Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Spirit Raising Pill
Chapter 100 Spirit Raising Pill

One had to know that the cultivational standards of South Yue and its surrounding countries was not that high. Even a long standing martial family like the Bai Family only possessed two Yellow Level Upper Grade profound skills!

In an instant, everyone was stirred to great agitation.

As Shopkeeper Sun was introducing on the stage, there were already several guests who were itching to bid.

Just the words left his mouth, someone had already placed the first bid.

Twelve thousand silvers!

Fifteen thousand silvers!

Sixteen thousand silvers!

Thirty thousand!

Rapidly, the price of the scroll soared up. Reaching the thirty thousand threshold.

On the third floor, Huang Yue Li shook her head in response to the fiery reactions of the crown below.

The resources of South Yue were just too appaling. It was only a Yellow Level profound skill and could still cause such a clamour. One should know that the cultivation technique she had imparted to Cai Wei were Black Level Upper Grade.

Furthermore, cultivation manuals were a hundred times more valuable than profound skills!

While the man had not so much glanced at the auctioned. All his attention was focused on the little fox. Watching her shake her head, a soft smile formed.

The frenzy continued on for a bit, with the final price settling down at fifty thousand silvers.

This price did not exceed Huang Yue Lis expectations as this profound skills paralysing effect was quite good. But it only allowed metal attributed people to cultivate, severely cutting its value.

Those participating in this round are all families who possess metal attributed talents. This determined that the price would not go too high.

However, with the first product already sold at fifty thousand silvers, in the history of this Thousand Treasure Pavilion this was a first.

This indicated that the remaining portion of the auction will be exciting!

As predicted, the items taken out began more and more precious. While the prices also rose to more stunning degrees and the moods of the guests below became more and more fervent.

Under the expectedly gazes of the guests, Shopkeeper Sun pulled off another silk cloth from the silver tray.

This time, a small porcelain bottle stood in the centre of the tray. It was about half the size of a palm, nothing too outstanding.

But the guests below the stage were once again aroused.

The reason being that only cultivational pills were stored in these porcelain bottles. This ensured that the medicinal properties of the pills would not be lost or dissipate. Unfortunately the manufacturing costs of these type of bottle were too high, and only precious pills would be normally in such bottles.

Following, Shopkeeper Suns beaming smiling unravelled the mystery.

Esteemed guests, stored within this little bottle are Second Level Middle Grade PillsSpirit Raising Pills!

Spirit Raising Pills! Its actually Spirit Raising Pills!

It is said that the ingredients needed in producing these Spirit Raising Pills are very hard to find. The pill formation rate is also very low, so it would already be very good for ordinary Second Tiered Alchemists to refine one or two pills from ten tries!

Listening to the discussions below the stage, Shopkeeper Sun stroked his beard beaming.That is correct. Esteemed guests you are people who can recognise a products value. Towards cultivators, the Spirit Raising Pill is a rare and valuable item. For practitioners at the Qi Profound Realm, they would directly be able to increase their cultivations by one to three levels. Even ordinary people who are unable to cultivate, if you take ten or more of these pills, you will also be able to step into the ranks of martial practitioners.

Pausing momentarily, he continued: But the most important part of the Spirit Raising Pills are their ability to allow Qi Profound Ninth Level practitioners to breakthrough to the Defensive Profound Realm. It is well known that Defensive Profound Realm is the first bottleneck for any practitioner. A great majority of cultivators are unable to pass this wall, stopping forever at the ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm. Countless of cultivational talents, because of this bottleneck, wasted great amounts of time and their own potential.

Now, if you are able to obtain this bottle of Spirit Raising Pills, that problem will no longer be a problem!