Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Her End 1

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Earth shattering curses could be heard. Li Xue’er couldn’t believe that such a thing happened and was both shocked and indignant as her entire body shook!

She pounced over and with her trembling hands, she picked up the shattered pieces of the wrist guards to take a look at it!

She had refined such type of wrist guards several times before and every single time, she was able to refine it successfully! Moreover, the durability and strength were rather good! So when this topic was chosen, she was, in fact, extremely happy and had the confidence that she could complete it properly!

But why did the quality this time….. had such a huge difference! She clearly used her effort to refine it!

For a situation whereby the durability to be so inferior, generally speaking there would only one reason and that was the Mirage Cloudy Rock was added but she clearly had not…..

Wait a minute!

Li Xue’er suddenly thought of something and swiftly turned her head around, looking at a figure right behind her!

At this moment, Huang Yueli happened to be looking at her as well and both their sights matched right together!

“You….. it must be you right? It’s definitely you!” Li Xue’er’s eyes were bloodshot as she stared daggers at Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli put on an innocent face, “Senior Sister Li, what are you talking about? What does the problem with your Profound Armament have to do with me?”

“You’re still pretending!” Li Xue’er got up from the ground and agitatedly rushed over with the intention to hit her, “It must be you. If it hadn’t been for the fact that you had done something when I was refining armament, how would you possibly know that my Profound Armament has a problem and even said I used the Mirage Cloudy Rock! You even suggested to do the testing continuously!”

Huang Yueli’s feet moved aside and evaded her attack as she displayed an aggrieved expression which had been maligned by someone.

“This… Senior Sister Li, you can eat indiscriminately but you cannot talk like that! I know that you used the Mirage Cloudy Rock and suggested to do the testing and now you said I’m the one who tampered with it? Then Senior Sister Li, earlier you were obviously the first person who said I used the Mirage Cloudy Rock and also the first to suggested to do continuous testing on the Profound Armament which I had refined. Does that mean that you also tampered my armament furnace?”

“I… how could I possibly do such a thing! This… this are two totally different matters!”

Li Xue’er was shot back and almost coughed up blood!

This wretched lass…. actually used the exact same method and words to annoy her!

Li Xue’er was now hundred percent sure that Huang Yueli had definitely discovered what she had done so using the same method which she came out with, she had done the exact same thing and thrown the Mirage Cloudy Rock back into her armament furnace!

She just didn’t know how on earth did Huang Yueli realised it and how she managed to do it!

She clearly saw the Mirage Cloudy Rock melt in Huang Yueli’s armament furnace but Huang Yueli’s Profound Armament was totally fine. But at the same time, her own furnace armament had unknowingly been added with something but she turned out that she knew nothing about it!

Li Xue’er had never expected herself to be maligned and furthermore being charged with such a serious accusation! If she had been ascertained to have used the Mirage Cloudy Rock to pass off a fake product as a genuine one, then she would definitely be shut out by the Armament Guild! The consequence was not something which she could bore!

She wanted to defend herself, to say that she was innocent and it was Huang Yueli who had framed her!

But she had no evidence at all!

What made her even unable to speak was she had just used the same method to frame Huang Yueli! If she said Huang Yueli’s accusation was premeditated, then Huang Yueli could say the same thing that Li Xue’er’s earlier accusation was also her scheme to frame her!

To use such a method to frame others at the Armament Master certification assessment was a horrible and lowly thing to do, and it would also result in being shut off by the guild!