine-tailed fox.

The immortal aura filled the area.

The fruit has matured! Move out!

Were on the same side, dont forget!

We still have a chance! The Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit will be mine!

It felt like an explosion had taken place at the lake, causing the entire place to heat up. The disciples who had been waiting for this moment immediately transformed into their primary forms and sprang toward the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit.

The scene was absolutely magnificent.

Ao Dongfang, An Lin, Su Qingqing, and Hua Jiwudao hesitated for a few breaths time, before they made their movesunleashing their dragon aura, transforming into their Qilin form, using their seductive charm, and uttering a ferocious roar. Their figures were launched forward like four beams of light, positioning themselves close to the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit in just the blink of an eye.

Although the cultivations of the four geniuses were not too impressive, their capabilities were not to be underestimated!

The disciples were not willing to give up either. They immediately unleashed their talismans, artifacts, Monarch Arts, forbidden techniques, etc. to prevent the others from getting close to their target.

The four geniuses competed against each other.

Its my turn!

Qin Nans gaze sharpened.

He could feel his blood boiling while watching the battle taking place.

First form of the Divine God of Battle, Unrivaled Warrior!

Qin Nan let out a roar as his aura skyrocketed. With a kick, his figure dashed straight in the direction of the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit.

On the battlefield, the disciples attacked whoever they stumbled into. Therefore, as soon as Qin Nan approached them, they immediately launched their Monarch Arts in his direction.

Qin Nan ignored the attacks as he weaved his way through the place.

In the blink of an eye, he had overtaken the four geniuses, making him the closest person to the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit.

Its him?

Qin Nan? Why is he here?

The four geniuses and the disciples were stunned after taking a closer look.

Didnt Qin Nan only have a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm?

Why did he dare to rush to the front?

This Qin Nan! Hes surely asking his death. Attack at once and suppress him!

Hua Jiwudao snapped. The Blue-Glow Unicorn tribe had long decided to get rid of Qin Nan, but they had never had the chance to do so. To their surprise, Qin Nan had shown himself here.

The three peak Martial Progenitors immediately attacked while roaring.

Not only that, Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, An Lin, and the other disciples also executed their attacks after collecting their thoughts, which encapsulated Qin Nans figure like a giant web.

At that instant, there was no escape for Qin Nan.

Even a Martial Progenitor Realm expert would not be able to escape the surrounding force!

However, Qin Nan showed no sign of hesitation. He continued to push forward as if he had eyes on his back, allowing him to dodge the attacks with ease. It looked like he was dancing in the air.

Got it!

Qin Nan quickened his pace and grabbed the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit in his hand without being harmed.


The four geniuses and the disciples were astounded.

The initially chaotic battle came to a halt as the place fell into a dead silence.

How did Qin Nan manage to acquire the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit despite being surrounded by the attacks?

How had he done it?

Well, thank you everyone.

Qin Nan brought his fists together with a calm smile.

It appeared that he had no intention of leaving the place even after claiming the loot.

Qin Nan! Hand it over!

How dare you try and claim the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit?

I believe youre tired of living!

The disciples collected their thoughts and became enraged.

Either way, Qin Nan only had a second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm!

How dare he compete with them?

Following this, over thirty disciples charged toward Qin Nan. They consisted of seventh, eighth, and ninth-layer Martial Progenitors. Even the four geniuses would have trouble facing such a formidable formation.

Great timing!

Qin Nans lips curled upward.

It was impossible for him to give up on such a great opportunity to earn him a fortune!

Bring it on!


Qin Nan swung his hand and drew out the Beast-Hitting Stick, as if he was going to face his opponents head on.

What is he trying to do?

The four geniuses and the disciples who had not engaged were startled.

Even the disciples who were attacking were stunned too.

A stick?

Was he really trying to stop them with that?

However, the moment the Beast-Hitting Stick was swung toward them, the thirty beasts were taken by surprise.


What is going on, why cant we unleash our progenitor force?

Eat this!

Qin Nan uttered a roar as he leapt into the air and struck with the Beast-Hitting Stick, landing a powerful blow on each of the disciples.


Following a series of clashes, the disciples subconsciously took a deep breath and cried out after feeling an incredible pain.

A strange scene took place on the lake.

The disciples who were initially charging toward Qin Nan in an imposing manner were all sent flying, as if they were totally outmatched!

What...what is happening?

Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, An Lin, Hua Jiwudao, and the rest were left with blank expressions.

The scene before them had completely exceeded their understanding!

A mere Qin Nan defeating over thirty disciples?

Even a peak Martial Progenitor Realm expert was unable to do so!

Wasnt that too unbelievable?

After Qin Nan sent the disciples flying with his attacks, he turned toward the dumbfounded crowd and said with a smile, Anyone wants to have a try? Im more than happy to have some fun with you!

The lake was immersed in silence.

The Beast-Hitting Stick in Qin Nans hand was glowing brightly.