Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Entering The Scripture Depository Once Again 6

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However, after she took a careful look, she was stunned and revealed a disappointed expression.

“What’s going on? The inside of this…. is actually empty? What kind of riddle is father playing?”

Huang Yueli frowned as she squatted down slightly and inclining her head, she checked carefully and even used her fingers to touch the surrounds of the secret compartment, trying to find out if there were any other mechanisms which she had not discovered yet.

But no matter how she looked, the secret compartment was as empty as it was. Furthermore, she discovered someone unusual.

“The surroundings of this secret compartment has obvious white scratches… and the chinks of the tiles are not that concentrated….. this secret compartment seemed to have been opened before and furthermore, the person who opened this definitely doesn’t father’s blood so that person could only resort to activate this mechanism forcefully….”

The more Huang Yueli checked, the more serious her expression turned.

Under normal circumstances, Bai Liu Feng’s clue would definitely be given to his daughter only and this mechanism could not be opened by any others!

Since it had been opened and in such a forceful way, there was only one possibility and that was someone found out that the location where Bai Liu Feng had hidden the treasure and found a chance to forcefully activate the hidden mechanism then took away the item inside!

No matter what Bai Liu Feng left behind, it had already been hijacked by someone!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli was extremely disappointed!

She finally found her way here and thought of so many ways, conquering the difficulties just so that she could find out more about her identity and clues on her father and mother! But in the end it just ended here?

Furthermore, the more important issue was that she didn’t know who it was or how that person who took away the thing that Bai Liu Feng left behind….. how did he find out about this clue?

Huang Yuei did a final check on the mechanism and verified that there were no other clues so she could only close up the secret compartment.

Looked like this time she could only return empty handed.

Anyway she still had two Honorary Points which had not been utilised so if there was a need, she could still enter another day.

The most pressing matter on hand now was to find a way to understand clearly where Bai Liu Feng’s item had gone to and in whose hands was it in now?

Huang Yueli was not in the mood to stay any longer in the Scripture Depository and prepared to leave directly.

When she passed by the entrance, the Managing Teacher saw her empty hands and his two eyes almost popped out.

“I say, Ma… Master Bai, you’re leaving just like that?? You didn’t choose any manuscript at all! I’ve got to remind you that each time you enter the Scripture Depository, even if you didn’t choose any cultivation method, one Honorary Point will still be deducted. Y…. You want to leave just like that? You’re really not going to select any manuscript?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Forget about it!”

It’s not that she wanted to waste but she really had no mood on this aspect and on the other hand, according to the regulations of the Scripture Depository, she must master one cultivation method before choosing another one. If she managed to find another clue tomorrow but had not mastered that cultivation method, then wouldn’t she be caught unprepared? Those cultivation methods which entered her eyes were not that easy to master!

Managing Teacher was dumbstruck as he watched her leaving, feeling that he had developed some form of hallucination.

How could there be anyone who would waste one chance to enter the Scripture Depository but didn’t even select any manuscript?

When Huang Yueli walked out of the Scripture Depository, she suddenly felt that someone was watching her.

She turned around and took a look but only saw the Managing Teacher looking at her blankly and couldn’t help but frown.