Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006 Li Xueers Downfall 8

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Tang Jinhua’s forehead creased as the spectators looked on with interest and started whispering to one another.

Li Xue’er bit her lips as sweat formed profusely on her forehead.

Although she had self confidence that she had not added any prohibited materials but to be told off by a senior in front of everyone that the quality of her Profound Armament was very bad was still an embarrassing thing!

Mu Limo prepared herself as she walked to the strength testing stone and using all her force, she stuck out!

An extremely bright “PONG” sound was heard from the impact of her Profound Energy! One could tell that Mu Limo had expended quite an amount of energy!

But after she stopped, everyone took a careful look at the digits on the strength testing stone and all of them expressed a dazed look.

“Hmm? That’s weird, how could the digits be so bad!”

“Right, just slightly over one thousand over kilos, even any worse off second stage realm practitioner would have this amount of strength right? Although an Armament Master’s martial cultivation isn’t as great, but isn’t she still wearing the wrist guards on her arms?”

Mu Limo herself also frowned, “Master Tang, there seems to be a huge problem with this wrist guards! Even without wearing any Profound Armament usually, my results on the strength testing stone would be around one thousand over kilos! This pair of wrist guards seem to add any amplification at all!”

“How could that be possible?” Tang Jinhua replied objectively. Naturally he would not believe that his own disciple would cheat, “Miss Mu, could it be that your condition today’s isn’t too well so your strength is slightly low? Maybe it had nothing to do with the wrist guards!”

Li Xue’er cried out, not resigned to that fact, “There couldn’t be anything wrong with my wrist guards! It must be because of your condition!”

Mu Limo saw that not only did she not admit to it, she even claimed that she had a problem so her expression was rather unhappy as she said, “Since you don’t believe me, how about this. I’ll remove the wrist guards and let you see how much strength is my original power!”

“That would naturally be the best way!”

Li Xue’er was confident that the problem must be with Mu Limo!

Mu Limo just barely touched the wrist guards and was prepared to remove it but whoever knew that her fingers had just lightly touched it when she heard a “clinging clanging” sound–

That pair of wrist guards suddenly snapped into several pieces and the shattered pieces fell onto the ground.

“This…..” Even Mu Limo was stunned.

She indeed felt that there was something wrong with Li Xue’er’s wrist guards and was sure that it could not stand more than ten testing rounds but….. this….. just testing it once had completely caused the Profound armament to shatter to pieces. This was her first time seeing such a thing happen!

Silence filled the Profound Weapon Chambers as everyone stared intently on the stage, unable to believe that such a ridiculous thing had just happened!

However, after a moment of silence was a bustle of exclamations.

“Heavens, am I seeing things? The wrist guards which Li Xue’er refined actually…. actually shattered just like that?? What kind of lousy item was that? If whoever bought the Profound Armament which she refined, just using once only and it was spoilt, then wouldn’t that person lose out big time?”

“You don’t understand, I’ve heard that no matter how bad the quality of most Profound Weapons are, there isn’t any case where it would be damaged just after one time. At least it should be able to be used for twenty times! The durability of her wrist guards are so inferior, it must be exactly as what Bai Ruoli said earlier, she had used the prohibited materials!”

“How could this be? I thought Li Xue’er’s armament refining talent is very high! So she had always been using prohibited materials to cheat us!”

“That’s right, Li Xue’er is a shameless liar! The last time she had even charged me so much for a piece of Profound Armament! She’s a fraud!”

“Luckily Bai Ruoli’s discerning eyes saw through her, otherwise god knows how many more people would be cheated by her!”