Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 988

Chapter 988 The Merciless Silk
Chapter 988 The Merciless Silk

As the authorities were immersed in great shock, an old silver-haired man appeared on the stage.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe everyone knows the rules of the auction, so I wont waste any time explaining it. The silver-haired old man smilingly said, Lets move on to the first item.

The words immediately grabbed the crowds attention.

Qin Nan and Sima Kong shifted their focus too.

A female disciple of the Righteous Sect slowly went up to the stage carrying a box and placed it on the platform. She then took out a unique copper key and opened the box.


A powerful Buddha glow swept the area with a faint Buddhist tone.

Inside the box lay a golden orb with figures of Buddha on its surface.

This was found at the Lu Ling Mountain Range, the Buddha Relic formed with the ashes of a peak Martial Progenitor Realm who had passed away while cultivating. The silver-haired old man said, Once refined, it is able to alter ones destiny to a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit! The starting price is two hundred thousand Monarch Crystals!

Three hundred thousand!

Four hundred thousand!

Ill bid five hundred thousand!

The atmosphere of the auction instantly exploded.

No one expected to see such a rare item at the start of the auction.

Sima Kong stared at the relic with his eyes open wide while swallowing his saliva, who had a strong urge to dive toward the treasure.

Qin Nan transmitted his voice upon seeing his reaction, Be patient, well strike when the real deal is presented.

Although the relic was extremely valuable, it was not worthy enough to use a chance from the Five Dragons Badge on it.

I know, I know, cant I even look at it? Sima Kong blurted out with grievance.

Qin Nan shrugged and ignored him.

In the end, the relic was won by the Barefoot Monk from the Bodhi Temple with a bid of three million Monarch Crystals, leaving many with a gloomy expression.

The auction continued.

The following items were rare too, but were nothing compared to the relic. None of the people in the sixth-floor had spoken since the first item.

Qin Nan shook his head and observed the people at the venue. He was stunned as he saw a few figures.

They turned out to be Mu Mu, Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, An Lin, and a few other inner disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan.

I didnt expect to see them here too.

Qin Nan glanced at Mu Mus icy face from the side before shifting his attention.

After over thirty items were auctioned, the silver-haired old man on the stage suddenly burst out laughing, The next item is nothing ordinary, known as Merciless Silk. Its said that the silk is able to take away all the emotions of the target it binds onto. I believe everyone is aware of its value. Starting at fifty thousand Monarch Crystals!

A case was now placed on the platform with a white silk lying inside, emitting a merciless aura.

Sixty thousand Monarch Crystals!

Sixty-five thousand Monarch Crystals!


As the cultivators began to raise their bids, Mu Mu who had been silent throughout the auction said all of a sudden, One hundred and fifty thousand Monarch Crystals!

The words took the crowd by surprise, who all shook their head with a wry smile.

The Merciless Silk was precious, but it was not worth the bid at all.

One hundred and fifty thousand once, one hundred and fifty thousand twice The silver-haired old man raised his tone, and just before he concluded, a voice was heard, HAHA, not bad, Ill bid two hundred thousand Monarch Crystals!

The sound was from one of the rooms on the sixth-floor.

Two hundred and fifty thousand! Mu Mu said with an expressionless face.

Ill bid three hundred thousand. The voice continued, Lady, its meaningless for us to compete any further. How about this, I feel like fate has brought us together; if youre willing to come to my room, Ill give you the Merciless Silk as a gift.

The voice then added, Im Huo Wulong.

What? Huo Wulong, its him?

Hes one of the three Martial Monarchs sons. His father is the Martial Monarch, Huo Ling!

Tsk tsk, no wonder hes willing to give out three hundred thousand Monarch Crystals just for a woman hes interested in!

The crowd gasped.

Mu Mus expression remained cold, Im sorry, not interested. Three hundred and fifty thousand.

As the disciple of the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, she was there specifically for the Merciless Silk, thus she had brought enough Monarch Crystals with her.

Even though the bid had completely exceeded her expectations.

Oh, such a temper, but I like it. Seven hundred thousand! Huo Wulong continued to raise the bid, causing the cultivators to take deep breaths.

Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, and the others wore dark expressions. It was clear that this Huo Wulong was picking on Mu Mu.

Seven hundred and ten thousand! Mu Mu clenched her fists tightly.

One million! Huo Wulong said calmly, I like your style, but you should probably stop, as you will never beat me.

Huo Wulong, enough with your act!

Ao Dongfang snapped furiously.

One million Monarch Crystals were enough to purchase eight Merciless Silk. It was clear that Huo Wulong was trying to force Mu Mu to accept his offer.

The other cultivators shook their heads.

Sima Kong chuckled, Arent these guys from the Dragon Emperor Clan

Qin Nan remained silent.


Huo Wulong said in a cold tone, The Huo Clan does have some conflict with your Dragon Emperor Clan. So what if Im bullying you today? The Dragon Emperor Clan is trash to begin with, if youre not convinced, then show us your Monarch Crystals!

The words were uttered with an imperious aura.

Huo Wulong was initially stunned by Mu Mus beauty, but since she failed to appreciate his kindness, there was no need for him to waste any further time.

Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, An Lin, and the others were infuriated.

Mu Mus eyes flickered with anger.


There was nothing they could do.

Even with them all combined, they were unable to bid more than a million Monarch Crystals.

Qin Nan squinted as flames of anger arose in his chest.

The Dragon Emperor Clan was trash to begin with?

Bullying the people of the Dragon Emperor Clan?

Then I shall see what you have up your sleeves in return!

Qin Nan spoke in a cold tone, It seems like Cultivator Huo has a strong financial support. If thats the case, I shall have some fun with you. I dont really have many Monarch Crystals, so Ill bid ten million as a start.

Ten million Monarch Crystals?

The cultivators could feel their hearts shuddering, unable to believe their ears.

The bid had been increased by ten times at once, which was enough to purchase three of the Buddha Relics sold in the first round, but he was only bidding for a Merciless Silk!

The authorities on the sixth floor were stunned.

What is happening? Huo Wulong and the other two young men were shocked.

They did not expect their action of bullying the Dragon Emperor Clan would annoy the VIP in the seventh floor!