Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 999

Chapter 999 A Surprising Arrival
Chapter 999 – A Surprising Arrival

The crowd directed their gaze toward Hua Dichen.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to be here today. On behalf of the chief, I’m asking everyone to go easy on my Junior Brother, Qin Nan.”

Hua Dichen faced Qin Nan and smilingly said, “I believe everyone knows that his ranking has increased by over seven hundred recently, even I’m no match against his talent.”

“It was quite shocking indeed.”

“But he’s only ranked over three hundred on the Monarch Ranking now, right?”

The geniuses frowned slightly. They cast a glimpse at Qin Nan and swiftly withdrew it.

None of them had any interest in him.

In their eyes, the sudden rise of his ranking was none of their business, as the strength he possessed was more important. Right now, Qin Nan’s strength was not enough to attract their attention.

Hua Dichen’s eyes flickered and was about to continue his speech.

It was only the beginning, as he would be getting to his main point soon.

In the meantime, a terrifying aura approached the boat from the distance, causing the crowd to raise their heads.

Following a glimpse, the elders and geniuses—including Dao Qianzhong—were startled.

They could see a young man leading five disciples of the Misty Immortal Sect.

The young man was none other than the first-ranked genius on the Monarch Ranking, Shi Qingfan!

“HAHA, Dao Qianzhong, Hua Dichen, you two are here too.” Shi Qingfan’s gaze scanned the crowd as he landed on the boat, which halted slightly on Qin Nan’s figure.

Dao Qianzhong and Hua Dichen’s expressions stiffened. Even though Shi Qingfan did not unleash his aura on purpose, they could feel their strength being suppressed by his presence.

“Cultivator Shi Qingfan, could it be…that you’re interested in the Half-God Tomb as well?” The elder of the Bodhi Temple could not help but ask.

The geniuses held their breaths.

No matter how firm their Marital Hearts were or how experienced they were, they clearly knew how terrifying Shi Qingfan’s strength was.

They had no chance of competing against him if he was interested in the Half-God Tomb too!

“I won’t be going.” Shi Qingfan pointed at the woman behind him and said with a smile, “I’m escorting my Junior Sister Yu Qingtong here. I hope everyone will go easy on her in the Half-God Tomb for my sake.”

Yu Qingtong?

The crowd was startled, before they glanced at the woman standing behind Shi Qingfan.

As a woman, she was quite tall, her black hair reaching her waist while her eyes were glamorous. Her attractive face was filled with pride, which was further highlighted by her disdainful gaze toward the crowd.

“She only has a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the seventh-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. Among the geniuses here, she can’t even be considered to be in the top fifty…”

Qin Nan inspected her and wore an astounded look.

Her talent was not enough for Shi Qingfan to escort her here in person. Could it be that she was his companion?

In addition to him, many among the crowd had the same thought too, as they had never heard of the name Yu Qingtong before.

“Alright, I’ll be leaving first.”

Shi Qingfan brought his fists together. Before he left, he transmitted his voice to Yu Qingtong, “The black-haired young man in front of you is Qin Nan. Try your best to be on his side. Whatever you do, don’t be his enemy.”

“Qin Nan?”

Yu Qingtong was stunned.

She had heard Qin Nan’s name before. Why was he so concerned about a guy who was only ranked three hundred and first on the Monarch Ranking?

“Cultivator Qin Nan, until next time.”

Shi Qingfan transmitted his voice to Qin Nan before his figure disappeared.

The crowd uttered relieved sighs. Some of them immediately walked up to greet Yu Qingtong.

There must be something special about the person whom Shi Qingfan had escorted himself!

Yu Qingtong was like a proud swan. The arrogant look on her face grew thicker as the geniuses fawned upon her.

As for Hua Dichen, due to Shi Qingfan’s sudden interruption, he had lost his chance to speak.

“This Yu Qingtong, my Senior Brother once told me that she’s very close to Shi Qingfan, but he didn’t really say why.” Chen Buhui whispered to Qin Nan.

“Your Senior Brother is Chen Zilai?” Qin Nan glimpsed at him.


Qin Nan wore a smile. He now understood why Chen Buhui would side with him out of nowhere.

“Brother Qin Nan, forgive me for being forward, but is it possible for us to cooperate in the Half-God Tomb?” Chen Buhui’s eyes flickered, “To be honest, many geniuses here are stronger than me, perhaps…”

Chen Buhui fell silent at that instant.

“Not a problem, come and find me later.” Qin Nan nodded.

He had a good impression of Chen Buhui, thus he did not mind working together with him.

“Thank you, Brother Qin!” Chen Buhui’s face was filled with a hint of joy. His Senior Brother always mentioned Qin Nan in front of him, thus he believed he was making the right choice to side with him as well.

He would have a higher chance of obtaining some benefits in the Half-God Tomb after partnering with Qin Nan.


Qin Nan suddenly raised his head and looked into the ocean.

Meanwhile, Hua Lie and the elders of various factions announced, “Everyone, the Half-God Tomb is about to be opened. We’ll be heading into the ocean now!”

Hua Lie exchanged glances with the other elders. Seeing the nods from each other, they each took out an ancient badge and uttered a roar as they inserted their force into it.

The badges began to vibrate simultaneously, which emitted an ancient glow that encapsulated the entire Worriless Boat.

The spirit deep inside the Worriless Boat was awakened too, which uttered a deep groan as it commanded the ship to dive into the ocean.

“The scenery here is quite astonishing.”

“HAHA, Brother Zhang, don’t forget that this is the Worriless Ocean. With our cultivation, we would be shattered instantly if we were to dive into the water.”

The crowd’s attention was attracted by the scenery around them.

The ocean was illuminated in a magical manner, with beasts of various shapes roaming back and forth, resulting in a beautiful sight. Even Qin Nan nodded in agreement.

“You’re Qin Nan, right? Shi Qingfan asked me to befriend you. It’s my first time seeing him so interested with someone ranked under three hundredth.” Yu Qingtong suddenly remembered Shi Qingfan’s advice and transmitted her voice to Qin Nan.

“I’m flattered by Cultivator Shi.” Qin Nan let out a calm smile.

Yu Qingdong frowned seeing Qin Nan’s calm reaction. She suddenly felt unpleasant for some reason, causing her to harrumph coldly and turn around, ending the conversation.

Qin Nan was left speechless. Did I say anything wrong, why was she so angry all of a sudden?

Time gradually passed.

Half the period it took an incense stick to burn later, the Worriless Boat had arrived at the bottom of the ocean, surrounded by darkness. It was impossible to see anything farther away even with eye-techniques.

“Everyone, be prepared, we’re almost there.” Hua Lie reminded.

The geniuses immediately fell silent.

However, a strange occurrence took place.


A shocking explosion took place, followed by which a huge boat like a giant dragon sprang forward at a shocking pace, overtaking the Worriless Boat in the blink of an eye.