Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 Li Xueers Downfall 6

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“It didn’t break down…. Because Master Bai’s skill is superb and had not used any prohibited materials, so of course it wouldn’t break down!”

What Ning Xiao said was the truth but the infuriated Li Xue’er apparently didn’t believe her words.

With a lightning move of her hand, she went up ahead and snatched the item, “Impossible, Bai Ruoli used the Mirage Cloudy Rock, that’s absolutely right! You all must have went easy on her. I’ll test it personally myself, I’ll test it one hundred times! It will definitely break down!”


Tang Jinhua couldn’t take it any further and sternly cried out to stop her, “Xue’er, what’s come over you today? Do you know how terrible you look right now? I have already tested the armament continuously for twenty times according to your request and it was proven that Master Bai’s Profound Armament indeed had no problem at all! You’re the one speaking at will and spoiling Master Bai’s reputation! Not only did you not apologize to Master Bai, you even continued to splash dirty water on her? Which ordinary Profound Armament would not break down after being tested continuously for one hundred times? What can that prove? To think that you even came out with this idea!”

Tang Jinhua was mild tempered and very seldom did he put on such a stern attitude.

If it was usual times, Li Xue’er would definitely not have insisted on her way after hearing what he said.

But today, Li Xue’er only had one thought left and that was if she could not pull Huang Yueli down, then she would have to run around naked! Furthermore with Huang Yueli’s innate talent, once she entered the Armament Guild, would she Li Xue’er even had any standing left?

“No way, this Profound Armament definitely had a problem! I will definitely prove that it had a problem!”

Li Xue’er stretched out her hand and grabbed the necklace. Huang Yueli stretched out one hand and held on to her wrist, “Senior Sister Li, why are you so agitated? The Profound Armament which I had refined is very valuable and if you were to spoil it, can you even afford to pay for it?”

“Let me go!” Li Xue’er wanted to shake her hand off but realised that Huang Yueli’s strength was extremely big and she had no way of resisting it at all!

Huang Yueli’s fingers held on to her wrists gently as though she didn’t used too much strength.

She laughed lightly, “Senior Sister Li, why do you keep insisting that I had used the Mirage Cloudy Rock? Could it be that you have done something wrong and feeling guilty over it?”

“Wh…. What?? How could I possibly feel guilty, ob… obviously it’s you who had cheated!”

“Why would I need to cheat? Earlier President Hu had already told me that even if I didn’t refine any Profound Armament today, he will still give me a badge and my passing of the certification is a sure thing so why should I take the risk?”

“What? What did you say?”

Li Xue’er’s face turned pale white, unable to believe what she heard!

President Hu had already promised to certify this wretched lass? Then what was she still scheming against? Wasn’t it just a waste of her effort?

Huang Yueli continued again, “On the contrary, Senior Sister Li, why do you keep insisting that I used the Mirage Cloudy Rock? Most Armament Masters would not even think that there would be anyone who would use this to cheat right? Your casual guess went straight to this answer so could it be because….. you yourself had used the Mirage Cloudy Rock to cheat so everyone seemed to be cheating as well?”

“You… what do you mean?” Li Xue’er’s eyes grew wide.

Tang Jinhua heard the meaning within her words and asked, “Master Bai, what do you mean?”

Huang Yueli continued, “I also want to make a report! Actually, while I was in the middle of the assessment, I saw something very interesting. Earlier when Li Xue’er couldn’t control the flames and almost caused an explosion, but later on in order to prevent the refining to fail, she added a piece of Mirage Cloudy Rock inside! I didn’t want to expose her initially but I had not expected her to splash the dirty water onto me instead so I can only tell the truth!”