Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008 Her End 2

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In this way, Li Xue’er didn’t know how to explain so that other people would believe her!

“Li Xue’er, you really made me so disappointed!” Tang Jinhua’s voice rang.

Li Xue’er raised her head up frenetically and saw Tang Jinhua’s congealed expression and was frightened out of her wits.

She hurriedly threw herself right before Tang Jinhua’s feet and started crying out loud, “Master, I really didn’t use the Mirage Cloudy Rock! Really! Please believe me! You now best on my armament refining standard! How could I possibly… possible so such a thing? Master, please believe me!”

Li Xue’er was very sure that the only person who could save her now was Tang Jinhua!

“This…..” Tang Jinhua saw her weeping so sadly and sympathy filled his heart. After all she was his disciple whom he had taught for several years and had some feelings.

But Tang Jinhua was an exceptional Armament Master with principles and was a just person so the one thing he scorned the most was this kind of shifty behaviour!

If he wasn’t such a person, President Hu would never had entrusted him to preside over the Armament Master certification assessment!

“Xue’er, you indeed have some innate talent but you’re too eager for success and profit! Don’t think I don’t know that you’ve been boasting to everyone that you’re going to become an Armament Master very soon! And you even said a lot of things which looked down on other Armament Masters! If you are not able to pass this round’s certification assessment, you’d definitely feel very embarrassed right? But even so, you cannot use this kind of method to derive at your aim!”

Tang Jinhua’s heart simply ached!

In actual fact, after he had taken in Li Xue’er as his disciple, he had always heard quite a number of students gossiping about her behind her back.

Li Xue’er’s character was arrogant and using her identity as Tang Jinhua’s disciple, she had done her fair share of bullying the other students but as Tang Jinhua felt that this disciple had some innate talent and most Armament Master’s characters were mostly arrogant and aloof which was a common sight, so he just bore with it.

However, this time round, she actually resorted to deception and even cheated during the certification assessment! This had already stepped on Tang Jinhua’s bottom line!

“Master, please believe me, I really didn’t, I really didn’t! It’s all Bai Ruoli, all Bai Ruoli’s fault!”

“Enough, the results of the testing is already clear to all and you’re still trying to deny! With a character like that, how can you even become an Armament Master?”

The more Tang Jinhua heard, the angrier he became!

If Li Xue’er were to admit her mistake and begged for mercy, he might have become soft hearted and be lenient but not only had she not admitted her mistake, she even splashed dirty water onto Huang Yueli!

Tang Jinhua was extremely disappointed, “Li Xue’er, you’re used the prohibited Mirage Cloudy Rock to counterfeit and according to the Armament Guild’s affiliated regulations, we shall now cancel your results for this round’s certification assessment. At the same time, your status as a high levelled Armament apprentice has also been stripped and you will never be able to register with the Armament Guild for the rest of your life! Now please leave the Profound Weapon Chambers!”

Li Xue’er’s mouth opened wide with shock as she kept shaking her head furiously, “No, Master, you cannot do this to me, Master….”

Tang Jinhua replied coldly, “Don’t call me Master, I don’t have a disciple like you!”

Li Xue’er really became panic stricken this time!

She could not explain the usage of the Mirage Cloudy Rock and this time her results would be cancelled and she would be driven out of the Profound Weapon Chambers were all irreversible matters!

But as long as she was still Tang Jinhua’s disciple, given Tang Jinhua’s special status in the Armament Guild, she would still have hopes of clearing her name in future!

But if even Tang Jinhua were to drive her out, then she would never had any chance of changing her fortune!