Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 986

Chapter 986 The Yellow Spring Shop
Chapter 986 The Yellow Spring Shop

Sima Kong managed to find a good inn in the end, which was protected by powerful forbidden auras, etc. It even had a garden with a fountain, decorated with rare natural materials, giving it a great presence of Qi.

Qin Nan stood on the balcony glancing at the Righteous Ancient City. He roughly estimated it to be thirty-eight thousand long and twenty-four thousand-zhang wide. It consisted of seventy-three streets, which somehow formed a powerful formation.

The auction starts in three days. We should have enough time to go have a look around, maybe we will find some incredible stuff Sima Kong took out a bunch of strange logs before playing around with them, causing them to emit a glow. It seemed like he was trying to make something.

Qin Nan nodded without interrupting him. He sat with his legs crossed and began to comprehend the Art of Destruction.

Time gradually passed. The lively Righteous Ancient City slowly became quiet, before falling dead silent at midnight. Every cultivator followed the rule and returned to their inn.

Mm, its coming. Sima Kong stretched as he spoke.

Qin Nans eyes sprang open. A tremendous purple glow was emitted from his left eye.

A chilly wind began blowing, as several ghostly figures with red eyes and white fangs ventured through the streets. Following this, countless shadowy figures with murderous auras appeared too.

It was as if the ancient city had become the netherworld.

Are these all from the Yellow Spring? Qin Nans eyes flickered with doubts as he saw the glow from the palaces chasing the demons away.

What was the Righteous Sect planning to do?

Soon, Qin Nan saw figures covered in golden glows flying out from the center of the Righteous Ancient City, executing Monarch Arts as they fought against the ghastly figures.

In addition to that, some of them were encapsulated by a demonic aura as well.

These were the disciples of the Righteous Sect.

I see, the disciples of the Righteous Sect either practice a righteous art or a demonic art, thus the sect specifically uses the Yellow Spring to train their disciples. Impressive, very impressive. Qin Nans eyes glittered.

The person who had established the Righteous Sect had somehow connected the Righteous Ancient City with the Yellow Spring.

As Qin Nan speculated, the Righteous Sect would usually open the portal to the Yellow Spring on special occasions like the opening of the Gates of Diyu, etc., allowing their disciples to train themselves.

However, Qin Nan also realized something.

It turned out that the one who had established the Righteous Sect had a greater purpose in connecting the Righteous Ancient City with the Yellow Spring. Although Qin Nan was interested in finding the truth, he did not have the time to investigate further.

What is the Yellow Spring Shop you mentioned before?

Qin Nan, I believe you know that the Righteous Sect normally holds three grand auctions every year. However, after each of the auctions come to an end, there will be a private gathering on the same day called the Yellow Spring Shop, giving the cultivators a chance to exchange their items.

Sima Kongs eyes glistened, In this gathering, no matter if you have robbed a treasure from other factions, or stole someones belongings, you can easily trade them there, without exposing your identity

Although Sima Kong did not explain it very clearly, it was enough for Qin Nan to understand. Frankly speaking, it was a place where everyone could trade the stuff they obtained illegally without using their real identity.

After all, it was difficult for them to trade the stuff away without taking any risks.

What does that have anything to do with the Five Dragons Badge? Qin Nan frowned.

Obviously, even though no one would know who you are, do you think a bunch of Martial Monarch Realm experts would bother listening to a mere Martial Progenitor?

Sima Kong snapped as he recalled something, Last time, I managed to sneak into a Yellow Spring Shop and ended up bumping into eight peak Martial Progenitors, two half-Martial Monarchs, and a Martial Monarch!

If he had not responded quickly enough, he would have found himself in great trouble.

I see. Qin Nan nodded. It appeared that he had come to the Righteous Ancient City at the right time. Both the auction and the Yellow Spring Shop was quite interesting.

That being said, it was hard to say if he would find something useful to him.

Qin Nan spent the rest of the time cultivating. As the sun rose on the second day, the Righteous Sect at the center of the city emitted a blinding glow, which was brighter than the sun, with a hint of righteousness.

Many cultivators immediately headed to their balcony and cultivated under the glow.

Qin Nan tried to cultivate under the light too, which allowed him to gain a better understanding of the definition of righteousness.

Two days were gone in the blink of an eye.

Sima Kong spent most of his time roaming the streets, and bought a bunch of cheap but extraordinary treasure.

As for Qin Nan, he focused on learning the Monarch Art.

On the third day, he had finally mastered the fourth-layer of the Art of Destruction.

Only two steps away from perfection. Qin Nan murmured.

Qin Nan, lets go. The auction is starting soon. Sima Kong urged.

Qin Nan nodded as he followed Sima Kong to the venue of the auction.

A moment later, the street became spacious as a huge dojo came into view. On it floated a six hundred zhang long palace, connected to the ground by a crystal staircase.

The ancient dojo was completely crowded with cultivators holding their invitation in their hand.

Did you know? I heard there are ten Monarch Weapons being auctioned this time!

Who cares? The ancient Monarch Weapons are the highlights!

I did hear that there is a rare artifact capable of altering ones destiny being auctioned. It seems like a few factions are here just for it!

Im not sure if any Martial Monarchs will be attending the auction?

Following the discussion, Qin Nan and Sima Kong lined up at the back of the crowd.

They did not need an invitation as they had the Five Dragons Badge.

However, at that instant

A loud yell could be heard.

Make way, move out of the way!

A great presence could be felt coming from behind.

The crowd was startled, who turned around and saw three young men with proud expressions approach the dojo, followed by more than ten experts walking beside them, like stars cupping around the moon.