Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Li Xueers Downfall 5

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“If it had been tested twenty times and the Profound Armament appears to be damaged, then it would mean that Miss Bai’s Profound Armament really has a problem! Now, will Miss Ning please start!”

Ning Xiao had already put on the Profound Artifact and was just waiting for Tang Jinhua’s notification.

Upon hearing his command, she turned around and took a look at Li Xue’er as she scornfully humphed at her.

Anyone with eyes were able to tell that Li Xue’er’s fabrication of accusation was purely out of her own jealousy! Wasn’t she just jealous of Huang Yueli’s shocking armament refining talent, snatching away the limelight which originally belonged to her?

Such a narrow-minded and sinister woman actually could become an Armament Master?

Ning Xiao said, “I will do my best so everyone please look carefully. Don’t say I’m not doing my best if the Profound Armament wasn’t damaged later. I don’t have a Master like Master Tang and will not be able to take to being slandered by anyone!”

Saying that, she didn’t even bother to look at Li Xue’er’s steely green face as she turned towards the strength testing stone and immediately stuck out!

Ning Xiao’s move was especially simple and was the introductory move which every fire attributed practitioners had to learn – Fireball technique!

Because this type of Profound Skill was most commonly known and was one of the basics, so it became the standard strike to use when testing Profound Armaments.

She had just struck when the movements of her hands stopped as she gave out a surprised and joyous expression, “Besides raising the attack power, this set of Profound Artifact also increased the speed of Profound Energy regeneration! It’s too mystical, the Profound Energy which I had used wasn’t even as much as what was regenerated! My Profound Energy has remained being charged to the maximum!”

Ning Xiao’s speed at striking was pretty fast and it was just a joss stick time before she had continuously struck out ten over moves. Furthermore, she apparently seemed to have a lot of experience in testing Profound Armaments because each Profound Energy’s intensity was almost the same.

Initially, Li Xue’er crossed both her arms around her chest and a cold sneer hung around her lips, looking at Ning Xiao’s testing confidently.

But as Ning Xiao’s moves increased, from once to twice, all the way till it had broken through ten times, the expression on her face gradually turned ugly.

Very quickly, the number of tests had reached fifteen times!

By now, Li Xue’er was so anxious that she couldn’t remain seated properly as she stood up from her seat with both hands clenched into fists, her eyes staring intently on the strength testing stone.

She kept repeating in her mind: Why hadn’t this Profound Armament broke down? Quickly break down, break down now!

However, even after all twenty times of testing had been completed, the three pieces of Profound Artifact remained intact, as though it had not been used at all.

Ning Xiao removed the Profound Armament and placed it beside Tang Jinhua, calling out loud, “Master Tang, I’ve already finished my testing and this set of Profound Artifact’s effect is indeed outstanding. Not only is it durable, it had already reached the standard of a second tier Profound Armament!”

Tang Jinhua hurriedly replied, “Thank you for your trouble, Miss Ning! Master Bai’s ability is indeed outstanding. Just using first tier materials, she actually refines a set of second tier Profound Artifact! This assessment has been completed in such an outstanding way! I hereby announce that Bai Ruoli has passed this assessment with full marks and she will gain…”

“Impossible, it’s just impossible!”

Li Xue’er was so infuriated that she was about to go mad and she couldn’t suppress the rage and shock in her heart as she rushed upwards without a care for anything else.

“This Profound Armament couldn’t possibly not be damaged! I’ve seen it with my own eyes that the Mirage Cloudy Rock had dropped into her armament furnace so how could it possibly not be broken? Something fishy is definitely happening here! Ning Xiao, have you colluded together with Bai Ruoli??”

Ning Xiao sneered, “Haven’t I already showed you carefully earlier? I definitely have not gone easy!”

“Impossible, you must have gone easy on her! Otherwise how is it possible that this Profound Armament is not damaged at all??”