Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 Entering The Scripture Depository Once Again 1

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Li Xue’er had never thought that dragging Li Moying down the water would not save her life. On the contrary, it sped up the process of her end!

She fell heavily onto the ground, feeling all kinds of weird gazes on her and different voices with words of ridicule so she finally could not help but rolled her eyes and fainted!

Young Sect Master Li was not like his wife.

Huang Yueli liked to beat the person up until they were convinced and ready to concede but Li Moying didn’t care of that person was convinced or not. Anyway if they were not convinced, then it’s just a matter of time when that person would be dead!

The students who were around saw this scene and did not feel that Li Moying was too harsh or heartless on the way he handled things. This type of scum who resorted to trickery was one whom Celestial Light Academy’s students despised the most. So this time round, Li Xue’er had really became a scurrying mouse!

Mo Yi was stunned that Li Xue’er had fainted so quickly and not knowing what step he should take next, he looked at Huang Yueli for further instructions.

Huang Yueli had not expected Li Moying to get Mo Yi to make a move and she was dumbstruck for a moment. After a short moment, she simply smiled and shook her head.

Li Xue’er….. really knew how to invite death by her own recklessness!

She actually dared to splash dirty water onto Li Moying without even considering the fact that this Second Brother of hers was no soft hearted person?

Huang Yueli smiled and in a low voice, she said, “Brother Mo Yi, since she has already fainted, she’s also quite pitiful so don’t force her to walk on her own. Rent her a carriage and I’ll come out with the money! So that others don’t say that Young Sect Master Li is torturing his own sister!”

Mo Yi was speechless. This pair of fiancé and fiancée were more black-bellied than the other!

Really admired Li Xue’er to have the guts to anger them, did she felt that her end wasn’t miserable enough!

The minute Mo Yi received the command, he proceeded to drag the person out and disappeared from the crowd’s view.

But those present all understood that Li Xue’er was about to tour Sky Cloud City’s streets and momentarily, they were slightly indecisive.

Running around naked wasn’t a common sight and worth watching but the Armament Master certification assessment was about to proceed into the final stage and if they were to leave now, it would be a waste!

Sigh, which side should they stay with!

Some people slipped out from the Profound Weapon Chamber’s back door and attracted a burst of chaos.

Tang Jinhua spent quite an amount of effort before he finally managed to control the entire situation. In the end, he finished the testing on the Profound Armaments which were refined by the other two examinees and gave the marks.

In the end, only one examinee’s works had passed the testing and was recognised as a first tier lower grade Profound Armament, which met the passing mark and passed the certification.

When the examinee heard the result, he was so happy that he cried tears of joy!

Including Huang Yueli, there were a total of two examinees who had attained the certification to become a first tier Armament Master!

When the results were announced, the entire Profound Weapon Chambers was filled with thunderous applause and there were numerous words of praises filled with envy.

Before today, no one had imagined that there would be a genius like Huang Yueli. Not only did she had outstanding talent in cultivation, furthermore she had shocking innate talent and ability in armament refining! This had simply broke through their imagination!

Li Moying stood up and gradually walked towards Huang Yueli.

His pressing grandeur, robust stature and peerlessly handsome face had revealed a rare gentle expression.

Wherever that aristocratic figure went, everyone would automatically split out a pathway for him so that he could directly reach Huang Yueli’s side.

Huang Yueli raised her head and saw his figure against the light and she too became stunned for a moment. Although she had already seen this face numerous times, but sometimes she felt that she couldn’t help but be attracted by his suave and respectable grandeur, sometimes even forgetting where she was….