Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 974

Chapter 974 The Extraordinary Saber Monarch
Chapter 974 The Extraordinary Saber Monarch

It was the will of the Divine God of Battle and the Godly Exterminator!

There is no peace wherever I go, everything that displeases me will be turned into rivers of blood; death to those who oppose my will! Tang Qingshan stepped forward as a formidable force surged in his body, causing his eyes to become bloodshot, as if the Godly Exterminator had appeared.

The Godly Exterminator Scriptures were considered undefeatable against opponents of the same rank.

The will of the Godly Exterminator was utterly terrifying.

In Qin Nans heart, Tang Qingshan was his senior, but was also the only rival who had earned his approval among the people he knew.

The Divine Battle Spirit wages war against the Heavens and Earth, there is no one it does not fight, and no one it does not win against!

Qin Nans blood began to boil with excitement as his battle intent rose rapidly. The Divine Battle Trees in his body became restless, eager to show themselves so as to have an enjoyable battle!


Their surroundings were filled with countless explosions. Even Cui Lixu would be severely damaged by the clash of their wills if he were to stand in between them, an indication of how strong their wills were.

You are surely impressive. Forget it, if this continued, we might end up fighting each other! Tang Qingshan stared at Qin Nan for a moment before withdrawing his murderous intent.

HAHA, Im impressed by Senior Brothers murderous intent too. Qin Nan let out a pleasant laugh.

The place became calm again.

They clearly knew that both the will of the Divine God of Battle and the Godly Exterminator were utterly imperious, thus if a fight were to break out between them, it would be impossible to stop until the battle came to an end.

Therefore, it was enough for them to compete with their will.

Mm? Tang Qingshan took out his badge and checked it, before saying, Qin Nan, tonight the inner disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect, Wen Wu, who is ranked twenty-seventh on the Monarch Ranking, is inviting you to a gathering between saber artists.

Tang Qingshan continued after a brief pause, It will be quite interesting. You should make use of the chance to take a look at the others saber intent too.

A gathering? Qin Nans lips curled upward.

By the way, the Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain will be activated in three days. Hold onto my badge, it will give you access to all places in the Heaven-Saber Sect, except the two forbidden areas. It will stop people from troubling you too. I will be going into seclusion. Tang Qingshan put the black saber back into its sheath and threw a badge into Qin Nans hands before leaving the place.

How passionate is he toward cultivation? Forget it, at least Ive got some free time to spend Qin Nan shook his head and prepared to make his way to the gathering.

At that instant, a soft breeze could be felt.

Qin Nan was startled as the breeze sent a chill down his spine, prompting him to check his surroundings with his left eye.

Whos there? Qin Nan said in a low tone.

Oh, not bad kid, as expected of Tang Qingshans Junior Brother. As for who I am, I guess you can call me your Martial Uncle. A pleasant laugh could be heard as a middle-aged man appeared.

The middle-aged mans clothes were in a mess, while his long hair had reached his shoulder. His gaze was out of focus, as if he had just woken up from a nap.

However, through the left eye of the Divine God of Battle, Qin Nan could sense a terrifying saber intent hiding inside his body.

The mans cultivation had at least reached the peak Martial Progenitor Realm!

You Qin Nan was stunned. Could this person be Tang Qingshans Senior Brother, the Martial Monarch whom everyone had mentioned before?

You can call me Extraordinary Saber Monarch, or Martial Uncle. The Extraordinary Saber Monarch waved his hand as he sat down on the chair, before he grumbled, This Tang Qingshan dares to call himself the top inner disciple, such a wretched place. Sigh, forget it, that guy has no idea how to enjoy his life.

Is there any particular reason Senior has come to see me? Qin Nan brought his fists together in a humble manner.

He found it hard to believe that the Extraordinary Saber Monarch had come here just to have a random chat with him.

Err, I did have something in mind coming here. Tang Qingshan had mentioned that his Junior Brother would be here, thus he has asked me to look after you if anything happens. Therefore, Im quite curious to see who is willing to be that maniacs Junior Brother.

The Extraordinary Saber Monarch said in an indifferent tone, I have to say that Im quite impressed, slashing the Saber Kings Boulder in half, almost as good as I was in the past.

Im flattered. Qin Nan shook his head, but he noticed one thing.

Senior Tang Qingshan was unaware that this Extraordinary Saber Monarch had come to chat with him.

Youre a boring person too, arent you? Forget it, lets get down to business. You will help Tang Qingshan to retrieve two ancient sabers from the Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain. The Extraordinary Saber Monarch straightened his face as he spoke, Although the black saber that Tang Qingshan is using has its own intelligence, the material used to refine it is not so great, therefore it needs to be reforged. Otherwise, its impossible to unleash its full potential!

Two ancient sabers?

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization. The Extraordinary Saber Monarch was planning to use the ancient sabers to improve the black saber, sincejust like what he had mentionedthe black saber had been forged by Meng Jiangnu herself, thus the material used to forge it was not too outstanding.

Senior, forgive me for being blunt but, with Tang Qingshans cultivation and talent, he could easily retrieve two ancient sabers on his own Qin Nan frowned.

Youre not wrong, but I still think two sabers are too little. It would be more fun to refine it with four or five sabers, dont you think so? The eyes of the Extraordinary Saber Monarch glistened.

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

As he thought, the fact that this Extraordinary Saber Monarch had earned Tang Qingshans approval to be his Senior Brother meant that he was a maniac too.

The Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain had nine ancient sabers in total, and each of them possessed extraordinary power. However, after all these years, only one had been retrieved, indicating how difficult it would be to acquire them.

Despite that, this Extraordinary Saber Monarch was asking him to retrieve four of them.

Not a problem! Qin Nan accepted the request without hesitation. He had never hesitated to help his own Senior Brother.

Excellent! The Extraordinary Saber Monarch blurted out, But please dont let Tang Qingshan know, as he would come trouble me. Once youve finished the job, this Five Dragons Badge will be yours!

With a flip, a golden badge appeared in his hand.

Righteous Five Dragons Badge? Qin Nan was stunned.

Oh please, could you two be more knowledgeable? The Extraordinary Saber Monarch rolled his eyes, Have you heard of the auction held by the Righteous Sect? The auction will take place in ten days, and with this badge, you can pick five of the items for free!

What? Qin Nan was shocked.

The Righteous Sect was a Two-Starred Faction of the Middle Continent. On a side note, Ji Ye who had been slain by Qin Nan was one of its disciples. The faction was famous for the auctions and tradings it held.

The reason being that the Righteous Sect had always been neutral and just in their trading, thus the auctions always attracted the attention of cultivators.

The auction that the Extraordinary Saber Monarch mentioned was one of the three greatest auctions held by the Righteous Sect every year. Such a grand auction would definitely attract countless experts competing for the treasures being auctioned.

Qin Nan was interested in the auction when he had first heard about it, but he soon gave up as he was too poor to take part in it.

Sure. Thanks, senior! Qin Nan brought his fists together.

Tsk tsk, such confidence. The Extraordinary Saber Monarch exclaimed, Thats all I have to say. I will be excusing myself, as I have a date with my Junior Sister

Senior, hold on, Ive got a question to ask. Qin Nan blurted out.

Go on. The Extraordinary Saber Monarch waved his hand and said, Unless its my secrets, Im happy to tell you anything.

Senior, Im just curious, why did you become Tang Qingshans Senior Brother? Why are you helping him? Qin Nan had had the question since he arrived at the Heaven-Saber Sect.

Tang Qingshan was the successor of the Godly Exterminator, thus he would have killed quite a number of disciples after joining the Heaven-Saber Sect.

Why would the Extraordinary Saber Monarch still be willing to help him?

Oh, so thats what has been bothering you. The Extraordinary Saber Monarch wore a solemn expression. His eyes burned passionately as his monarch aura was unleashed, The Thousand Light Saber Monarch has been focusing on training potential Martial Monarchs, but my goal is to train potential Martial Gods! Tang Qingshan has that potential! As for why Im his Senior Brother, well, its because I have no right to be his master!

The Extraordinary Saber Monarch suddenly burst out laughing, Of course, I like his personality too.