Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 967

Chapter 967 The Stunned Crowd
Chapter 967 The Stunned Crowd

The Peak Leaders, elders, and disciples were stunned.

A single disciple altering their destiny was incredible enough, and now there were three of them, who had all altered their bloodlines to fourth-grade Tian rank!

They all altered their destiny?

Gasp, I remembered they went to the same place. Did they alter their destiny together?

Holy crap, what kind of succession was that?

The crowd exclaimed as they collected their thoughts.

Hua Lie was not too surprised hearing the news, as if he already knew it, Hua Dichen, what do their achievements have to do with you?

The crowds gaze immediately switched to Hua Dichen.

That was right, why did Hua Dichen step forward?

Hua Dichen wore a smile as he spoke, I led the three Junior Brothers and Sister to the Raging Tide Mountain Range. Therefore, they only managed to alter their destiny with my help!


The crowd was shocked.

Following this, Hua Hai, Hua Feng, and Hua Jiaojiao blurted out at the same time, Peak Leaders and elders, we are willing to swear in the name of the Heavens and Earth that Senior Brother Hua Dichen was the main reason why we were able to alter our destinies successfully. If we lied, may we be struck by thunder and be trapped in the Beast Pool for the rest of our lives!

The Beast Pool was a place used to punish the beast tribe when they had committed anything serious. Even a peak Martial Progenitor beast would be tortured into a lunatic in the Beast Pool.


My Heavens!

Its all Senior Brother Hua Dichens contribution!

The Peak Leaders, elders, and disciples were astounded.

They all knew that helping other people to alter their destiny was harder than altering their own destinies, not to mention that Hua Dichen had helped three of them.

None of them doubted their words either, as they were willing to make such a cruel vow.

Hua Dichen scanned the crowd before he withdrew his smile and said, Although this gathering focuses on the improvements of each disciples ranking, I believe the sect is trying to motivate the disciples with the rewards! Ive tried my very best to let three Junior Brothers and Sister alter their destinies successfully, thus I believe the Dragon Emperor Clan will not let me down!

The words seemed quite reasonable.

The crowd realized that Hua Dichen was here to ask for his reward.

Hua Lie nodded with a stern expression, as if he were just and fair, Its true that youve contributed greatly, the Dragon Emperor Clan will not overlook it. Since many Peak Leaders are present here, Hua Dichen, feel free to tell us your request.

Although my strength is not considered the best in the Dragon Emperor Clan, Ive realized that Im more talented in being a leader. However, among the mountains of the Dragon Emperor Clan, the Human Peak somehow lacks talents despite the resources it has. Im willing to take up the role as the Human Peaks Peak Leader, to fully utilize its resources and help it grow!

Hua Dichens eyes flickered.

Many among the crowd came to a realization.

It seemed like Hua Dichen was aiming for the Human Peak all this time!

The entire Dragon Emperor Clan was well aware of the conflict between Hua Dichen and Qin Nan, not to mention that the Dao Origin Crystal was in the Human Peaks possession, causing its source of Qi to be comparable to the Battle Dragon Peak.

The Peak Leaders and the elders were jealous, but due to Qin Nans identity and the fact that he had altered his destiny, none of them had dared to bring it up. To their surprise, Hua Dichen had used the gathering to target Qin Nan!

The Peak Leaders and elders exclaimed in their hearts.

How cunning was this Hua Dichen, using his contribution and the help from Hua Lie to set his plot, leaving them with no choice but to accept his demand.

What do the Peak Leaders think? Hua Lie glanced at the others.

I agree!

Hua Dichens contribution should not be overlooked, and he does excel in guiding people. I believe hes worthy enough to be the Peak Leader of the Human Peak!

Thats right, hes the perfect candidate!

The Peak Leaders expressed their thoughts, supported by the crowd.

Some of them were on Hua Lies side, and a few sincerely thought Hua Dichen was a better candidate, although most of them had said so as they were jealous toward Qin Nan.

However, the Peak Leaders of the Battle Dragon Peak, Nine-Tailed Peak, and Qilin Peak remained silent.

Even though Hua Dichen is my son, we all know what he has done for the sect, thus I will support him too! Since more than half of the Peak Leaders have agreed, according to the rules of the Dragon Emperor Clan, Qin Nan will no longer be the Peak Leader of the Human Peak from tomorrow onward Hua Lie immediately declared the outcome to avoid any final changes.

Hua Dichen wore a charming smile as he scanned the crowd.

Even though he was not the strongest disciple, he could easily control the situation in his hands as he wished.

Qin Nan, Ill deal with you once Ive taken everything that youve left for the Human Peak! Hua Dichens eyes flickered coldly.

Based on his analysis, the Human Peak would surely possess remarkable treasure, hence why he had decided to take over it.

He could claim the treasure while dealing with Qin Nan at the same time.

Everything that had taken place today was merely an act. Although he had contributed slightly and had helped the three Junior Brothers and Sister to alter their destiny, it was nothing like he had described.

He had let them consume a rare magical beast known as the Nine-Lined Bug, which prevented them from being punished from going against their own vows.

Wait! A shout could be heard all of a sudden, who turned out to be the Mentoring Elder.

Mm? Hua Lie frowned, while the others immediately glanced in his direction.

What did the Mentoring Elder want now that the outcome has been decided?

Qin NanQin Nans rankingis out! The Mentoring Elders voice was trembling slightly.

Qin Nan had yet to return to the sect, thus he was in charge of contacting him to know his updated ranking.

Among the disciples, the eyes of Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, An Lin, Mu Mu, and the others flickered. Qin Nan was now considered the top inner disciple, thus most of them were not too convinced of his strength. They could not wait to learn how much Qin Nans ranking had improved!

What is it? Hua Lie wore a dark expression.

What was the point of telling us Qin Nans ranking now? It would not matter unless it has increased by more than five hundred.

This Mentoring Elder had been quite annoying lately. Perhaps it was time to relocate him.

Qin Nans ranking isThreeThree hundred and first! It has increased by more than seven hundred! The Mentoring Elder used all of his might to utter the words.

It felt like the world had frozen at that instant.