Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 983

Chapter 983 Im Very Disappointed In You
Chapter 983 Im Very Disappointed in You


The surrounding flames became wild before transforming into more than a hundred fiery dragons, soaring into the air and tearing at Qin Nan. Even a peak Martial Progenitor Realm expert would have trouble surviving the situation.

Such a terrifying defensive mechanism? Could it be that the five flowers are more precious than I thought?

The thought crossed Qin Nans mind as he immediately executed the first form of the Divine God of Battle to boost his battle intent. His left eye emitted a purple glow as his figure moved rapidly with the Unstoppable Step, while raising his left arm.


Qin Nan swiftly dodged the attacks while blocking several bites of the fiery dragons with his left arm, while using the impact to move in his desired direction. In the blink of an eye, he had reached the other side, allowing him to retrieve the five flowers with a grab.


The fiery dragons seemed to be infuriated, charging in Qin Nans direction with a ferocious might while uttering shocking roars, as if they were going to bring utter destruction upon the place.

Fully unleash!

At the last moment, Qin Nan briefly considered before he unleashed the nine Martial Trees without hesitation. His right arm transformed into the Heaven-Shattering Saber as the Divine Battle Spirit emerged from his back, allowing him to enter his strongest state as he executed a slash.

Both sides collided in an astounding manner.

The rest of the impact slammed into Qin Nans left arm like a surge, knocking him into the air.

Although his strength was outstanding, it was still outmatched by the combined strength of the fiery dragons.

Damn it, how do I leave this place now? Qin Nan suddenly realized something.

He had been dragged there by the mysterious force of the mountain. How was he going to leave now that he had offended the force itself?

At that instant, the giant boulder suddenly emitted a glow, which covered Qin Nans figure.


Before Qin Nan could finish his sentence, he was teleported away.

The fiery dragons uttered unsatisfied roars while scratching the boulder furiously, but it remained perfectly unharmed.

However, while the crowd was still astounded by the outcome of the trial, no one was aware that each of the sabers sticking into the ground on the mountain shuddered softly. Their glow was significantly dimmer, but for some reason, they felt more alive than before.


As Qin Nan returned to the second cloud layer, the noise of the crowd filled his ears.

He had only been gone for several breaths time, while most of the disciples were either focused on the peak of the mountain or trying to awaken the sabers in the remaining time. As a result, no one knew that Qin Nan had disappeared all of a sudden.

That was such a close call. If it werent for the boulder, I cant imagine what would happen to me. Well, at least I retrieved something Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh.

Judging from the reaction of the fiery dragons, the value of the five flowers completely outmatched that of an ancient saber. Although he would not be able to get the Five Dragons Badge from the Extraordinary Saber Monarch, he was satisfied as long as he was able to help Senior Brother Tang Qingshan to improve his black saber.


Meanwhile, at the peak of the mountain, Tang Qingshans eyes sprang open as his hair danced wildly. Despite his aging appearance, his aura was formidable. He reached out his hand and pulled the two ancient sabers out from the ground.

Wen Wu made her move too. The ancient saber in front of her showed no sign of resistance.

Dao Qianzhong also pulled two ancient sabers out from the ground!

Five ancient sabers were acquired!

Both Tang Qingshan and Dao Qianzhong and retrieved two ancient sabers each!

HAHAHA, who would have thought that our disciples would be able to retrieve five ancient sabers this time. Well done, Dao Qianzhong, Tang Qingshan, and Wen Wu, great effort! Elders, its time for the disciples to leave the Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain! The Thousand Light Saber Monarchs voice echoed in the sky above the mountain.


Is that it?

No way, I still havent retrieved a single saber!

A few grumbling voices could be heard, which were soon devoured by the movement of the crowd as the elders swiftly organized the cultivators to return to the dojo.

They were instructed to leave the mountain in the same way as before.

Mm, Qin Nan, you Tang Qingshans eyes flickered with astonishment as he recalled something.

Senior, Im sorry, Im not fated enough with the ancient sabers. Qin Nan shook his head.

Why are you apologizing to me? Its fine. Tang Qingshan let out a smile, Ive got two, if youre interested, I can give you one of them.

Qin Nan immediately rejected the offer.

Meanwhile, the elders and disciples finally collected their thoughts. Some of them landed their gaze on Qin Nans figure.

Mm, it seems like Qin Nan didnt manage to retrieve the ancient sabers!

I remember now, he didnt even get any of the sabers!

HAHA, how remarkable, this Qin Nan has been troubling our Heaven-Saber Sect for a long time, and he still plans to take our ancient sabers?

Humph, it seems like theres nothing special about his saber intent!

Good to know, such a great day for our Heaven-Saber Sect!

Some of the elders were overjoyed after knowing Qin Nans result, thus they immediately mocked him.

The same went for the disciples.

In contrast, Wen Wu, Chen Buhui, and a few others were dumbfounded. They had witnessed Qin Nans saber intent with their eyes, thus the outcome completely surprised them.

Tang Qingshans gaze sharpened as a terrifying murderous intent arose in his body.

No one was allowed to mock his Junior Brother!

Not even the people of his sect!

Senior, its fine, forget it. Qin Nan immediately stopped him.

Tang Qingshan took a deep breath, before his murderous intent was calmed after a brief moment.

Today is a great day for our Heaven-Saber Sect. Dao Qianzhong, Tang Qingshan, and Wen Wu, follow me! Elders, every disciple who has acquired three sabers or more shall be rewarded. The Thousand Light Saber Monarch declared in a thunderous voice, We shall celebrate with a feast!

The entire dojo became lively.

The crowd lost their interest in Qin Nan.

Following this, Dao Qianzhong, Tang Qingshan, and Wen Wu went with the Thousand Light Saber Monarch, while the elders were busy giving out the rewards and organizing the feast.

The disciples carried out their allocated tasks.

Qin Nan rejected Chen Buhuis invitation before he returned to Tang Qingshans palace.

He had absolutely no interest in the feast.

Ill give the flowers to Senior Brother Tang Qingshan when he comes back, and its time for me to leave the Heaven-Saber Sect too. Qin Nan pondered before opening the All-Knowing Scroll to check the latest news. After all, it would be pointless for him to go to the Righteous Sect without the Five Dragons Badge.


At that instant, a figure appeared in front of Qin Nan, who turned out to be the Extraordinary Saber Monarch.

Senior, I Qin Nan immediately rose up.

Qin Nan. The Extraordinary Saber Monarch stared at Qin Nan before letting out a sigh, Im reallydisappointed in you.