Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005 Li Xueers Downfall 7

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“You’re sprouting rubbish! How could I possibly use the Mirage Cloudy Rock?? You’re slandering me! You’re obviously trying to exact revenge on me so that’s why you’re slandering me now!”

Li Xue’er had not expected her to say that and went into a blank for a moment but following that her anger flared up!

She clearly knew in her heart on how serious such an accusation was so when Huang Yueli said that about her, she couldn’t take it at all!

Huang Yueli took a glance at her and replied indifferently, “Like what Senior Sister Li said earlier, whether it is slandering or just blank talk, we need to see the evidence! I also request to proceed with multiple testing on the Profound Armament which Senior Sister Li had refined! But I’m not as mean as Senior Sister Li, just test it continuously for ten times will do!”

Li Xue’er heard her words and calmed down.

She didn’t know that her own armament furnace had something extra added to it and felt that she was innocent. So since she hadn’t committed any wrong, then testing it shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, it could also gave Huang Yueli a tight slap on her face!

She clenched her teeth and said, “Alright! Test it then! Normal multiple testing are mostly twenty times so you don’t need to pretend to be magnanimous and say testing ten times will do or whatever!”

Huang Yueli blinked and smiled, “Senior Sister Li, I’m helping you! If we were to really test it for twenty times… I suspect that the Profound Armament which Senior Sister Li had refined, even without adding in any prohibited items, might break down after twenty times. So wouldn’t that be framing an innocent person?”

The words she said wasn’t just blind talk. All those newly ascended Armament Masters who had reached the first tier standard existed such a problem and that was the durability of the Profound Armament which they refined were usually weaker than others.

Sometimes even without any intentionally fraud, due to the different in standard, it would also break down easily.

But these words to Li Xue’er’s ears was skin to a tight slap given onto her face!

This was simply looking down on her! Earlier Huang Yueli’s Profound Armament had gone through a total of twenty testing and yet it still appeared as though it was new! The result was hers could only stand the standard of testing it ten times?

But if it really were to be tested twenty times continuously, Li Xue’er didn’t dared to guarantee that her Profound Armament would be good as new…..

Luckily, Tang Jinhua stepped in at a suitable moment, “This…. what Master Bai said is reasonable. Although I don’t think Xue’er would use any prohibited materials but since Master Bai has such a query, then it’s better that we test it out so that everyone could rest assured! For the sake of fairness, I as Li Xue’er’s Master should stay out of this. May I invite any Armament Master who is willing to step out to test it!”

This time, no Armament Master responded at all.

Everyone seemed as though this matter was of no concern to them and looked on from a detached point of view. As compared to Huang Yueli’s armament, that type of flocking attitude became an obvious difference!

What kind of level did Li Xue’er have? Helping her test would not gain them any benefits and in fact, it would lower their standard!

Tang Jinhua was helpless and could only pick someone personally, “This…. Miss Mu Limo, Miss Mu, can I trouble you to come up the stage please!”

Mu Limo was also a first tier Armament Master who was newly promoted last year and upon hearing her name being called, she unwillingly stepped upwards.

She didn’t say anything much and received the wrist guards from Tang Jinhua which Li Xue’er had refined and clasped it onto her wrists.

A light “Ta” sound was heard and just hearing that gave a feeling which didn’t seem like it was secured.

She frowned, “The quality of this wrist guards really isn’t great…. Could Mirage Cloudy Rock really have been added to it?”