Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Kill Her Shes Hurting Our Eyes
Chapter 193: Kill her! She's hurting our eyes!
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On stage.

Queen: Mirror, mirror, who's the fairest of them all?

Mirror: Queen, you're beautiful... But I see a young lady whose tattered clothes aren't able to conceal her beauty--she's the fairest of them all.

Queen: That's impossible! Nobody can be prettier than me! Who is she?

Mirror: She, with lips as red as roses, hair as black as coal and skin as fair as snow, she is... Snow White!

At this moment, the props and background on the stage turned gloomy as Ye Wanwan appeared on stage.

She had a messy wig on and wore a tattered skirt. She walked barefoot on the floor and the thick makeup applied on her face made her look scarier than a witch.

"Hahahaha Is this really Snow White?!"

"This is absolutely one of the ugliest Snow Whites in history! No wonder the hosts said there's a twist; they're really creative!"

"How is this creative? This is totally because the ugly freak didn't want to let go of the role of Snow White so everybody had no choice but to change the script!"


When Snow White appeared, the school leaders sitting in the front row were taken aback as well. It was only after they heard the narrator explain that in order to protect Snow White, her mother forced her to doll up this way from childhood that they started nodding, so that's the reason why.

During the chance encounter between the prince and the ugly princess, the prince was moved by the princess' kindness and fell deeply in love with her, despite her atrocious look.

The performers thought about it long and hard and finally came up with a proper ending which was not bad. The teachers and leaders looked very satisfied and kept singing praises.

The moment the hunter appeared on stage, the audience started roaring "Kill her quickly!", "Kill her, she's hurting our eyes" and "Let the prince and queen be together happily!"

As for the moment Snow White was poisoned by the witch with a poison apple, everyone in the audience cheered.

Judging by the audience's reaction, the play was... totally recreated...

Finally, the highly-anticipated prince appeared.

Watching their dream boy in a dashing prince costume walking slowly towards the crystal coffin, all the girls in the audience looked as if their mothers passed away, their faces filled with horror and heartache.

The hunk had sacrificed so much for this performance!

Ye Wanwan had nearly fallen asleep in the crystal coffin when she heard a pair of footstep. Then she woke herself up and steeled herself to prevent any accidents from occurring.

If this guy came over and suddenly kissed her for real, she'd definitely be torn apart by the girls in school.

She could feel the breaths of Si Xia getting closer and closer and closer...

"Do you know how many girls want to be kissed by me?" after some time, he murmured these words in her ear and then, the breaths finally went away.

After being attacked continuously by her ultimate move, this brat behaved much better but was still out of place in the end.

Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief and quickly acted as if she was awoken by the kiss, completing the act.

Thank god this performance was finally over.

And up until the last scene, Snow White still hadn't revealed her real face.

"I thought Snow White would reveal her real face to scare the audience!" one of the school leaders laughed.

The few teachers who knew what happened tried to smooth things over awkwardly, "Hahaha, that would be a clich, wouldn't it! This way please, we've booked a hotel!"