Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Life And Death
Chapter 963 Life and Death

YouWhy do you have five Martial Trees! Ji Yes voice trembled with lingering astonishment in his crimson eyes.

Ive surpassed the rules of cultivation. Qin Nan said calmly.


Ji Yes figure dived forward all of a sudden as a strange talisman on his palm was set aflame, unleashing a terrifying monarch force.

This was his trump card!

Even though he was utterly astounded seeing five Martial Trees, in order to survive, to secure his victory, his instincts had urged him to go all out.


The remaining four Martial Trees emerged behind Qin Nan.

Nine Martial Trees floated in the air, as countless monarch intents poured downward like a punch from a god.

This Ji Yes eyes widened. Before he could react, the space three li around him was destroyed instantly.

A stream of a glow containing the aura of the Monarch Ranking entered Qin Nans body.

Ji Ye had been slain!

This was the perfect example of a battle between two geniuses, either side could not afford to lose their focus, as it was possible for the tide to switch direction all of a sudden.

Master, your strength is remarkable, were utterly impressed! The two hounds ran toward Qin Nan after the battle ended, their eyes fixed onto the storage bag lying on the ground in perfect condition.

Piss off!

Qin Nan gave them both a kick without hesitation and transmitted an order to Xiao Hong, before he retrieved the storage bag and took out the golden box.


Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh. He had purposely controlled his strength to avoid destroying the succession himself.

Otherwise, he would feel extremely depressed.

For you. Qin Nan threw the storage bag to the two hounds after searching it and when he could not find anything valuable to him.

The two hounds had contributed significantly during their trip here at the Land of Dharma.

Mm? Theres some safety measure on the box still. No wonder Ji Ye did not open it straight away after getting his hands on it Qin Nan quickly scanned the box and used his left eye to break open the seal.

Meanwhile, Jiang Bilan, the skeletons, and Xuan Yue regrouped with Qin Nan.

You defeated Ji Ye? Jiang Bilan s eyes flickered with astonishment when she saw the two hounds playing with a few ancient manuals while showing them to the skeletons and Xuan Yue.

is that a surprise? Qin Nan asked without raising his head.

That means you have the succession in your hands. Jiang Bilans expression became calm.

The two hounds, eight skeletons, and Xuan Yue were startled. What did Jiang Bilan mean by that?

Was she trying to rob it?

Mm. Qin Nan raised his head staring at her and nodded.

If I wanted to rob it, in less than thirty breaths time, a group of peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts would instantly make their way here. Do you believe it? Jiang Bilan stared into Qin Nans eyes.

You want the succession? Xiao Hong harrumphed coldly and said, I knew you were hiding something.

So? Qin Nan asked with a curious tone.

I didnt do it. Jiang Bilan said calmly, Im here to help you, so I overcame my greed, and even paid a price to prepare something specifically for this.

Qin Nan was stunned.

What was wrong with Jiang Bilan today?

What was she trying to tell him?

She was helping him? And she was trying very hard to do so?

Forget it, Ill be leaving. Jiang Bilan let out a sigh in her heart before her figure transformed into black mist and flew into the distance. Qin Nan was about to stop her when the black mist disappeared into the rift.

What the hell was that

Qin Nan was left speechless.

It was his first time seeing the intelligent Jiang Bilan behave so strangely.

The two hounds and Xuan Yue were utterly confused as well, all except Xiao Hong who held her jaw with her hand deep in thought.

Come, lets find a well-hidden area.

Qin Nan shook his head and suggested.

Their group had benefited greatly from the trip to the Land of Dharma, thus it was time to find somewhere concealed to cultivate in seclusion.

With the left eyes help, he soon discovered a perfect valley protected by forbidding formations at a very concealed area. Ordinary cultivators or beasts would not be able to spot it.

Lets take a look at the Monarch Art!

Qin Nan took a deep breath as he took out an ancient manual from the box with a solemn expression.

The Monarch Art had grabbed the attention of countless geniuses over the past two thousand years, indicating how valuable it was.

As soon as he flipped the first page open, a terrifying aura burst out from it with a strong sense of destruction.


Qin Nan was shocked. He did not expect the will of the Monarch Art alone to be this overwhelming.

Lets see!

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and began flipping through the pages.

However, the more he read, the greater the astonishment he felt in his heart.

This was no longer just a Monarch Art!

Prior to his death, the Destruction Martial Monarch had used the power of a Martial God Tribulation to further modify the Monarch Art, improving its strength in a ridiculous way.

No wonder!

This explains why the Destruction Martial Monarch was unwilling to hand over the Monarch Art despite meeting countless geniuses!

Im definitely the biggest winner this time!

Qin Nan came to a realization as his heart was overwhelmed with excitement.

The Monarch Art had been modified into the Art of Destruction; not only it could destroy the laws, but also everything else. Its power was utterly imperious, as if it was trying to replace the role of the Tribulation of the Heavens and Earth, bringing judgment upon everything it came into contact with.

Once mastered, it would allow the cultivator to challenge higher-ranked opponents.

Most importantly, the will of the Monarch Art was extremely terrifying, capable of improving Martial Trees after merging into them.

Time to go into seclusion!

Qin Nan closed his eyes and calmed his thoughts, achieving the One with the Mind state.

As Qin Nan and his crew were cultivating in seclusion, the cultivators were still searching for Ji Ye in the Land of Dharma.

Meanwhile, deep inside the Land of Dharma, inside a terrifying ravine

The depth of the ravine was immeasurable, with countless auras bursting out from it like frightening roars of a giant beast.

This was one of the famous forbidden areas of the Land of Dharma, the Dharma Ravine!

According to the rumors, it was filled with incredible fortunate encounters, but most of the geniuses never returned after setting foot into it.

Jiang Bilan stood in front of the Dharma Ravine as her white hair danced elegantly in the wind.

I guess Im using these three Death Talismans for myself instead.

Jiang Bilan recalled the conversation from before and let out a sigh in her heart before shaking her head anxiously. For some reason, her intelligence did not work when it came to certain situations.

Forget it.

Jiang Bilan withdrew her thoughts and jumped into the Dharma Ravine.

Her life was not only to follow her feelings and assist the man who was dumb like a log, she had to live for herself too.

She had to give it a fight since her time was running out.

It was better to stay alive.

Who knew if he would feel sad or not if she died.