Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Entering The Scripture Depository Once Again 4

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The minute they entered the Scripture Depository, Huang Yueli went straight to the point and asked, “Teacher, my purpose in this visit is to enter the fourth level of the Scripture Depository. This time I’ve managed to obtain the Honorary Points so I should be able to go in and take a look right?”

The managing teacher hesitated for a moment, “This….. Master Bai, I’ve already guessed your intention in this visit. But I wonder if you can still remember that according to the academy’s regulations, each person can only exchange for two sets of Profound Skills. Have you mastered the two manuscripts that you’ve borrowed from the Scripture Depository the last round?”

Although he asked that question but he had already decided in his heart that Huang Yueli absolutely had not mastered it at all.

Although she was an all-in genius, but the two manuscripts that she borrowed previously were not reasonable at all!

One was the remnants of a heaven level cultivation method and the preface didn’t match the ending whereas the other was an Earth attributed Profound Skill! Who within the academy didn’t knew that she was a metal and fire dual attributed practitioner? These two books…. Neither of it suited her at all!

The managing teacher shook his head silently, thinking that he had already reminded this young lass previously that she must choose a manuscript which she could master. Otherwise the next time even if she had Honorary Points, she would not be able to enter the Scripture Depository!

Who knew that Huang Yueli smiled instead, “Of course I remember. I have already mastered one of the cultivation methods so Teacher please allow me to demonstrate!”

Saying that, with a move from her right hand, a strong Earth attributed Profound Energy gathered beside her and very quickly, an earth wall formed right in front of her. Following the fluctuations from her surrounding Profound Energy, it continued to undulate variations!

Managing Teacher was so shocked that his mouth opened agape, “This… this is the Earth attributed Profound Skill <>! You… you managed to master it??”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right, this is the manuscript which I had exchanged previously and now that I’ve mastered it, may I choose another manuscript?”

Managing Teacher was still in a daze and hadn’t regained his senses.

“But, but…. don’t you have metal and fire dual attributes? Don’t tell me…. You also have an innate talent for earth attribute?? Won’t that mean you’re triple attributed? How is that possible?”

Huang Yueli replied, “My Earth attribute innate talent isn’t very good, it’s just a little bit. Alright Managing Teacher, can I go in or not?”

“Oh, yes, yes…. Master Bai, please enter! Your scope of jurisdiction now allows you to enter any level of the Scripture Depository so please take your time to pick!”

Managing Teacher nodded his head repeatedly as he sent her away.

By the time he returned to his seat and thought back carefully, sweat started to form on his forehead.

Earlier…. Huang Yueli said her Earth attribute innate talent isn’t good! But if her innate talent wasn’t good, how could she possible master an Earth grade Profound Skill in such a short amount of time?? Even practitioners with outstanding innate talents could not do it!

If she referred this to her innate talent no good, then just how heaven defying…. were her good innate talents?? Was she telling the truth or just bluffing her way??

Managing Teacher was in the middle of a daze when suddenly a black figure flashed past him.

“Who’s there??”

He stood up immediately and shot towards the Scripture Depository’s entrance!

But he couldn’t see anyone after taking a careful check.

Managing Teacher thought it was strange and walked to and fro several rounds, checking everywhere but still didn’t managed to see any signs of someone’s appearance.

“That’s strange? Earlier that figure…. there was obvious signs of someone entering the Scripture Depository secretly? Could it be that I saw wrongly?”

Managing Teacher scratched his head and returned to his position.