Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 977

Chapter 977 Solid Like A Mountain
Chapter 977 Solid like a Mountain

Seeing the confused expressions on the crowds face, Cui Lixu concealed his sinister grin and smilingly said, The second part of the gathering is about using your saber intent to illustrate a poem or drawing, which will be commented on by the others.

The cultivators immediately came to a realization upon hearing this.

Currently on the Void Kun Boat, there were twenty-nine people including Wen Wu, each of whom was considered a genius in their respective faction, with the lowest ranked higher than seven hundred, thus their saber intent was expected to be quite powerful.

As Cui Lixu suggested, Qin Nan would be the first one to give his comments, which meant he would have to endure the impact caused by the saber intent of each cultivator.

Qin Nan possessed an outstanding cultivation indeed, but with this many people here, could he survive all of their attempts even if Senior Sister Wen Wu would not be taking part?

No way!

Usually, Senior Sister Wen Wu was in charge of judging their saber intent at this phase, as only her cultivation was strong enough to endure them all.


I agree with the suggestion.

Mm, Cultivator Cui is being reasonable. With Cultivator Qin Nans outstanding cultivation and incredible saber intent, he surely is worthy to be the judge.

The crowd expressed their thoughts.

Although Chen Buhuis words were reasonable, they still felt unpleasant as Qin Nan was unwilling to show them his saber, thus they immediately agreed with Cui Lixus suggestion.

Wen Wu nodded too whose eyes glanced at Qin Nan coldly, Its fine if youre not willing to show us your saber in the first round. Well proceed to the second round with Junior Brother Cuis suggestion. I assume that you arent afraid?

Chen Buhui shook his head while uttering a sigh.

The reason he had tried to help Qin Nan was because his Senior Brother Chen Zilai had reminded him to try his best to assist him instead of going against him. However, there was nothing else he could do since Cui Lixu had managed to convince the crowd to accept his suggestion.

Qin Nan glanced at Cui Lixu and Wen Wu before turning to the crowd, Since everyone has agreed, allow me to be the judge for the second round.

He clearly knew what Cui Lixu was planning, but with the Heaven-Shattering Saber and his left arm, and the fact that he had overcome the suppression of the Divine God of Battle, he could easily hold his ground even if all of them were to unleash their saber intent at the same time.

That being said, the main reason he did not disagree was to make use of the opportunity to observe the crowds saber intent, while learning a thing or two from their comprehension.

Dangers were sometimes opportunities, as everything was related to cultivation.

Great, I like your confidence! Wen Wu clapped and said, Bring out the writing papers.

The servants appeared once again from the cabin, each carrying a wooden tray that had various-sized white writing papers on them, emitting a magical glow and a pleasant appearance, indicating how valuable they were.

The crowds eyes flickered.

Senior Sister Wen Wu is treating this seriously; the Ancient Tone Tea, the Sweet-Aftertaste Wine and now the Iron Magical Paper, each of them is extremely valuable. I shall attempt it first with my bodhi saber. Before Cui Lixu and the others could speak, Chen Buhui picked up a paper and spread it in the air, before flinging his bodhi saber.

The tip of the saber emitted a bright glow as the illusionary figures of Buddha was summoned. The saber intent followed the movement of his hand, writing golden characters on the paper.

Please, have a look.

Chen Buhui put his bodhi saber aside and placed his palms together.

Impressive, the handwriting is smooth, and the presence of Buddhism is extraordinary. Cultivator Chen Buhui is definitely worthy to be called a master. Qin Nan smilingly said.

Chen Buhui uttered a chant of Amitabha before showing the paper to the crowd.

As Qin Nan finished his turn, it was the crowds turn to observe the saber intent.

Following a glimpse, most of the geniuses pondered, while Cui Lixu and his crew harrumphed coldly with an unpleasant look.

It was obvious that Chen Buhuis character was able to aid Qin Nan.

Humph, this bald monk is trying to protect you, but I wont let him get his way! Cultivator Qin Nan, have a look at mine! Lin Ci from the Fallen Demon Villa uttered a hollow laugh before stepping forward and flinging his demon saber wildly.

Buzz buzz buzz

The tip of the saber shuddered while producing a tone, which combined into a demonic melody that echoed in the surroundings. It felt like a peerless demon had appeared, colliding into Qin Nans figure, causing the aura protecting him to vanish into thin air.

Please share your thoughts about the demonic melody with us.

Lin Ci halted his movements.

The crowd nodded secretly. Both the character and the melody were extraordinary. Meanwhile, Cui Lixu wore a grin on his face. So what if Chen Buhui was trying to help you? Its all in vain.

The melody sounds fierce and menacing on the surface, trying to crush ones soul, but its full of weaknesses. What is a demon? Wild, rebellious, solidary, an outstanding character, but apart from murderous intent and evil thoughts, theres nothing your melody can offer. Qin Nan snapped as if he were firing a chain of bullets, Such a disappointment from a disciple of the Fallen Demon Villa.

Qin Nan was not a saint. Chen Buhui had tried to help him, thus he had decided not to pick on him, but there was no way he would show any mercy as Lin Ci was trying to harm him.

You! Lin Cis expression changed tremendously.

The eyes of the geniuses flickered as they began to ponder.

A very nice comment. Cultivator Qin Nan, I entirely agree with your words. Wen Wu suddenly spoke, causing Cui Lixu and the others to stare at her in bewilderment. They did not expect Wen Wu to speak on Qin Nans behalf.

Little did they know that, although Wen Wu hated the enemies of the Heaven-Saber Sect, she still followed her own principles. She had witnessed Qin Nans standard through his comment, thus she could not help but express her thoughts.

Wen Wu still treated Qin Nan as her enemy, but it would not stop her from admiring and approving his talents.

My turn! An inner disciple from Cui Lixus crew stepped forward. His Summer Autumn Saber unleashed a shocking intent as he began to draw an art, trying to trap Qin Nan inside the illusion he had set up.

To his surprise, Qin Nan remained unharmed as his left eye emitted a purple glow.

This is quite average, what do you understand about the summer and autumn? Summer represents fire, and passion, and youve got that part right, but what about the autumn? Autumn doesnt only represent the withering of living things, but the process of maturing and reaching the peak. You still cant master the essence!

Please comment on mine!

Your poem talks about love. Im not an expert in that field, but why is there such a strong intention of giving up? You have a powerful saber in your hand, but still, your heart wants to give up?

Qin Nan

Impressive, the arrival of winter, freezing everything it comes into contact with, but the chill is still not strong enough. I can easily melt the ice with fire, as they are not perfectly frozen!

While remaining unharmed, Qin Nan continuously pointed out the flaws of the poems, arts, melodies, etc. that the crowd presented to him with their saber intent.

He was like a giant mountain.

Standing firmly despite being struck with countless saber intents.