Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 Li Xueers Downfall 4

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“If she really added in the Mirage Cloudy Rock, then testing it a few more times would give the game away!”


Tang Jinhua went into a blank and he started hesitating at this point in time.

Although he felt that this matter couldn’t possibly happened, but Li Xue’er actually said it so solemnly, why did she seemed like she had absolute certainty over it? Could it be really… that something fishy was going on?

It wasn’t just one or two people who thought in that way and everyone threw their gazes towards Huang Yueli who was seated at the VIP seating area.

Huang Yueli was just talking to President Hu and President Gong as the trio were discussing on armament refining skills and were talking the same language.

Especially when Huang Yueli offered various opinions which the two Presidents had never heard of. Just listening to the rough outline which she was describing and it was as though the grass that clogged the way was suddenly gone. This made the two Presidents gave her an even higher evaluation as the way they looked at her seemed to resemble looking at a piece of rare treasure!

Both of them were glad that Huang Yueli had chosen Sky Cloud City’s Armament Guild to be the place of her certification because this really gained much face for Sky Cloud City!

But unfortunately, Huang Yueli was extremely tight lipped. The both of them had scouted several times but were not able to find out anything about her apprenticeship.

Li Moying had been sitting quietly beside Huang Yueli’s side and had not interrupted into her conversation.

But those seating around the surrounding could tell that even though Young Sect Master held an aloof expression, not much different from usual, but every single time he looked at Huang Yueli, the gentleness beneath his eyes were enough to make any young lady enraptured.

At such an ambient moment, Li Xue’er suddenly jumped out to slander Huang Yueli, and it was such a serious accusation!

Li Moying’s eyebrows creased together as the expression on his face turned extremely ugly.

He was just about to fly into a rage when he felt a soft little hand pressing against the back of his hand, followed by a sweet young voice echoing into his ear, “Alright, don’t be angry. Let me settle this myself!”

Li Moying turned around and in an unfriendly tone, he said, “Li Xue’er had time and again slandered you. Even if you can tolerate it, I cannot take it any further!”

Huang Yueli smiled, “I’m not tolerating anything at all? Don’t you know me well enough? How will I remain indifferent after being splashed by dirty water?”

Li Moying pursed his thin lips as he stared at her with a ‘I’m very unhappy’ look but he didn’t insisted on getting his way.

He hadn’t discovered that he was bearing a classic henpecked male expression. Principal Jiang and the rest who were by the side had all become dumbstruck from this as they had never thought that the overbearing Young Sect Master Li had no definite opinions in front of his fiancée at all.

Huang Yueli saw his expression and her lips curled upwards as she reassuringly patted his shoulders and turned to walk towards the stage.

“Li Xue’er, are you sure that it’s not because you’re afraid of having to run around naked, so you’ve came out with this cheap trick to slander me?” She turned towards Li Xue’er as her voice remained peaceful.

Li Xue’er sneered, “Slander? I’m telling the absolute truth! Go ahead and deny as you wish, when the testing results are out later, I’ll see what you have to say then!”

Anyway she had witnessed it with her own eyes when the Mirage Cloudy Rock dropped into that wretched lass’s furnace and just based on this, even if she had one hundred mouths, she would not be able to clear her own name!

Huang Yueli glanced sideways at her as she laughed.

“Alright, since you are so certain…. Then let’s start with the testing!”

Tang Jinhua could only reply, “Alright, since you all have no objections, then let’s start! Those vulgar quality Profound Armaments which had the Mirage Cloudy Rock added to it would normally not be able to be used for more than ten times before it starts to breakdown! So in order to ascertain Li Xue’er’s words, let’s test it continuously for twenty times!”