Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 944

Chapter 944 The Beginning Of An Era Message From The Dragon Emperor
Chapter 944 The Beginning of an Era, Message from the Dragon Emperor

Half a year? Why is it only half a year!

Oh no, its over!

Why is this happening?

My cultivation is only at the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. Even with outstanding fortunate encounters, its impossible for me to reach the peak of the Monarch Ranking within half a year!

Im only a first-layer Martial Progenitor, Im pretty much hopeless!

A while later, countless voices could be heard from the dojos.

Many geniuses had pale faces, as if they had entirely lost hope.

In the past, the Monarch Horoscope Contest was at least eighty years apart, thus if they missed this chance, they would have to wait another eighty years!

How many eighty years would they have left in their life?

Meanwhile, at the thirteenth dojo, Qin nan took a deep breath as he listened the complains around him.

Even with all of his strength, he would only be considered above average among the geniuses on the Monarch Ranking. As such, he would have to cultivate diligently for half a year, searching for treasure from various places filled with fortunate encounters to have a chance of reaching the peak!

But he had no choice but to give it a try!

Its fine too, with pressure comes motivation. Half a year is enough for me! Qin Nans eyes flickered.

Even if he only had a month, he would never back off!

Nothing could stop him from advancing forward!

The Ranking Battle has come to an end. You may leave now in the same sequence you entered.

The geniuses were teleported away starting from the first dojo, and it soon was the thirteenth dojos turn.

A pure force was emitted from the white jade seats, encapsulating the participants and teleporting them away.

Well talk about it later!

The Mentoring Elder transformed into his primary form and carried the disciples heading back to the Dragon Emperor Clan.

Obviously, as the first batch of geniuses came out, the elders waiting at the desert were told of the unexpected decision of the Monarch Ranking.

Half an hour later

The news was made known to the factions, spreading to every corner of the Middle Continent like a storm.

Apart from the half-God region, the entire Middle Continent was shocked!

Discussions filled with surprise, confusion, excitement, etc. took place everywhere

HAHAHA, the Monarch Horoscope Contest is taking place in half a years time!

This is getting interesting!

Hehe, I never thought I still had the chance to see the Monarch Horoscope Contest in my life! Thats one of the greatest occasions of the Middle Continent. I wonder how many geniuses would be able to claim spots to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm this time?

Following this, everything began to change in the Middle Continent.

For example, the prices of materials useful for improving cultivation, rare relics boosting offensive and defensive capabilities, and maps containing clues to destiny-alternating fortunate encounters rose significantly.

The Monarch Horoscope Contest was like an approaching storm.

Whether it was occurring in advance or postponed, a minor change was enough to influence the lives of countless people.

Meanwhile, at the Dragon Emperor Clan

As the last batch of geniuses returned to the mountains, the voice of the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast echoed in the sky.

All Peak Leaders, elders, and geniuses on the Monarch Ranking, come to the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Peak at once, attendance is compulsory!

The words were uttered with a tremendous aura.

Lets head there at once.

The Mentoring Elder led Qin Nan and the others straight to the dojo.

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast stood at the front with a stern look, as an intimidating beastly aura was unleashed from her figure.

Before her stood the Peak Leaders, elders, the core disciples including Ao Cangtian and Jiu Jiu, and the rest of the inner disciples.

The core members of the faction had gathered together.

Ill keep this straight. The Monarch Horoscope Contest will be taking place half a year from now. Those who are ranked above five thousand on the Monarch Ranking, or those with a cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm should go into cultivation at once! Meanwhile, all cultivation grounds of the Dragon Emperor Clan are now accessible!

Peak Leaders and elders, try your very best to support the geniuses!

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast spoke at a fast pace.

The same scene was taking place at the Misty Immortal Sect, the Heaven-Saber Sect, the Bodhi Temple, the Chaos Sect, Shadow City, etc.

All disciples were urged to cultivate in seclusion in various cultivation grounds, or search for fortunate encounters at different places in the Middle Continent.

The Monarch Horoscope Contest was an exceedingly important battle.

If a few geniuses of the same faction ended up claiming the Martial Horoscopes, it would affect the situation of the entire Middle Continent.

The gathering soon ended.

The geniuses of every faction proceeded to improve their strength.

Meanwhile, the Middle Continent slowly calmed down after getting used to the astonishment that the news from the Monarch Ranking had caused.

They switched their focus onto the Ranking Battle.

What was the outcome of the battles?

Ao Cangtian was defeated by Sorceress Qian Qian!

Jiu Jiu was defeated by Sage Chen Zilai!

Gasp, the top three on the Monarch Ranking are incredibly powerful! The top two geniuses of the Dragon Emperor Clan both lost!

A mysterious rogue cultivator has appeared and came in the top ten on the Monarch Ranking. His identity is unknown, but it is said that hes from the Western Continent!

A mysterious Death Cultivator has stunned the entire crowd in a battle, whose rank increased by eight hundred!

The Imperial Exterminator Tang Qingshan displayed his strength and killed five of his opponents in a row!

It is said that a mysterious rogue cultivator in the third dojo has displayed a great monarch aura. It was highly possible that hes the reincarnation of a Martial Monarch similar to Shi Qingfan!

The human disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan, Qin Nan, now has a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, who managed to defeat eleven Martial Spirits, causing his rank to rise significantly!

Various astonishing pieces of news were spread out from the Shadow Pagoda.

Countless mysterious geniuses whose names were unheard of had the chance to display their strength in the Ranking Battle.

Due to the extraordinary behavior of the Monarch Ranking, the sudden rise of these geniuses immediately attracted the attention of the people in the Middle Continent.

Similarly, it was the first time Qin Nans name was taken seriously in the Middle Continent.

Many people secretly took note of his name.

Including his old friends who were scattered in all corners of the Middle Continent.

As the gathering ended, Qin Nan returned to the Dragon Emperor Clan.

Judging from the series of events, he could tell that a new era had begun.

I shall go into seclusion first to rank up the Divine Battle Martial Trees, before heading out to the forbidden areas! Qin Nan murmured as he inserted the three crystals into the two hounds and one mouse with a flick of his finger.

He then gave all his Vital Qi to the eight skeletons and Xuan Yue, apart from five streams that he had left for himself.

These were his people, thus he would try his best to train them.

However, at that instant

An imperious voice appeared in Qin Nans mind.

Qin Nan, its me!

The voice turned out to be the Dragon Emperor!