Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001 Li Xueers Downfall 3

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“I’ll do it, let me be the one to do the testing! This set are all ladies’ accessories so Master Tang, you’d definitely be too shy to put it on!”

Tang Jinhua had not even had the time to stop her when Ning Xiao had already made a grab at it and put it on.

She finally came to understand that this Miss Bai was a real Armament refining genius and in front of her, she who was also called a “talent” was just not enough to match up!

To be able to help such an Armament Master who had long surpassed her to test her products was a kind of glory among the Armament Masters.

As reciprocation, the party whom was being tested would normally give some guidance to the party who had helped to test.

This was exactly the reason why when Tang Jinhua asked for testers, a huge crowd of people rushed up to grab this opportunity!

Ning Xiao had grabbed the first time and wasn’t willing to give up the second chance. To be able to gain some pointers from a genius like Huang Yueli, this opportunity didn’t came by too often so of course she would need to monopolize it!

Ning Xiao put on that set of Profound Artifact and unsurprisingly, she received a pile of praises!

These accessories were refined even more exquisitely than that pair of wrist guards and even Sky Cloud City’s best Jadeware stores were not able to come out with this kind of design.

Ning Xiao exercised her wrists and was just about to strike.

“Wait a minute, Master, Master Ning!”

Li Xue’er chose the exact moment as she clenched her teeth and stood up from her seat, shouting out, stopping the testing.


Everyone were surprised and Tang Jinhua frowned.

Initially Li Xue’er was rather nervous but since she had already opened her mouth, she might as well set her heart straight and rushed to the front of the stage with quick steps as she shouted loudly, “Master, I want to make a report!”


“Yes, I want to make a report! Earlier Bai Ruoli had cheated in the second round of assessment!”

“Cheated??” Tang Jinhua’s eyes widened, totally unable to believe what she said, “You… Xue’er, you said Miss Bai cheated? Could you have mistaken? Why would she cheat?”

It wasn’t just Tang Jinhua, everyone present had blown up because of that one sentence which Li Xue’er said!

Everyone expressed that they didn’t believe what she said because Huang Yueli’s ability was placed right in front of their eyes. Just based on the skills which she had displayed earlier, would she not be able to refine a first tier Profound Armament? Moreover, the assessment was held publicly in front of everyone so who had the ability to cheat under so many people’s eyes?

Furthermore, Huang Yueli’s reputation was like the sun at midday. Just how much had she to fret before she even wanted to use the Mirage Cloudy Rock. If it was found out, wouldn’t her reputation go down the drain and lose more than she could gain?

Li Xue’er said, “Master, this isn’t a misunderstanding. I’ve seen it with my own eyes! Earlier when Bai Ruoli was refining the second Profound Armament, she obviously didn’t have enough Profound energy and almost failed at the forming stage! After that, I saw…. I saw that she threw a piece of Mirage Cloudy Rock into the Armament furnace before she finally succeeded at refining!”

“What?? Such a thing happened??” Tang Jinhua cried out in surprise, “It’s not possible! You must have seen wrongly right? Master Bai would never do such a thing!”

“Master, you…. you’re saying that I’m accusing Bai Ruoli?”

Tang Jinhua said, “Xue’er, it’s not that I don’t trust you. But why would Master Bai do such a thing? You must have seen it wrongly!”

Li Xue’er continued, “I have evidence! This matter is actually very simple. As long as you seriously test this set of Profound Artifact which she had refined, we’d be able to find out the might of it so the truth will be revealed!”