Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015 Entering The Scripture Depository Once Again 5

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Anyway there were many top experts sent over from Celestial Light Sect, watching over the Scripture Depository and if the others didn’t discovered any problems, then it should meant that there wasn’t any issues right?

Probably….. he was overly suspicious.

But at this moment, a black figure had silently entered the inner zone of the Scripture Depository and following right behind Huang Yueli from a safe distance.

Huang Yueli walked in the secluded and uninhabited corridor and she seemed to have sensed something as she turned around to take a look but did not see anything at all.

“Today, the number of people in the Scripture Depository is really very little…..” she sighed and silently continued on her way inside.

The last time she came, she had already understood the layout of the Scripture Depository so this time round, without any hesitation, she walked straight towards the fourth level.

“Third earthly branch Yan….. third day…. Wu, seems to be this…”

She turned right and walked into the designated room, searching everywhere for the book case number which was inscribed onto the identity token which Bai Liu Feng had left for her.

The number of students on the fourth level of the Scripture Depository was even lesser and the entire room had only three to four people present and without any exception, all of them were the top ten ranking students in the Martial Arts Stage or students who had made exceptional contributions to the academy, all of whom were legendary figures.

Upon seeing Huang Yueli entering the room, some of them even stood up simultaneously and nodded to her.

Huang Yueli casually nodded back but didn’t engaged in small talk. She had a very important matter to do right now and if she were to get entangled with them, it would affect her proper business!

“Following that…. left eleven…. Is it referring to the eleventh row of shelving? What about upper twenty nine? This shelving doesn’t have twenty nine levels!”

Huang Yueli frowned as she looked left and right and finally found some clues.

The eleventh shelving on the left was a bookcase which was towards the end of the west and was just resting against the wall on the west side.

As for the wall, it was decorated with beige tiles.

Huang Yueli counted every single tile from top to bottom and on the boundary of the twenty ninth tile, she discovered something unusual.

These tiles looked like it was very tidy and concentrated and ordinary people would not be able to tell any difference. But to an Armament Master like Huang Yueli, the inside seemed to have something hidden within and most likely, it was a mechanism.

She turned around and looked around. This corner was very obscure and no one would even notice this place.

She took a set of silk threaded gloves from her space realm and put it on. Following that she placed her slender fingers on the wall and carefully controlled her strength, searching the wall one by one.

This entire duration lasted for one hour and Huang Yueli had been very patiently moving her fingers slowly, using her sense of touch to feel the vibrations from the wall, and at the same time calculating in her mind.

After some time, she frowned, “How is that possible? I’m not able to find the mechanism to activate it?”

But very quickly, she recalled the scenario of the first time when she opened the mechanism when she was still in South Yue Kingdom.

At that time, Bai Liu Feng had left behind a Silk Cage which rendered her helpless but Little Phoenix told her the special way to activate the mechanism was to use her blood, which was left behind from the God Realm…

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli removed her gloves and using her teeth to bite her finger, she dripped her blood onto the surroundings of the tiles.

“Brrrrrrrr…” A slight rubbing sound was heard.

The twenty ninth piece of tile flipped opened from the outside and revealed a small hidden compartment within.

Huang Yueli delightfully rushed over.

“That’s great, it’s finally open!”