Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 State Of Panic 2

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She really had not expected that there would be anyone who dared to kill in Celestial Light Academy!

Furthermore the assassinator’s strength was extremely strong and his cultivation had far surpassed hers, at least practitioner who was a seventh stage realm or above! This was not an opponent whom she could possibly win!

Luckily, she had faintly sensed that something was not right when she was leaving the Scripture Depository and had kept an eye on the surroundings enabling her to sense the opponent’s movements. The assassin had not expected her to have such senses and had momentarily underestimated her, thus giving her the chance to escape.

Seventh stage realm…. with this kind of cultivation, even if it were in Sky Cloud City which was full of strong practitioners, he was considered as an outstanding top exponent! Such a top exponent actually wanted to kill a third stage realm lass like her? Moreover, taking the risk to strike in Celestial Light Academy!

Why on earth was this so?

Huang Yueli had a faint guess in her mind. This… definitely had something to do with the item which Bai Liu Feng left behind for her.

Otherwise, it was not possible for her to be targeted the minute she left the Scripture Depository!

As for that person who attempted to assassinate her, there was a possibility that he was the one who took away Bai Liu Feng’s remnant….

Who was this person?

Huang Yueli wanted very much to sneak a peek at this person, to see what he looked like but she managed to hold it in.

A top seventh stage realm expert, she couldn’t even take one full bloomed blow. Even if she used up all the Profound Armaments on her, she would not be able to deal with any fatal damage to this seventh stage realm practitioner.

If she were to expose her whereabouts, then she would definitely be awaiting death!

Now the priority was to retain her life and as for the truth, it could be investigated later on…

Black robed man could not find Huang Yueli but did not leave immediately. Instead he held his long sword and walked to and fro around the surroundings of the forest, searching for Huang Yueli’s whereabouts.

“Bai Ruoli, come out now! Do you think that by hiding in the forest, I’d not be able to find you? I advise you to show yourself. I have a few questions to ask you and if you answer me honestly, I will not make things difficult for you. Otherwise….”

The black robed man’s sinister and hoarse voice reverberated through the forest.

Huang Yueli was stunned, feeling that this voice sounded familiar as though she had heard it somewhere before but she couldn’t figure out who it was.

At such a tense situation, she was in no state of mind to think carefully on where she heard this voice before.

“… Alright, it seems that you’d not shed tears until you see the coffin, just you wait!”

The black robed man sneered, not making another sound.

Momentarily, only the rustling sound made by the black robed man walking within the forest could be heard in the quiet and serene forest.

Huang Yueli quickly held her breath and controlling the Profound Energy within her, she tried her best to lower her existence.

With her strong primordial spirit, her senses on the surroundings were stronger by three times more than ordinary third stage realm practitioners. The black robed man did not conceal his own whereabouts so she could still feel it distinctly that the black robed man was walking around nearby.

Furthermore, this black robed man apparently had rich experience in searching. The method he used was a carpet search, carefully searching every single area, bit by bit, not giving any chance to leave out any suspicious hiding spots.

Huang Yueli heard the surrounding movements and her forehead creased immediately.

The distance between the black robed man and her was getting closer and closer and if this continued, according to his concentrated search, it would not be any longer before she was found!

If there wasn’t any huge disparity in their cultivation levels, then she could still use the advantage she had in her body motions to move away quietly.

But now that the black robes man’s cultivation was so much higher than hers, no matter how good her body movements were, it was impossible to move without leaving any flaws…