Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 State Of Panic 3

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The black robed man’s footsteps were getting nearer and nearer and he had already walked to the back of the tall tree which Huang Yueli was hiding, on seeing that he was about to turn around…

Huang Yueli had no other choice as her right hand suddenly waved!

The black robed man was originally looking around, searching thoroughly and he had already searched a huge portion of the forest. He was just left with a little part before he could complete his search and there weren’t many hiding places which Huang Yueli could hide any further. A victorious smile had formed on the black robes man’s lips, just waiting to catch this sly lass alive!

That wretched lass dared to burn his beard which he had been proudly taking care of and even tricked him. So when she finally fell into his hands, he would absolutely not let her off easily!

Just as the black robed man was thinking of ways to torture Huang Yueli, suddenly he felt something fly past his head.

Following that, a few dollops of semi-wet things fell on top of his head and there was even some liquid which flowed downwards from his hair all the way dripping onto his face.

“What is this??”

The black robed man subconsciously stretched out his hand to touch and on taking a close look, he went into a blank but following that, he suddenly changed colour showing displeasure!

The sticky, murky, brown coloured dollop on his hand gave out a strange stinky smell, wasn’t that….. wasn’t that bird shit??

The black robed man was so disgusted that he almost threw up as the gastric juices continued to rise, he couldn’t help but vomit.

He had finally managed to suppress the disgusting feeling as he raised his head to take a look and saw a golden red coloured bird speedily flying away towards the eastern direction.

The black robed man immediately reacted, “Damn you, it’s this bird which actually dared to shit on the top of my head! I’ll put your feathers out one by one to make it into a shuttlecock!”

He stretched out his hand and a burst of Profound Energy shot out!

That little bird nimbly avoided it and even made a chirping cry.

“How dare you ridicule me! Stupid bird, wait till you fall into my hands, I will roast you!” The black robed man finally couldn’t tolerate it any further as he chased after it!

The golden red coloured little bird was little Wang Cai. Earlier Huang Yueli knew that she had nowhere else to hide and could only release him out!

Little Phoenix had grown a little larger recently and the intensity of his flame had grown stronger than before but it was still not possible to go against a seventh stage realm practitioner. So under dire circumstances, Huang Yueli thought of a move to deal him with tremendous damage and that was for little Wang Cai to shit on that black robed man’s head!

Little Wang Cai had originally heard that there was a seventh stage realm top exponent and was a little apprehensive, not daring to come out but upon hearing that he could shit on his head, he was so excited that he couldn’t wait but flew out almost immediately!

He flew over the black robed man’s head and spread his legs and accurately released his ‘ammunition’. Moreover as he was picky about his food, he had loose stools recently so it wasn’t just disgustingly wet, the smell was also horrible…

Seeing the black robed man’s face turned from red to black, then from black to white and finally from white to green, Little Phoenix was extremely delighted! He almost couldn’t help but chirped!

Seeing his accurately pile of shit without a single inch of deviation, it was indeed the work of an extraordinary phoenix which could do that!

However before he had finished being complacent with himself, the black robed man regained his senses and the burst of Profound Energy had narrowly brushed past its tail feathers.

Little Phoenix went into a state of panic as it hurriedly flapped it wings and used all its might to escape!

It was a natural spiritual beast and its speed was naturally very fast but a seventh stage realm practitioner’s speed wasn’t something to dismiss as well. Following closely right behind it, Little Phoenix not only didn’t managed to shake the black robed man off, in fact the distance between the both of them were decreasing!