Perfect Match Secret Marriage Chapter 248

Chapter 248: He Said You Were Rude

After their discussion, Manager Hong left Mo Sheng and Lu AnLing to their own devices and the two decided to just stay in the meeting room to talk.

As soon as they were sure that Manager Hong was not coming back, Lu AnLing and Mo Sheng turned to stare into each other's eyes.

Looking at Mo Sheng, Lu AnLing frowned, "I can't believe your dad is Mo Yichen! You jerk, why didn't you tell me?"

Mo Sheng frowned, "I already told you my dads names, did you forget?"

Lu AnLing frowned. "You did not..."

Looking at her with his eyebrows raised Mo Sheng put his elbows on the table and pursed his lips.

"Bro, yeah I did! Remember when you came to my house for the first time? That one time you were teaching me English and French? My mom was home... You know, that day when she tried to find out if I had a girlfriend..." As he was saying this, Mo Sheng frowned. His mother was always nosy, mostly when it came to having relationships but Mo Sheng understood her to some extent.

Mo Sheng had never had any girlfriends in his life despite being asked out and chased around by many. It was just something he wasn't interested in and this worried his mom. When the woman had first met Lu AnLing, she had asked if Lu AnLing was her son's girlfriend, but she was sorely disappointed by Lu AnLing's answer.

Pursing her lips, Lu AnLing tried to remember the moment Mo Sheng was trying to make her remember but it took her time to recall it. Remembering Mo Sheng's mother's soft voice, Lu AnLing's eyes opened wide and her mouth turned into and 'o' but Mo Sheng continued to speak.

Laughing a bit, Mo Sheng scratched the tip of his nose.

"You know what's funny... that day I remember my uncle came home and I told you a bit about him, and you said it would be awkward meeting my whole family, especially my 'scary uncle' so I found a way to sneak you out the back entrance, before my mom called me down to welcome him!"

Lu AnLing looked at Mo Sheng with wide eyes. "Wait... by your uncle... was it..."

Mo Sheng laughed dryly. "Yep. Your one and only husband."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing put her head in her hands. "Fuck... that's true. I bumped into your dad when I was leaving but since I was feeling embarrassed that I was sneaking away I didn't even look at him in the face when he introduced himself! Now that I think about it... he told me he was the president of Halo Stars... why is my memory a piece of crap?"

"Well, I get why you wouldn't remember. Halo Stars wasn't even that big back then... This was 10 years ago. I also remember how you were obsessed with Tang Entertainment but you would never go to their auditions or enter their competitions..." Mo Sheng tried his best to make Lu AnLing feel a bit better but then, he suddenly laughed. "When you left my dad said you were rude, though. Thank god he doesn't remember you now!"

"Shut up! I was embarrassed. I just wanted to leave." Lu AnLing put her head in her hands and then she looked up to Mo Sheng and glared. "It's your fault, to begin with, if you were having a family gathering, we could have studied in the library like we usually did!"

Mo Sheng shrugged. "I didn't expect my uncle to come so early."

Thinking for a second, Mo Sheng cocked his head. "Speaking of my uncle... how did you guys... happen?"

Lu AnLing told Mo Sheng her love story, carefully omitting much of the courting and sex. Lu AnLing didn't think Mo Sheng would want to hear this but as she spoke, Mo Sheng frowned.

"Bro, your life isn't a fairy tale, where's the adventure, and the sexual tension?" Mo Sheng was fairly interested romance.

Lu AnLing blushed a bit. "Why would you want to hear about that? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

He hadn't seen Lu AnLing so happy talking about something for a long time. Though he had noticed that ever since he had seen her again, the girl had been happier, and he guessed that he had Kang Jun to thank for this.

Even at the party, seeing the way Kang Jun looked at Lu AnLing, Mo Sheng was glad. There would be no more heartache for his best friend. She could finally be happy.

Mo Sheng: "Quit acting like a virgin. We're both adults here, I know that sex happens between couples and just because I haven't had any experience in it yet, doesn't mean I don't know that this happens naturally!"

After saying this, Mo Sheng pouted slightly. "You never tell me anything anymore..."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing hit him on the arm. "How about this, I'll tell you everything. But we both need to go pick out some cool outfits for the performance so let's talk as we do that."

Mo Sheng nodded.

After this, they both made their way to the car. Downstairs they found a taxi waiting for them, inside, the driver was Rong Xin.

Seeing Rong Xin's familiar face, Mo Sheng frowned. He leaned on the seat, close to Rong Xin's shoulder.

"I didn't know you were a taxi driver?" Mo Sheng said, his breath tickling Rong Xin's neck.

Rong Xin shivered slightly. "I'm not."

Hearing this, Mo Sheng frowned even more. "You're obviously driving a taxi so, that makes you a taxi driver, does it not?"

Rong Xin saw no fault with Mo Sheng's logic but still, he frowned and repeated. "I'm not a taxi driver."

Mo Sheng was going to reply but then he felt Lu AnLing's hand on his shoulder.

Lu AnLing: "Rong Xin is my bodyguard."

"Courtesy of Kang Jun I suppose?" Mo Sheng said with a laugh.

To this, Lu AnLing giggled. "Of course."

After she said this, Mo Sheng made himself comfortable in the seat. He then turned his full attention to Lu AnLing who told him the whole story of Kang Jun and her relationship.

Lu AnLing was unrestrained. She told Mo Sheng every single thing she could remember.

"So, your daughter is Kang Mei Xue?... No wonder we couldn't find anything when searching for your child." Mo Sheng touched his chin curiously. "So, do you know who kidnapped them? If it wasn't Elder Kang, maybe it's Old Madame Kang?"

Lu AnLing shook her head, "The old bag thinks that Kang Jun slept with a 'whore' and she believes that the woman who gave birth to Mei Xue is dead."

"This doesn't make any sense... who is behind the rumors of your death? Who took Mingyu away from Anna and Mei Xue away from you?"

Lu AnLing shrugged and then she looked out the window with both sadness and anger, filling her eyes. "No idea but if you ever come up with any theories, I'm always willing to hear them."

Mo Sheng: "I'll dig a bit. Though I'm sure my uncle will solve this quickly."

"Uncle?" Rong Xin raised his eyebrows.

Hearing this, both Lu AnLing and Mo Sheng said,

"Kang Jun is his/my uncle!"

As his eyes swept over Mo Sheng from the rearview mirror, Rong Xin's face became blank as he said, "Oh..."

The look on Rong Xin's face was so priceless that Lu AnLing began to laugh. Meanwhile, due to Rong Xin's gaze, Mo Sheng felt his face heat up but he covered it up by forcing himself to think of something else.

Suddenly, Mo Sheng frowned, "Wait... doesn't this mean that Mei Xue is my literal, biological cousin?"

"I seriously thought you'd be more freaked out that your best friend was your auntie but to each's own I guess." Lu AnLing laughed.

Lu AnLing's laugh was so pure and happy that Mo Sheng couldn't help but laugh himself.