Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 943

Chapter 943 Shocking News
Chapter 943 Shocking News

The battle of the first dojo is none of your concern. The Monarch Envoy said calmly, whose voice echoed in the hearts of the crowd.

The noisy dojo immediately fell silent.

They would know the outcome of the battle when the time came.


Countless beams of light were emitted from the Monarch Envoys figure, landing on each of the participants.

The number on their white jade seats began to change rapidly.

Qin Nan took a glimpse of it and realized that his ranking had risen to one thousand and thirtieth, almost a thousand ranks higher on the Monarch Ranking.

He quickly scanned around and saw Tang Qingshan was ranked eight hundredth, Si Changqing was ranked one thousand four hundredth. Even Xuan Yues rank was now one thousand eight hundred and twenty-second.

My rank has increased by five hundred! HAHA, five hundred!

Damn it, Im only rank away from reaching that!

My rank has dropped by more than three hundred!

Voices filled with surprise and sighs echoed across the dojo.

Thirteen of you are ranked more than five hundred ranks higher than your previous ranks. A hundred and fifty-eight are ranked one hundred higher. Here are your rewards. The Monarch Envoy said as more than a hundred beams of light landed before Qin Nan and the others from the sky.

The others were given storage bags, but Qin Nan was the only exception. He was given a purple crystal case, with an obscure pattern on its surface.

Lets see whats inside.

Qin Nans eyes flickered as he opened the case.

Inside the case lay three crystals with the shape of a pentagon, and inside the crystals a blue flame could be seen flickering.

Qin Nan was extremely familiar with the power the crystals possessed, it was the Heavenly Fortune force!

Three crystals contain Heavenly Fortune force. Is the Monarch Envoy planning to give them to the two hounds and one mouse? Qin Nan was slightly startled, before he came to a realization and stored the purple crystal case, before bringing his fists together facing the Monarch Envoy.

The two hounds and one mouse were from the Heavenly Fortune Tribe.

Their power had yet to be developed, thus the three crystals would most likely bring an incredible change to them.

The gift was valuable indeed.

The people on the dojo exclaimed with astonishment too, as the best prize turned out to be a map containing the clues to a destiny-altering fortunate encounter.

The battles on the other dojos are approaching their ends too. Please wait patiently, as the date of the Monarch Horoscope Contest will be declared once all the battles are finished. The Monarch Envoys words immediately dragged the thoughts of the crowd back to reality.

The date of the Monarch Horoscope Contest was extremely important to the geniuses on the Monarch Ranking.

If it was either a year earlier or later, it would make a huge difference.

After all, similar to Qin Nan, many of the geniuses on the Monarch Ranking had only entered the ranking this year or last year, thus they still had lots of rooms for improvement.

They needed time.

As the atmosphere on the dojo calmed down, many participants sat down and cultivated instead.

However, as soon as Qin Nan closed his eyes, several voices were transmitted into his Divine Sense, most of them trying to befriend him.

Qin Nan replied and swiftly closed his eyes to show his response.

Cultivator Qin Nan, Ive got an idea but I cant think of any way to implement it. Now that we have time, is it fine to discuss my thoughts with you? Si Changqing suddenly transmitted his voice.

Mm? Interesting, tell me more about your idea.

Qin Nans eyes glistened as he straightened his figure.

Si Changqing replied and Qin Nan listened with patience. A few moments later, his eyes flickered with astonishment.

Si Changqing had chosen to become a fire artist, who had mastered some fire-elemental power, and had altered his destiny too.

The Monarch Art he was proposing was known as the Art of Fire-Lodging, lodging his spirit into the rare flames of the Heavens and Earth. Even when his flesh was destroyed, he could still reincarnate with the power of the flames, to be used as a safety precaution when facing powerful enemies.

From the surface, the Monarch Art was undefeatable!

Once it succeeded, he would be immortal.

Firstly, the reincarnation of the spirit is considered a taboo, thus it is quite difficult to achieve it. Even if its possible, you can only lodge your spirit into a single rare flame instead of thousands of them. Secondly, the rare flames of the Heavens and Earth are scattered in various continents. Even if their power is outstanding, the amount that you could borrow will be insignificant

Qin Nan calmly said.

He immediately pointed out the flaws of the Monarch Art.

Si Changqing nodded as he listened, while the excitement in his eyes grew stronger. No wonder senior had asked me to try meeting Qin Nan, he wasnt wrong!

Time gradually passed.

Most of the battles on the other dojos were coming to an end.

Even the shocking impact from the first dojo had disappeared, although it was unclear who had won the battle.

Everyone, the time has come.

The Monarch Envoy suddenly spoke.

The geniuses shuddered and immediately collected their thoughts.

Qin Nan glanced at Si Changqing, before they both nodded. Although it was a brief discussion, they had both learned greatly from it. Besides, it was impossible to successfully invent such a law-defying Monarch Art within a short period of time.

Buzz, buzz buzz.

A soft thud from nowhere echoed on the ninety-nine dojos and in the hearts of the geniuses.

Qin Nans heart began to race.

The sound was filled with a great presence of Daoism, which easily influenced his heart.

Qin Nan calmed his breathing and listened carefully. It was very rare to listen to a sound like it.

A few hundred breaths later, an aging voice echoed above the dojos.

Cultivators of the Middle Continent, Im the spirit of the Monarch Ranking. The Ranking Battle has been fascinating.

As everyone knows, those without a Monarch Horoscope will never achieve the Martial Monarch Realm!

There are many cultivators in this world, but how many of them actually manage to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm and soar into the sky?

There is no fairness in the Monarch Horoscope Contest. It is a test of luck, wisdom, courage, and fate.

Enough with the nonsense, Ill now announce the date of the Monarch Horoscope Contest.

Due to some circumstances, counting down from tomorrow, the Monarch Horoscope Contest will be heldin half a year!

The voice paused toward the end, before it raised its tone, exploding in the hearts of the crowd like a shocking thunder.

Qin Nans eyes widened.

In addition to him, all the geniuses on the ninety-nine dojos were startled, their hearts experiencing a great shock.

The Monarch Horoscope Contest in the past was usually held at least five years after the Ranking Battle.

And now

It was only half a year away!

This had never before happened in history!