Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Danger As Predicted
Chapter 411: Danger as predicted
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At the same time in Imperial City, Si family's old residence:

Old madam Si was sipping tea in the living room.

Qin Ruo Xi and another board member of the company came rushing over.

"Both of you, why are you here at this hour?" The old madam furrowed her brows and looked somewhat worn down as she asked.

She wasn't sure why, but she had felt uneasy the entire day.

Now that Qin Ruo Xi and a senior from the company appeared at this hour, a bad feeling arose instantly.

Qin Ruo Xi glanced at the board member next to her; the board member looked like he was in a difficult position and had a hard time finding his words. Then he turned to Qin Ruo Xi and said, "Miss Ruo Xi, why don't you do the talking?!"

Qin Ruo Xi hesitated for a moment and considered her words carefully before finally speaking up: "Grandma, I have something I need to discuss with you, but when you hear it... please remain calm and don't get too agitated..."

When the old madam heard that, she frowned. "What is it? Is it that serious?"

"Yes..." Qin Ruo Xi took a deep breath. "It's Ah-Jiu, something happened to him..."

The old madam's face changed instantly as she probed impatiently, "Little 9th? What happened to Little 9th?"

Qin Ruo Xi replied in a grave voice, "Ah-Jiu and the others were surrounded by an unknown force in country B. Xu Yi issued a signal for help and we immediately organized a rescue party, but we didn't expect that the unknown force was so powerful - they had the entire country B under their power and our people couldn't figure out their specific position at all. Xu Yi's network was also cut off, so he wasn't able to communicate with us. We've completely... lost all communications from that end..."

On Si Ye Han's side, they'd lost all contact with them; their whereabouts were unknown and their survival was uncertain. Although they were worried the old madam couldn't handle it, they didn't dare to keep such critical news from her.

The moment Qin Ruo Xi's words landed, the old madam stood up suddenly but she only managed to get up halfway before she fainted from the shock.


"Old madam!"

The old madam fainted suddenly, causing the living room to enter into chaos.

Qin Ruo Xi got the housekeeper to fetch the doctor while she massaged the old madam's temples.

The old madam awoke after some time and she immediately grabbed Qin Ruo Xi's clothes, agitated. "You... what did you say?! Ruo Xi, what did you just say? Ah-Jiu and the others were abducted?"

"That seems to be the case at the moment..." Qin Ruo Xi's expression was solemn. There were shadows under her eyes; it was obvious that she hadn't slept well.

The old madam's face turned gloomy. "What kind of people are they and how dare they lay hands on the Si family!"

"They're an organization called Murderous Blood Gang and the Si family didn't have any disputes with them at all. I'm guessing they were hired by someone," Qin Ruo Xi replied.

Hearing these three words, "Murderous Blood Gang," the old madam's face turned pale instantly. She had definitely heard rumors about that organization.

What kind of people, what kind of deep hatred must they have...? They actually hired such vicious villains to attack the Si family...

At first, she wondered whether their objective was to obtain those expensive pieces of equipment or to disrupt important negotiations.

Now it seemed like... this wasn't a robbery at all. They were obviously forcing Little 9th to his death!

At this moment, the old madam suddenly recalled what Xin Yu said to her before - she told her that before they left, Wanwan kept pestering Little 9th and tried to stop Little 9th from leaving. She even said she dreamed that he would be in danger.

At that time, she just assumed that the little brat was willful and insensible, trying to find excuses to keep her boyfriend at home...

Who knew Ah-Jiu would really encounter danger...