Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 753

Chapter 753: Never Woke Up Later
Chapter 753: Never woke up later
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The moment the shop assistant said that a robust and prosperous man dressed in a golden silk buttoned mandarin jacket smiled and walked in with two walnuts in his hand.

"Oh boss Hou, what happened? Why are you fuming?"

Xue Li's expression changed when he saw that person. "Sh*t! It's Huang Shi Xin!"

The three experts panicked as well. "What's Huang Shi Xin doing here?! We already made it clear that the Si family wants this batch of goods!"

"Do you still need to ask? He must've gotten the news!"

"So soon?"

"What do you think, huh?! There are so many people eyeing this batch of goods - who would give up? But this woman is amazing - she actually pushed it away..."

"Oh no, this Huang Shi Xin isn't an easy person to deal with! I'm afraid our goods are gone this time!"


The shop assistant glared at Ye Wanwan and the others before he smiled widely and welcomed Huang Shi Xin warmly. "Boss Huang! What brings you here? Quick, come in!"

Huang Shi Xin put on a regretful expression and said, "Ay, I heard boss Hou would be signing the contract with Si Corporation Jewelry today, but I still couldn't let myself give up just like that, so I came over to ask boss Hou if you had any other goods? It's fine even if they are of a slightly lower grade!"

Hou Mao Feng immediately sneered when he heard that - he was obviously still hopping mad.

Huang Shi Xin was elated when he saw Hou Mao Feng's expression. Seems like the intel was right!

The shop assistant glanced disapprovingly at Ye Wanwan and the others and said, "Ha, boss Huang, don't talk about it. We were about to collect payment when someone backed out and didn't want the goods anymore!"

"Oh, that actually happened, huh! Don't they know the quality of this batch of goods? Boss Hou actually spent a lot of effort to secure these raw stones from the auction; that stone from Hui Ka already has a small window open and it's a glass type! There's a chance it might be an emerald green imperial jade!" Huang Shi Xin exclaimed.

Hou Mao Feng turned to Ye Wanwan and the others and said plainly, "At first, Miss Qin Ruo Xi was supposed to be here, but this ignorant flower vase came instead to discuss business with me and she wasn't willing to buy my goods, eh! I heard rumors the master of the Si family was so intelligent and marvelous - so much for that, huh!"

No matter what these people were saying about her, Ye Wanwan didn't care at all. She sipped her tea casually and appeared to be waiting for something. Only when she heard this comment did her eyes turn colder.

Huang Shi Xin turned and sized Ye Wanwan up. "I heard the master of the Si family has a stunning beauty by his side. He didn't hesitate to oppose all the elders in the family and was so obsessed with the woman that he ruined his health... so it's true..."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

They're so gossipy even in the business world, huh?

Obsessed with the woman that he ruined his health? In order to take care of Si Ye Han's health, after being reborn, I've never woken up later than him aside from that one time, alright?!

Hearing all these nasty comments, Xue Li walked to Ye Wanwan and reminded her sternly, "Miss Ye, this person is the rival of Si Corporation Jewelry. This is boss Huang Shi Xin of Fortune Hall. Previously, he kept trying to snatch this batch of goods away from us and director Qin had to make plans months before she was able to settle things with boss Hou. If you insist on not signing this agreement, you better think of the consequences!"

Ye Wanwan waved her fair and slender fingers and her eyes swept across Huang Shi Xin and Hou Mao Feng as she scoffed coldly, "Consequences? From what I see, this batch of goods just looks nice on the outside. There's nothing great inside - one might even lose a fortune from buying these."