Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 Entering The Scripture Depository Once Again 2

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Li Moying lowered his head and saw her somewhat misty expression as the corners of his lips raised slightly.

He lowered his body and got up close to her as his warm breath blew right on her ear.

“Congratulations, Li’er for successfully passing through the assessment!”

“Ughh….. Ah, th…. Thank you!”

That pair of peach blossom eyes was so near and that gaze was so bright and tempting till Huang Yueli felt her face slightly hot and her tongue didn’t seemed so sharp after all.

Li Moying smiled lightly and lowered his tone, bearing a charm filled with sexiness as he stretched out his hand towards her.

Huang Yueli subconsciously closed her eyes and her eyelashes kept fluttering.

She could feel Li Moying closing in to her, very near…. Furthermore, nearer and nearer…. Did he wanted to kiss her?

Suddenly she felt a slightly warm sensation on her forehead followed by the man’s wilful laughter.

Huang Yueli hurriedly opened her eyes only to discover that Li Moying had stretched out his hand to wipe away the soot which was smeared on her face when she was refining armaments and at the same time, gathered the hair strands stuck on her forehead to the back of her ear. He hadn’t done any off-the-scale action and simply stood up.

The expression on her face turned stiff…..…she… this…. was a misunderstanding?

Li Moying saw through her embarrassed look and purposely stared at her in a teasing manner as he licked the corners of his lips and said, “Li’er, what unhealthy things are you thinking of? Are you thinking of doing something bad to me? En? But we’re now in the Profound Weapon Chambers and there’re so many people looking on! I cannot comply with you because I’d feel embarrassed….”

“You….. get further away!” Huang Yueli finally understood that this stinky man had done that on purpose!

She was so angry that she pushed him away and jumped to one side.

But at this moment, no matter how she tried to avoid arousing suspicions, it was useless because their actions had already aroused waves of whistling in the entire Profound Weapon Chambers.

“So sweet, Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Bai are so compatible!”

“Isn’t that so? One’s ability is exceptionally outstanding and the other has such exceptional innate talent and moreover, she was an Armament Master so they simply cannot be more compatible!”

“Ahhhhh, I envy them so much! When will I be able to find someone as great as that as my other half!”

If in the past, someone felt that Huang Yueli’s innate talent and status did not matched up to Li Moying’s, then after today, no one would even dare to gossip about this!

To be able to balance both cultivation and armament refining, there weren’t many of such geniuses in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent!

Anyone who saw them both together really made others lose their courage to even feel jealous and could only admit the existence of such a perfect combination!

But very quickly, a set of different voices rang.

“Senior Brother Li, kiss her!”

“That’s right, quickly kiss her! Can’t you tell that Junior Sister Bai is looking forward to it?”

Huang Yueli’s face flushed even redder! Damn, it was all Li Moying that scoundrel’s fault. He actually…. actually gave her that kind of hint! After that her head seemed to have water seeping in. Why had she lost her senses just after looking at that pair of eyes??

Huang Yueli turned around fiercely, thinking to find the one who took the lead in heckling but as there was simply too many people in the Profound Weapon Chambers, she had no hope of finding the culprit!

As for Li Moying, he displayed a natural and unrestrained manner and even nodded towards the crowd as he made a gesture for them to keep silent.

“Alright, alright, please don’t anyway talk, Li’er is very shy. In addition, this is the Armament Master certification assessment so please don’t let the minor details obscure the main point and affect Master Tang from presiding over the assessment.”

On seeing Li Moying’s rare gentle smile, instead of the screaming dying down, it became even more intense.