Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Her End 3

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“Master, no, please listen to my explanation, listen to me!”

Li Xue’er cried and threw a tantrum and was just short of rolling around and kicking up a fuss on the floor!

She didn’t look one bit like an Armament Master in this way. Instead she looked no different from those food market aunties who were shouting abuses in the streets. Her entire body was filled with soot when she had refined the armaments earlier and her hair was messy, with her head and face covered in grime.

“Heavens, Li Xue’er looks really scary like that!”

“I had never expected her to be such a person. After doing such an embarrassing thing, she even dared to deny!”

“That’s right, earlier she had even maligned Junior Sister Bai of cheating and in the end? Junior Sister Bai’s Profound Armament was just so useful, true gold fears no fire! Whereas her own was refined using the prohibited material and the Profound Armament which she had refined could not be used after one round of testing!”

“Really, to be in the same academy as her, I also feel very embarrassed!”

Hearing the words of despise from the surroundings, Li Xue’er couldn’t help but feel that she wanted to kill herself! She would not even be able to wash herself clean even if she jumped into the Yellow River!

However, the matter wasn’t resolved yet.

A shuffle of footsteps was heard coming from her back and following that, Huang Yueli’s voice hovered over her head.

“Li Xue’er, you seem to have forgotten one thing!”

“You… what else do you want? Haven’t I been harmed into such a terrible state by you??” Li Xue’er instantly raised her head with a face of fury, as though her eyes were about to shoot fire out!

Huang Yueli’s lips rose upwards slightly as she took her own sweet time to talk, “Senior Sister Li, I don’t understand what you mean, I harmed you? Your cultivation and ability is so different from mine so why would I even waste my time to harm you? I can only say, the evil that you brought about yourself are the hardest to bear! If you do something bad, there will be retribution!”

“You…. You…. Don’t think you’ve won already. I… I won’t let you off!”

“I’ve heard you said that umpteen times until my ears are growing callus! If you have what it takes to win me, I welcome your challenge anytime. But now…. isn’t it time to fulfil the bet between us?”


Li Xue’er blankly repeated and couldn’t recall what she was saying.

Huang Yueli kind heartedly reminded her, “This morning when I was registering, we made a bet that if I could obtain the Armament Master certification, you would run around naked in Sky Cloud City’s streets! Senior Sister Li, surely you’re not intending to renege on your debt so you’re pretending to forget about it right!”

Li Xue’er suddenly recalled this as her eyes saw black and almost fainted on the spot!

She wanted to renege on it but earlier she had really forgotten cleanly about it because all she had on her mind was that she was shut off by the Armament Guild and also driven out by her Master!

Now, before things had even been resolved, another heavy blow came striking on her!

Huang Yueli continued, “Before the second round of assessment started, I still reminded you about it and so many people heard about it, isn’t it? I gave you a chance to take it back but you yourself said that you will definitely keep your word! Now it’s time for you to fulfil your promise….”

Li Xue’er’s entire body was soaked in cold sweat and she couldn’t stop trembling!

She had now became a rat whom everyone wanted to beat and if she were to go run around naked…..

Then she would really have no face to live anymore and for this entire lifetime, she would be too embarrassed to take another step in Sky Cloud City!

“You… what are you saying? Junior Sister Bai, you… how could you be so heartless? At least I…. I’m your fiancé’s sister, and your future sister-in-law!”