Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 984

Chapter 984 The Astounded Saber Monarch
Chapter 984 The Astounded Saber Monarch

Although the Extraordinary Saber Monarch was amiable and rarely felt disappointed about anything, he actually felt troubled this time.

The reason being that Qin Nans ranking on the Monarch Ranking had recently improved by over seven hundred, while Tang Qingshan had surprisingly complimented his talents, proven by the fact that he had managed to shatter the Saber Kings Boulder. Besides, the Extraordinary Saber Monarch had had a great first impression of him, thus he sincerely believed that Qin Nan would be able to claim two of the ancient sabers.

As such, he had spent the last few days and a great effort collecting the required ingredients for the upgrade of Tang Qingshans saber. To his surprise, Qin Nan had failed, and hadnt managed to get a single ancient saber.

Forget it, I cant really blame you. Maybe I was expecting too much from you. The Extraordinary Saber Monarch shook his head. After all, Qin Nan did not owe him a favor, nor did he owe Tang Qingshan a favor.

Senior, Im sorry. I guess Im not fated enough with the ancient sabers. Qin Nan said with a hint of apology before continuing as a thought crossed his mind, Senior, here is something I found at the Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain, it might be useful for you.

He took out a flower.

Anything else apart from the ancient sabers wont be any help, leave it for yourself. Well, I should get going The Extraordinary Saber Monarch had prepared to leave without looking at the bunch. However, his side glance caught a glimpse of the flower, causing his eyes to widen as his figure stiffened on the spot.

Is this the Stone Dao Flower? Where did you find it Does this mean you went inside the Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain?

The Extraordinary Saber Monarchs eyes flickered with astonishment.

In the entire Heaven-Saber Sect, only he and the Thousand Light Saber Monarch knew the real treasure of the Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain, which was kept inside the mountain. They both had tried to observe the mysterious boulder in the burning region of the mountain, but a mysterious force had expelled them in less than five breaths time.

Since then, the Extraordinary Saber Monarch and the Thousand Light Saber Monarch had been hoping that some of the disciples could somehow enter the place, but after countless failures, they entirely gave up on the idea.

Although the Extraordinary Saber Monarch desired the five Stone Dao Flowers on the boulder and was curious about the secrets the boulder held, there was nothing he could do.

However, Qin Nan had managed to enter the place and had retrieved a stalk of the Stone Dao Flower?

How was that possible?

Countless doubts popped up in the Extraordinary Saber Monarchs mind.

Senior, is this Stone Dao Flower useful? Qin Nan knew how valuable the flower was after seeing the Extraordinary Saber Monarchs reaction, but he had no idea if it could help to improve Tang Qingshans saber.

Of course! Its extremely useful! The Extraordinary Saber Monarch collected his thoughts, throwing all his doubts behind his mind as he exclaimed with excitement, You have no idea, this Stone Dao Flower is incredibly rare, almost extinct in the Middle Continent. Its perfect for improving the quality of the black saber! There is a saying, One stalk an ancient saber, two stalks a saber spirit, and three stalks a saber soul!

Such a pity, we only have one stalk here. If we had three stalks, we could easily refine a terrifying saber soul for the black saber! Well, we shouldnt be too greedy. One stalk is better than nothing!

The Extraordinary Saber Monarchs gaze toward Qin Nan was completely different.

This was even though they had no idea about the significance of the burning region and the boulder, and why Qin Nan was able to enter it. However, Qin Nan had done something that most disciples and even the two Saber Monarchs had been unable to do!

This was enough to prove how extraordinary he was!

Three stalks to refine a saber soul? Qin Nan was startled, before he blurted out, Senior, I have more than one stalk.

More than one? The Extraordinary Saber Monarch was shocked.

Could it be that Qin Nan had three of them?

Qin Nan waved his hand, causing the remaining four Stone Dao Flower stalks to float in the air.

Holy crap!

The Extraordinary Saber Monarch was flabbergasted seeing this, unable to believe his own eyes.

Had Qin Nan retrieved all five Stone Dao Flowers from the boulder?

What was going on?

Why wasnt he kicked out by the mysterious force?

Senior, its quite strange, I tried every method, but the eight ancient sabers did not approve of me and tried to attack me. I then tried to communicate with the mountain, and ended up being dragged into it, allowing me to retrieve the five Stone Dao Flowers. Qin Nan could somehow read the Extraordinary Saber Monarchs mind from his expression, thus he immediately explained.

At the same time, he uttered a relieved sigh in his heart.

After all, he had promised the Extraordinary Saber Monarch, thus if he had failed to help him or Tang Qingshan, he would feel guilty.

The Stone Dao Flower was more useful than he had thought, thus it was definitely what he had hoped for.

Five stalks, five Stone Dao Flowers, how incredible is the saber going to be The Extraordinary Saber Monarch received the five flowers as some crazy thoughts began to surface in his mind.

Each of them was absolutely ridiculous, nothing that he had imagined before.

Even four ancient sabers and rare materials were not enough to meet the requirements, but it was no longer the case with the Stone Dao Flowers!

For example, he could merge the saber intent of the Sect-Protecting Godly Saber into the black saber!

Cough cough. After being aware of his misbehavior, the Extraordinary Saber Monarch uttered a cough and glanced at Qin Nan with a smile, Kid, Ive misunderstood you. I hope you dont mind. You have helped me a great deal, I will not let it be in vain.

Saying this, he flicked his finger, causing the Five Dragons Badge to land in Qin Nans hand.

With the badge, Qin Nan would be able to pick any five of the items being auctioned without paying any Monarch Crystals!

The Extraordinary Saber Monarch said with a stern expression when he saw Qin Nan trying to say something, Lets be honest, the Five Dragons Badge is nowhere close to the value of five Stone Dao Flowers. So please take this talisman as well.

The Extraordinary Saber Monarch threw a talisman to Qin Nan. The talisman did not have any patterns, apart from a figure of the Extraordinary Saber Monarch himself with his hands on his back. A faint monarch aura could be felt from it.

This Qin Nans eyes widened.

Hehe, kid, I spent a great effort to make this. It can only be used once, but normally, the talisman alone is enough to shock many people in the Middle Continent, including the Martial Monarchs of several factionsplease use it wisely. Mm, I wont be staying any longer, see you! The Extraordinary Saber Monarch impatiently summoned the rift and disappeared into it.