Princess Against The World Chapter 7230

Chapter 7230: Enchantment 20

"Actually, it is not difficult to explain!" Gu Lan slowly stared, staring into her eyes: "Miss Ling, are you afraid that you have already seen the clues?"

Reminiscing about what happened just now, he concluded again.

"You... have known for a long time that the state of the emperor is wrong because of Mo Xuanchen!!"

"I'm not a god, how can I know earlier?"


"It's just a guess!"

Gu Lan: "..."

enough! !

Just guessing is enough.

Because what they thought in their hearts, they completely guessed one thing.

"It seems that both of us underestimated Mo Xuanchen's strength. That guy... is much more advanced than I thought!"

"That's natural!" Ling Luoyu took the voice very proudly, completely ignoring Gu Lan's sour eyes: "That's my husband!! The man I picked, how could it be worse!!"

Mo Xuanchen, that is a man that people cannot guess.

An existence that is extremely jealous of even the God Lord!

A confidant worry that the **** master has tried so hard to get rid of! !

Such a man is her husband, how can his beloved be unhappy? !

Gu Lan couldn't stand her sour taste: "If this is the case, we can completely change the style of play... The Emperor is jealous of him, we can use it!"

"What are you doing?" Ling Luoyu immediately looked at him vigilantly: "My man, I didn't use it for you!"

"Can I take advantage of him? What is his scheming? Let's not talk about it for the time being. Just like you... I can't deal with it alone. If I can't deal with it, I am the one who suffers the most. You are still worried about me. Using him, I am worried that you two will work together to calculate me..."


These words, Gu Lan was really heartfelt.

If I said before, he didn't care about which of these two people.

But now it's different!

After this observation, he completely discovered that once this pair of men and women join forces, it is an absolute strong combination, and the effect is completely greater than one plus one equals two! !

The explosive power they showed far exceeded his imagination.

To be honest, even if he is a teammate with such a person, he is very worried.

Because once the two of them turn back, if they want to harm him, he is afraid that he won't even have a chance to backhand.

Therefore, now, he must quickly adjust his combat strategy, otherwise he must be the one who suffers.

The phrase "the enemy of the enemy is a friend", he must now use it absolutely.

"However, I can trust the two of you, so I am now willing to cooperate with you with absolute sincerity!"

Before he finished speaking, Ling Luoyu's eyes were rolled: "Mr. Gu, I have listened to your words countless times in the past few days. It seems that every time is true, but next time, I will definitely jump out and let me Unexpected result!"

"That's because there are too many unexpected events. How can I be sure which one is useful? I can't tell you all the stories I know, right?"

Gu Lan answered very frankly, and was not at all embarrassed because of the lie.

"So, I only know when something happens, there is still a bit of misunderstanding between us!"