Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 972

Chapter 972 Breaking The Boulder
Chapter 972 Breaking the Boulder

Cui Lixu was shocked when he received the news, but he quickly collected his thoughts and brought the disciples along to the dojo, and realized that Qin Nan was indeed here!

He instantly became excited.

He had treated Qin Nan as his greatest foe since long ago, and although Qin Nan had recently had great achievements, his hatred toward him had remained the same. Wasnt it good news now that Qin Nan had shown himself instead?


At that instant, a rift suddenly appeared as an old man whose hair was dyed with a strange red color, a middle-aged woman with pitch-black eyes, and a middle-aged man carrying over ten ancient sabers stepped out from it while unleashing peak Martial Progenitor Realm auras.

The ten elders and Cui Lixu were startled, before they greeted.

Greetings, First Elder, Second Elder, and Third Elder!

Mm? The three great elders are here too?

This is getting interesting!

Qin Nan must have prepared himself for this. Theres no way he would randomly turn up at the Heaven-Saber Sect, right?

The eyes of the geniuses from the other sects flickered.

They did not expect Qin Nans arrival to gather such a great crowd.

So youre Qin Nan? Youre not welcomed by the Heaven-Saber Sect. Leave at once if you dont want to die! The First Elder snapped with an icy gaze.

Even though he would like to murder Qin Nan straight away, it was highly suspicious since he had dared to show up at their territory, thus he had no choice but to withhold his urge for now.

Qin Nan remained calm as he faced the elders and inner disciples.

Leave? First Elder has quite a great sense of humor, the opening of the Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain is a spectacular event, and every sect is allowed to send their representative to participate. Why am I being excluded now? Is it just because of the personal conflict between us? Isnt your Heaven-Saber Sect being too narrow-minded? The others would probably have a great laugh at you if they were told of what happened today!

The words were fired like a chain of bullets.