Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Her End 4

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Huang Yueli sneered, “So what about it?”

“You are able to deal with your sister-in-law with such a heavy hand and asked me to run around naked? Where on earth would there be such a heartless and sinister woman like you?”

Li Xue’er started shouting out loud.

She couldn’t be bothered about anything else now!

Anyway she had already been embarrassed enough! So she would also admit to being shameless!

She only knew one thing, she absolutely could not run around naked! Otherwise the entire Sky Cloud City would treat her as a laughing stock and in future even If she was able to turn around, this would also become the biggest stain for her entire lifetime! Furthermore, there wouldn’t be anyone reputable man who dared to take her as his wife!

Li Xue’er wailed like a ghost and howled like a wolf and that egged Tang Jinhua’s sympathy. Thinking that they were once Master and disciple, he couldn’t bear to see her end being so miserable.

He opened his mouth, “Master Bai, Li Xue’er had already gotten her just desserts so is it possible… that you can give me some face….”

Huang Yueli’s eyebrows rose, “Master Tang, you’re so defensive of Li Xue’er so aren’t you afraid that other people would be mistaken that you’re the same like her and actually a scum who secretly used the Mirage Cloudy Rock to cheat others?”

Tang Jinhua choked instantly because what Huang Yueli said was the truth. Initially their Master-disciple relationship would have caused other people’s suspicions so it would be safer to avoid doing anything which might arouse suspicions. But that wouldn’t be able to purge the suspicions and if he were to continue helping Li Xue’er…

Huang Yueli turned towards Li Xue’er, “You’re going on your own to run around naked or do you want me to get someone to remove all your clothing and throw you out?”

Li Xue’er knew that she knew that she was capable of doing what she said and was scared out of her wits as she started screaming, “Second Brother, I’m your biological sister. Bai Ruoli wants to throw me out to run around naked, you…. you’d dare to do such outrageous act?”

She wanted to make use of kinship to suppress them, thinking that if Li Moying needed his reputation, then no matter how he hated her, he would still have to save her today!

Alas, her thinking was wrong!

How would a matchless expert like Li Moying be scared stiff by a few words from her?

Moreover, he only had Huang Yueli in his eyes! As long as his little fox was happy, he didn’t mind going against everyone in the entire world! Moreover it was to deal with a disgusting person!

Li Moying stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers.

In a flash, Mo Yi appeared in front of him and bowed, “Master, your instructions please.”

Li Moying said, “Go help Third Miss out. Seeing her being so long winded and yet she wasn’t able to even fix up that dumb thing!”

Mo Yi responded, “Yes”, then turned around and left.

Principal Jiang and the rest were just watching on the side lines and without any exception, their faces were filled with terror!

On one hand was because Mo Yi had always been hiding nearby and none of them noticed it so it showed how powerful the invisibility skill the Shadow Guards had!

On the other hand was because of how much Li Moying had doted on Huang Yueli, to go to such an extent!

Even though Li Moying’s words sounded like he despised her, but who would have recognised it as his way of pampering her.

No matter what, Li Xue’er was indeed his sister and even if they had long heard about their enmity, but most people, for the sake of their own reputation, they would have let Li Xue’er off.

No one had expected that Li Moying would be so resolute, and couldn’t bear for Huang Yueli to suffer even a bit of injustice!

Mo Yi just stepped up on stage and didn’t even bother to say anything superfluous so he directly tapped her mute acupoint. Following that he stripped her naked and threw her totally nude outside the Profound Weapon Chamber’s main entrance!