Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 998

Chapter 998 Geniuses Assemble
Chapter 998 – Geniuses Assemble

Hua Lie uttered a cold harrumph as he reached out his hand and clenched it into a claw, shattering the saber glow with his ferocious might.

“HAHA, First Elder Hua Lie, it’s been a long time.” Following great laughter, the First Elder of the Heaven-Saber Sect, Dao Qianzhong, two core disciples, and two inner disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect approached them.

The First Elder’s gaze flickered when he saw Qin Nan, before he shifted his attention.

“I trust you’ve been well.” Hua Lie flicked his sleeves with a cold look.

Song Dong and the others wore stern expressions. They did not expect the Heaven-Saber Sect to send Dao Qianzhong here, who was currently ranked ninth on the Monarch Ranking.

Qin Nan’s left eye flickered.

It had only been a while since he had returned from the Heaven-Saber Sect, but it seemed like Dao Qianzhong’s cultivation had risen to a new level.

“Does your Dragon Emperor Clan only have Hua Dichen? Where are Ao Cangtian and the rest? It will be quite boring if they aren’t here.” Dao Qianzhong said to Hua Dichen with an expressionless face.

Obviously, he did not treat Hua Dichen as a worthy opponent.

“Seniors Brothers are currently in seclusion, so they can’t make it. However, we do have someone that you might be interested in.” Hua Dichen glanced at Qin Nan and said with a smile, “I believe you have heard of Qin Nan’s name? His ranking has recently improved by over seven hundred.”

Dao Qianzhong turned around and left without looking at Qin Nan.

The four disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect chuckled before leaving with Dao Qianzhong.

Qin Nan?

So what if his rank had increased by over seven hundred, it was still under three hundred.

He couldn’t even retrieve an ancient saber from the Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain, thus indicating how ordinary his talent was.

Qin Nan wore a calm face.

How could he not know what Hua Dichen was thinking? Even the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast had specifically requested him, thus every time Hua Dichen tried to do his little trick, Qin Nan would count it in his heart.

He would let him pay when they arrived at the Half-God Tomb!

“Let’s go.” Hua Lie led the way. Hua Dichen followed behind after glancing at Qin Nan with a smile.

A strange ocean appeared in their sights.

Its water had a faint golden color, with giant beasts roaming on its surface, their faces filled with smiles, as if everything was perfect at the Worriless Ocean.

“The Half-God Tomb is located deep inside the Worriless Ocean. Even Martial Monarch Realm experts would not dare to venture too deep, thus several factions have invested in a Worriless Boat, which will bring you all deep into the ocean…”

Hua Lie explained.

A while later, a huge boat appeared on the surface of the ocean, which was covered in a faint purple glow. The terrifying aura of the ship felt like there was an ancient beast sleeping inside it.

The Void Kun Boat he saw before was nothing compared to this Worriless Boat.

Qin Nan inspected the boat with his left eye. Apart from the Heaven-Saber Sect, the core disciples of Two-Starred Factions including the Wind Thunder Pagoda, the Fire Lunar Sect, the Blue City Hill, the Thousand Bird Sect, the Flying Star Cliff, etc. had arrived on the boat.

“The core disciples of these factions are strong indeed.”

Qin Nan murmured.

From his observation, each of the core disciples was ranked in the top one hundred on the Monarch Ranking. Even the weakest among them possessed a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit and an eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm cultivation. Five of them with fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits had achieved the peak Martial Progenitor Realm.

In other words, although Qin Nan’s current strength and reputation were enough to attract some attention at the Nine Sabers Ancient Mountain, it was nothing significant among the disciples on the boat.

“The Dragon Emperor Clan is here.”

“It seems like Hua Dichen’s cultivation has improved once again.”

An uproar took place as Hua Lie and his crew arrived on the boat. The crowd’s attention was immediately attracted, who were astounded when they saw Qin Nan among them.

Obviously, they did not expect the Dragon Emperor Clan to send a core disciple with such a weak cultivation.

Despite that, they soon shifted their focus.

“Brother Lin…”

Hua Dichen smilingly approached the geniuses from the other factions and greeted them, showing his outstanding networking skills.

Qin Nan was happy to see him minding his own business. He found himself a corner and observed everyone.

A while later, the Dark Feather Palace, Frosty Valley, Wuji Alliance, etc. also arrived, causing the atmosphere to become livelier.

“This core disciple of the Dark Feather Palace is something special. It seems like he’s hiding a powerful Beast Spirit inside his body, which must be his trump card.

“The people of the Frosty Valley have mastered the Absolute Freeze?

“This person should not be underestimated.”

Qin Nan exclaimed in his heart as he scanned the crowd.

As a matter of fact, it was his first time meeting the geniuses high up on the Monarch Ranking.

To Qin Nan’s disappointment, it turned out that Gong Yang, Yu Luosha, and the others were not there.

“Mm? It seems like a few other factions are not here.” Qin Nan suddenly realized something.

The factions of the Middle Continent were classified into two stars and three stars. However, even the Two-Starred Factions could be differentiated in terms of their strength.

Currently, the Dragon Emperor Clan, Bodhi Temple, Misty Immortal Sect, Heaven-Saber Sect, Chaos Sect, Heartless Sect, Sword Sect, and Fallen Demon Villa were considered the powerhouses among the Two-Starred Factions, as each of them had a peak Martial Monarch Realm expert.

“The Chaos Sect is here!”

“That’s the Heartless Sect!”

“And the people from the Fallen Demon Villa, Sword Sect, and Bodhi Temple!”

“Ugh, the geniuses of these five factions have arrived at the same time. Is it just a coincidence?”

The cultivators on the boat immediately gathered their focus.

As did Qin Nan.

In the sky, the ones leading in front were six monks holding their palms together while emitting a faint glow. Chen Buhui, whom Qin Nan had met before, was among them too.

Following them was the Chaos Sect, led by a genius with a bare chest and a face filled with scars. A menacing look could be seen from his eyes.

The leader of the Heartless Sect was a woman with a bald head, who also held her palms together. However, instead of a glow, her body was emitting a peaceful aura.

The core disciples from the Fallen Demon Villa and the Sword Sect were relatively weaker. The strongest among them was only ranked somewhere in the fifties on the Monarch Ranking.

Their strength was too weak when compared to Dao Qianzhong, Hua Dichen, and the others.

The atmosphere on the boat instantly intensified.

There were now more than eighty geniuses on the boat, which consisted of most of the geniuses in the top one hundred on the Monarch Ranking.

It could easily be considered a gathering of the top geniuses on the Monarch Ranking.

“Brother Qin, you’re here too.”

Chen Buhui was slightly started when he saw Qin Nan, who immediately went up to him.

“Everyone, it’s pretty rare for everyone to be here at the same time. Do you mind listening to me for a moment?” Hua Dichen spoke with a friendly smile.

Qin Nan immediately frowned.