Perfect Match Secret Marriage Chapter 148

Chapter 148: She Didn't Confirm Nor Deny

Lu AnLing sat in the room alone for a while. Then, when the door suddenly opened, she ended up laying eyes on a familiar figure.

It was Kang Liang.

The man was smiling brightly and he walked with a spring in his step until he arrived right in front of her.

"You won't regret your decision." Kang Liang said proudly.

Hearing this and looking at the way the man was smiling, Lu AnLing smelled trouble in her imminent future.

Kang Liang: "You're my brother's girl, after all, I'll help you in any way you need."

She was his brother's girl, but to keep up with her previous actions, Lu AnLing said, "Your brother's girl?" With a frown.

She didn't confirm nor deny anything.

Seeing this, Kang Liang smiled. He didn't say or do something else but in his head he said,

'Yes, you're my brother's girl. My future sister-in-law! If you aren't yet, you will be.'

Looking at the strange man, Lu AnLing sighed and then she asked, "So why are you here?"

Kang Liang sat down and then he leaned forward. "Just keeping you company until they bring you your contract. Also, I wanted to congratulate you on your prosperous future."

Lu AnLing's eyebrow arched. "How do you know it'll be prosperous?"

To this, Kang Liang gave a hearty laugh. "With your voice, I'm sure you'll do amazing!"

'Plus with the backing that my brother will provide you, there is no way that you won't succeed.' Kang Liang said in his mind.

Hearing his words, Lu AnLing internally said, 'I can not only sing but write songs and play instruments too.'

She wasn't planning on telling him that though.

Right after he said that a woman came into the room and placed a contract in front of Lu AnLing.

The woman was shocked to see Kang Liang in the room, so she looked between the two people in shock.

"There's nothing between us, she's like a sister to me," Kang Liang said before he reached for the woman's hand. "But there could be something between us if you just give me a chance?"

The young woman blushed but then she shook her head and proclaimed that she had a boyfriend.

Kang Liang: "What a shame... but I should have known that someone as pretty of yourself was taken."

There was a feverish look in the young woman's eyes that made it seem like she wanted to take off all of her clothes and have Kang Liang take her right then and there but she didn't dare.

Seeing the woman's reaction caused Kang Liang to smile. He took her hand and kissed it gently. "I guess this is goodbye."

The girl whispered goodbye to him as he walked to the door

Watching Kang Liang shamelessly flirt in from of her, made Lu AnLing feel like a lightbulb but she also almost puked up blood.

"Goodbye Miss Lu," Kang Liang said to Lu AnLing before he left.

Completely tired by what she had seen, Lu AnLing gave a slight wave.

She just wanted him to leave.

When he left, the young woman gained her composure and the two women spoke of the contract and its terms.

Reading over it, Lu AnLing could see that it was too good to be true. Her contract was one that gave her complete control and freedom.

This was either the work of Kang Jun or Kang Liang but at the moment she couldn't guess which one.

As Lu AnLing signed her contract with Halo Stars Entertainment, meanwhile, Qiao Lan was at the Qiao Mansion.

Ever since Qiao Jianhong had gone into a coma, Qiao Lan brought it upon herself to take care of all the man's affairs, including his business and house.

At the Qiao home, the woman sat in the dining room with her legs crossed as she sipped some tea in a manner in which showed that she truly was the only heir of the Qiao's.

The maids and butlers did their work but they occasionally looked towards Qiao Lan who didn't lift her head or a finger to acknowledge their existence.

They expected this of her but it was a bit annoying that she treated them like air.

The room was stagnant for a while until Rong Yue Wan walked into the room. Seeing her, many of the maids and butlers left the room in a hurry. It was a habit they had gotten from Qiao Jianhong.

When he spoke to Rong Yue Wan it was usually business related and he didn't want the help to listen in, and so, everyone who worked in the Qiao mansion respected that.

Once they were all gone, Rong Yue Wan took a seat opposite of Qiao Lan.

"So?" Qiao Lan said as she continued to drink her tea.

She barely even moved to look at Rong Yue Wan.

Rong Yue Wan: "The girl is nothing special, she's just an adopted orphan. She will never be able to compare to you, even if she marries Kang Liang."

This elated Qiao Lan but the woman still had something worries. She liked being the only Young Mistress Kang and she didn't want to share that with anyone, even if they were lesser than her.

On the other hand, Rong Yue Wan was a bit nervous. She had met Lu AnLing before. When she had seen the girl at the Starlight Event she had this inkling, though she brushed it off almost immediately because she had met many people in her field.

She couldn't care less who the girl was but there was something that bothered her...

Someone had been blocking her intel sources.

Kang Liang, maybe?

Impossible he was not that talented or well connected enough to do such a thing.

So Rong Yue Wan wasn't sure who, but this annoyed Rong Yue Wan to no end. She has never failed at getting what she wanted in terms of information. This was something new to her.

Though in her case, not only one person was blocking Rong Yue Wan, so no wonder she wasn't able to find information. Kang Jun had instructed Mr.Long and Chong Feng to block Lu AnLing's information from any wandering eyes and as long as the man did this, no one would be able to see anything that Kang Jun didn't want them to see.

Qiao Lan: "If you can, try to find out more about the girl. Any information you get could be critical in the long run."

Rong Yue Wan nodded obediently and then she made her way to the door,

"Hey, Yue Wan," Qiao Lan called. She waited until Rong Yue Wan turned to her before she spoke again. "I heard that Kang Mu And Mo Ruyi have been interviewing candidates for Kang Jun's next bride, did they call for you?"

Rong Yue Wan shook her head, "I've been so busy lately, I think they know this, so they aren't contacting me."

Hearing the hope in Rong Yue Wan's voice, Qiao Lan internally sighed.

Qiao Lan: "I heard that they're close to choosing a new bride. There are only two candidates left. One is the daughter of the second daughter of the Feng's. You remember her right?"

Qiao Lan was taunting Rong Yue Wan but at the same time, she was trying to see if the girl would go and fight for her chance to be by Kang Jun's side.

Hearing Qiao Lan's words, Rong Yue Wan's face paled.

"Is Old Mistress Kang involved in this?" Rong Yue Wan reluctantly asked.

Qiao Lan shook her head. "I think that Kang Mu And Mo Ruyi are trying to gain her favor though. Kang Jun was previously engaged to the eldest of that family and how they chose to have the second daughter as a candidate..."

After hearing the first sentence, Rong Yue Wan became stuck in her own mind. She no longer listened to anyone, she just left the room, walked all the way to her car and then called someone.

"Grandfather Kang, I have something to ask you..."